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--- Chapter 2 ---

Xorn's prediction was exactly right. Following the abandonment of Yuuki and Alfina, Xorn's day only grew worse. Schmidt had only recently been hired, but the others quickly warned him of Xorn's predicament. The pilot had openly refused to help, which sent Xorn into a flying rage that could only be stopped with an accurate recreation of the games final battle.

Lying on the ground, defeated, Xorn began to cry. "It's just not fair!" he whined. Yuuki and the others looked at each other.

"Life ain't fair." Ulf said. "Get over it, you pathetic excuse for a final boss." Others in the room 'Oooooh'd' at that comment.

"I believe that is what we call an 'Oh snap.'" Yuuki said. It was at this point that Drak, Yoat and Seiba broke into song about the phrase 'Oh snap.' Covering their ears, many of the cast members left. Schmidt made an attempt to silence them by grabbing the remote control from off the table in the break room.

"Oh God, no!" He yelled. "MUTE BUTTON! MUTE BUTTON!" With his index finger he rapidly pressed the mute button on the control, but the Guardians continued to sing their own version of 'So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish.' (How they did it was by replacing every word with 'Oh Snap.')

Thankfully, Unama showed up. "Oh my gosh!" she cried. "Too bad I put all of my power into that orb and gave it to Alfina!" Unama exclaimed. Schmidt ignored her and continued to press the mute button. "Where is Alfina?" Unama yelled.

Xorn, having recovered from the reenactment of his fight with the four twerps, lashed out at the singing trio with one of his random 600-damage moves. Alfina then ran into the room. "I shall save the day!"

With her right hand, she held up the glowing orb of Unama and stopped time itself! Drak, Yoat and Seiba had ceased their singing and Xorn was trapped in a pose in the air. Alfina, unfortunately, was not in a party at that time. The whole world was frozen in time, and this included Dahna, Ulf, Yuuki and Unama as well.

"Whoopsie." Alfina said, smiling sheepishly.

--- --- ---

Later, when the orb's power had finally worn off, those captured by the orbs Time-stopping ability gathered around the table in the break room. The donuts had been returned, were a little on the dry side, and were being enjoyed by the cast of Grandia III. Schmidt happily drank his coffee as everyone else scolded Alfina for not making sure the whole cast (Other than Xorn, Drak, Yoat and Seiba) were in the party.

"Well, great. Now we have no orb for the next fight tutorial." Yuuki complained. "I don't suppose a cardboard mimic can be made?" The prop managers shrugged. Yuuki facepalmed and looked at Alfina. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" Alfina looked at every glaring face. Then her gaze fell downwards to her hands. Clenching them tightly, she looked up angrily, and her fist connected with Yuuki's left cheek.

Yuuki, stunned and shocked, fell to the ground and almost immidiatly Alfina jumped onto his back and leapt upwards towards the ceiling, landing gracefully near the door. She waved and ran outside. The cast looked at the door. Yuuki, fully unconscious, lay motionless on the floor. Xorn kicked his body with his right foot. "I think he's dead.."

Kornell, with his large fist of JUSTICE, stepped towards the door. "We must follow the Communicator!" He pointed outside and began to walk out. Miranda, Alonso, and Xorn followed. As the quartet left, Violetta snorted.

"That idiot is going to mess up again." She began to follow. "Better make sure he doesn't botch this up like he did his lines." Violetta shuddered, remembering how much he over-did his lines horrible. He exaggerated everything.

No one spoke for many minutes until Ulf decided to take matters into his own hands. "So.. anyone wanna play Twister?" Murmurs of approval followed and Yoat dragged out the game mat…

--- --- ---

"Left foot yellow." Drak said. With difficulty, the playing people shifted positions to get their feet onto a yellow circle. Spinning the color spinner again, Drak called out the next color and body part.

"Right ear Tickle-me-pink." With even greater difficulty, the group shifted again, many of them collapsing to the ground. Yuuki, having finally woken up, was the first to lose due to the fact that he was still dazed from the punch.

What amazing him more was that it was loveable Alfina that had punched him. Now he knew how Alonso had felt when Miranda gave him a good smack across the face. Again, the crowd shifted to have all hands on the single canary yellow circle.

The human structure then collapsed, and broken ribs ensued.

Ulf facepalmed. "I never knew Twister required a set amount of intelligence.." The players groaned in pain. Yoat looked at the box. "For IQ's 75 and up." Ulf, not believing it, looked over Yoat's shoulder. It was true.

"… Aw, great.." Ulf looked back at the twisted pile of idiots. Oh, what fun.

--- --- ---

"OH COMMUNICATOR!" Kornell yelled at the top of his lungs. Birds began to scatter as Violetta whacked him with the scythe.

"Shut up you moron! If you YELL, she won't come out!" Violetta shouted at the muscle-bound pea brain. Alonso scratched his head.

"Well, I don't think bribing her with "Come on out, girl! I got treats for you!" will work, either." He said. Miranda, the apparent genius of the cast, thought for a moment.

"Well, she likes cookies, so if we leave a trail of cookies somewhere and lead them into a trap, we can catch her and take her back-" Miranda explained as Violetta interrupted.

"Oh come on. She's not THAT stupid." Violetta said. "In fact, she seemed pretty damn smart to me." The blade of her scythe cracked the ground, as did Kornell's FIST OF JUSTICE.

Kornell rubbed his sore head. "Well, do you have any better ideas." Violetta shut up. No she did NOT have a better idea, and the cookie bit was the best anyone had come up with so far.

"Well, she punched her boyfriend, so we can't really use him." Violetta said. Kornell nodded heavily.

It was at that time Bianca decided to show up. "Well, I say you take something that is precious to her and hold it for ransom." She suggested.

"We might as well gamble it away to some loser slot master." Miranda snorted. Bianca shrugged.

"That would work too." She said.

"Well that's better than Miranda's cookie trail." Violetta said. She looked at Kornell, whom was sitting on a bench muttering "Find the Communicator" over and over.

"Cookie trail? WHERE?" The far red woman exclaimed. "I want cookies!"

"Cookies! Where?" Asked a higher voice. Looking up, the group spied the young Alfina up in a tree. "Whoops."

Alfina jumped from the tree and bolted off. Curse those Warp Shoes!

"Quick! Follow her!" Kornell yelled. He jumped up, dragging his iron FIST OF HEAVY USELESSNESS behind him.

Alonso followed him. Miranda and Violetta walked. There was really no point in running after someone that had Warp Shoes on. "We'll catch her eventually." Both woman sighed.

--- --- ---

Ulf had managed to pull out the last idiot from the Twister pile. "What kind of moron puts weird colors on a twister mat?" he yelled. "Look at this! Blush red, Goldenrod, Maroon, Turquoise?" Then there was the Canary Yellow and Tickle-me-pink. "What kind of genius MADE this game?"

"The same genius that put a power button on the keyboard right next to the enter button?"(1) Drak asked. Ulf was silent.

Seiba looked at Drak. "You mean they actually do that?" The dog-Guardian asked. Yoat nodded.

"I've seen it." He said. "It's not fun." Seiba looked at the "For IQ's 75 and up" label on the box.

"Maybe we could play a more intelligent game?" Seiba asked. Yoat and Drak thought.

"APPLES TO APPLES!" They both yelled at the same time! Ulf and the other gasped in happiness. Drak smiled.

"I'll go get the box!" Ulf said, running to the game closet.

"Don't get the Junior Version!" Yoat yelled.

--- --- ---

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(1) I have a power button on my keyboard. Oh, how I DESPISE it.