Hybrid Destiny

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter world belongs to J.K. Rowling, unfortunately, not me.

Summary: Harry comes into a magical creature inheritance on his seventeenth birthday, changing his life forever.

Pairing: Draco/Harry, Remus/Lucius/Severus, Blaise/Hermione (mentioned)

Rating: M

Warnings: This story contains slash, meaning male/male relationships. If it's not something you enjoy, find something else to read. Also contains violence, strong language, sexual content, mpreg, and voyeurism.

Chapter 1

The summer had passed slowly for Harry this year. He had been locked in his room unless he was doing the chores his aunt had given him. This was the summer before his seventh year of school and his birthday was also in less than an hour. His friend Ron had told him that most wizards received their magical inheritance at the age of seventeen. This meant if he had any magical creature in his lineage, he may come into that inheritance or it could mean that he would get a slight power boost. Harry, of course, was only expecting the power boost because he knew his mother was muggle born and his dad was just a pureblood wizard. How wrong he was.

Harry heard a tapping at the window and looked up to see five owls waiting to enter. He opened the window and the present-laden owls gratefully flew in and landed on the bed. Harry relieved them of their burdens and gave the owls some treats and water before opening the gifts. Hermione had sent him a book on becoming an animagus; Mrs. Weasley had sent him a cake and some meat pies; Remus had sent him a book about rare and powerful defense spells and a book on rare magical creatures (after sifting through the pages he saw names like fae, royal elf, elementals, and various naturals-nymphs and satyrs); the Weasley siblings had sent samples from the twins joke shops, quidditch supplies, and loads of chocolate; and Hagrid had sent a book on fantastical beasts. He quickly got the thank you notes he had written beforehand, tied them to the owl's legs, and sent them on their way.

Soon after the owls were gone, Harry glanced at the clock and realized his birthday was only a minute away. All of a sudden, Harry collapsed to the ground unconscious. His body started to rise in the air, wind started blowing all around his room, and a myriad of coloured lights swarmed around his body. The lights were so bright they could be seen all the way at the end of the street (or they could if anyone had been awake to see them). A sudden surge of raw magic shook the very foundations of the house awakening the Dursley's. They had all just gotten to the door when another surge of magic blew the door open and threw them all against the wall, knocking them out completely.

Dumbledore was sitting in his office when the alarms for the wards at Privet Drive started shrieking. He jumped up to see which alarm was activated and saw the strange magical signature. He hurried to the fireplace and firecalled Severus Snape.

"Severus, come to my office quickly. There has been an emergency."

Severus stepped through the fireplace before asking, "What is it Albus?"

"The wards at Privet Drive are going off. There's something wrong with Harry. I need you to go collect him from the Dursley's and bring him back to Hogwarts. This may just be his inheritance but if his powers are increasing that much, he doesn't need to stay there anyway."

"I'll leave right away," Severus said. Though to himself, all he could think is why me? Why do I just keep getting stuck dealing with that obnoxious brat? There's probably not a thing wrong with him. He's probably just a little panicked that his powers aren't exactly the same as he's used to having and losing control.

Severus apparated into the park down the street and stalked angrily to 4 Privet Drive. He hadn't managed two steps before he saw the blinding light coming from the second floor bedroom of the said destination. After seeing that light he quickened his step and started banging on the door to be admitted. When he continued to get no answer, he pulled out his wand and opened the door. He headed up the stairs only to find all three Dursley's in the hallway unconscious and through the open door of the bedroom he saw Harry floating in the air with wind blowing all around him completely surrounded by the blinding light. All he could do was gape in astonishment.

Severus didn't even have time to pick his jaw off the floor (figuratively speaking, of course) before the wind died out, the lights disappeared, and Harry slowly floated back to the floor. Severus floated the Dursley's back to their beds and then went to check on Harry. He was once again completely astonished. Harry was still lying on the floor but he looked totally different. His hair looked to be about waist length and now, although still black, had silver and red streaks running through it. He also had pointy ears and appeared to have grown a few inches.

Severus just used accio to pack all of Harry's things, grabbed Harry's arm and activated the portkey that would bring them directly to the infirmary. Once they landed in the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey came running with Dumbledore close behind her. At the first sight of Harry, they both staggered in shock. Poppy recovered rather quickly and rushed to make sure there were no ill effects to Harry's health.

"Albus, Harry's magical levels didn't get a slight boost; they got a very significant boost. It's a wonder his powers didn't level the house completely to dust. He also has a non-human power signature. From the ears I would say some kind of elf but there's two different signatures besides the wizard signature. I'm just not exactly sure what the other signature is," said Poppy.

"Well, I knew about the elf. His father was almost a full-blooded royal elf. He only had just enough wizard magic to get him into Hogwarts. He used an unbreakable glamour to hide his ears the whole time he was at school. I don't know what the other signature could be because as far as I know, the Potters didn't interact with any other magical creature besides the royal elves," said Albus.

They all turned when they heard Harry start moving in the bed. He bolted upright as soon as he saw the ceiling because that ceiling was very familiar to him. He had seen it enough times in the last six years to know every single detail about the ceiling above him.

"What happened? Why am I here? How did I get here?" asked Harry rather frantically. It was a little (ok a lot) disconcerting to find himself in the hospital wing at Hogwarts when a) it was the middle of summer b) the last thing he remembered was the owls leaving and glancing at the clock and c) he wasn't in any kind of pain and didn't feel bad enough to warrant being in the infirmary.

"Harry, the ward alarms at your aunt's house went off showing weird magical signatures. I sent Severus to get you and bring you to Hogwarts just in case," said Albus rather vaguely.

"In case of what, Professor?" asked Harry.

"All we knew was either you were in danger or your inheritance was significantly stronger than we were expecting. As the latter was the actual case, we knew you would be better off here for you to practice better control of your magic. That is especially the case now because you came into your elvin inheritance," explained Dumbledore.

"My elvin inheritance? How do I have an elvin inheritance? Everyone has always told me the Potters were purebloods and mother was a muggle born witch," asked Harry.

"Well actually the Potters are a pureblood family magically speaking. They have bred with royal elves since the first Potter. Your father was the first Potter who had not mated with a royal elf (or at least someone with royal elf in their direct lineage) in several centuries. No one at this school but your mother and me knew about James' lineage," said Albus.

"I take it the hair came with the inheritance?" asked Harry wryly.

"Well, James never really had long hair. That may be due to the other magical signature you have. The ears, on the other hand, definitely came from the elvin inheritance," said Albus.

"Why can my life never be normal?" asked Harry. "Though I do think I like the fact that I have had an entire conversation without wearing my glasses and I can see everything and everyone clearly." He then stood up to stretch and noticed he was a few inches taller (though still the shortest except for Poppy). "I'm also taller, but I'm still short for my age. I'll never be 6' tall," Harry whined.

"Well that is to be expected, Harry. You were malnourished as a child. That does affect the growth. Now, Poppy said you have to stay overnight to make sure there are no other surprises but you should be able to leave in the morning. I haven't yet decided on whether or not to let you stay here or take you to Grimmauld Place. I'll figure it out by morning. Goodnight, Harry," said Albus.

"Goodnight, Professor," he replied.

Harry got back in the bed and just stared at the ceiling for the longest time going over the latest changes and how they would affect him in the future. 'I really need to see if I can go to the library tomorrow and research royal elves a bit so that I can know what to expect. I, of course, am totally in the dark about these magical creatures. The only elves I have ever seen are house elves,' he thought wearily. Harry finally fell asleep with these thoughts on mind.