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Lights pumped and flashed with the music, bright streamers of never ending color flying around the room, spotlighting a portion of a t-shirt or a wave of hair for a split second then moving onto its next target. He watched silent as one light caught the curve of her waist or the smile she wore shyly on her lips as she danced. And oh boy could she. No way in hell he would have expected it but Bones wasn't that bad of a dancer…good actually, he thought, watching as her hips and shoulders swayed in time with the music, her best friend mirroring the moves just beyond her. Bones didn't look too bad either. Her hair was tied up in a loose, sloppy bun that allowed astray strands of nearly auburn, brown hair to fall softly around her face. Before they had left she had changed into a tight fitting, but not too snug white spaghetti strap top that came to just above the waist of her floor length blue jeans, letting a sliver of hip bone toned abs to show.

After about an hour of sitting at the bar Angela had finally been able to displace Brennan from her beloved stool and gotten her up and dancing. It had been about five songs since then and Bones had yet to fumble with rhythm or movement. He had been promising himself for three songs now that if she didn't have a dance partner by the time the song ended he would join her, but he had yet to get his nerve up. Its just Bones he would tell himself, and then he would catch her smiling at him and he would think maybe she wasn't just Bones. But he couldn't deal with that right now, he was still having women issues and didn't want to start to think of his partner as anything more than that; His partner.

Turning from her sporadically lit silhouette he leaned deeply onto the bar, raising a finger to the bar tender he ordered another beer.

"Make it two." He heard a feminine voice from over his shoulder, turning around he found Angela hovering behind him. A ball of energy she stood there, one hip still moving to the music.

"Hey Angela, How long did it take you to teach Bones to dance?" he asked, nodding towards his partner as he took a few sips of the fresh booze. She had finally found a dance partner, a dark haired guy with glasses who stood just a little too close to her they danced.

"I didn't."

"Huh?" he was pulled out of a vision of pinning the guy up against a wall, the guy's hands behind his back as he cuffed him.

"I didn't teach Bren to dance. She's known how to dance since before I met her."

"Your kidding…Bones is so…."

"Uncommon and exotic?" she smiled mischievously.

"Not exactly the words I was going to use but yeah, she's...Unexpected. I mean I thought she was just a book smart…"

"Squint?" she finished for him, peaking an eyebrow as she stared at him.

"Uhh, no offense…but yeah, she doesn't seem to get out often."

"She doesn't…Which is why you should be dancing with her instead of that creep-a-zoid."

Leaving him on that note she returned to the dance floor, almost immediately finding a dance partner, a tall, bottle blond guy with a large nose and muscular arms. Watching Angela move back into the crowd Bones and her dance partner caught his eye again. The bastard had moved in even closer and was whispering something in her ear to which Bones responded with a smile and a nod. It pissed him off how this guy felt he could put his hands on Brennan's hips as they danced. The song changed and he took his opportunity, shrugging through the crowd until he was next to her.

Tapping the guy on the shoulder he gave him a hitchhiker's thumb, a signal to get lost. The guy began to protest, his body reluctant to leave Brennan's until Booth wrapped his arm around his partner's middle, his arm nearly enveloping the whole of it.

"What are you doing dancing so close to my girl?" he asked, putting on his best jealous boy-friend catching his babe dancing with some jerk voice.

The guy immediately backed off. "Hey sorry man I didn't know." He left them in search of a new partner to dance with, the guy giving Brennan a pissed off glare as he began to dance with another woman.

Cringing as he turned, Booth found exactly what he had expected, only twelve times worse. Bones had stopped dancing and now stood with both eyebrows up, arms crossed over her chest, a look of sheer annoyance plastered onto her features. This couldn't be good.

"Booth! I am not your 'girl' nor am I anyone's 'girl'. I am a woman and I am most definitely not a possession to be claimed by you or any other -"

Her voice cracked and stopped suddenly as he surprised the both of them by placing his hands on each of her hips, her eyes widening slightly. Unsure of what to do she looked to Angela, whose only response was a wink and smile. Uh oh.

"Uhh Booth, I don't think…"

"Just dance Bones."

Slowly they each moved into their own sense of rhythm, dancing awkwardly with each other in a stiff silence. Suddenly a loud blaring rocketed from Booth's belt loop, sending vibrations through the waist of his jeans, his hips close enough to hers to send the sensation into the waist band of her own pants.

"Damn." Pulling the phone off of his belt and flipping it open he answered it in almost a tone of relief. "Booth."

"Mhmm……where...ok I'll be there in a minute……yeah I can bring her…..no I'm not busy……its music…..yeah, I'll be there…bye." He snapped the phone shut, Angela and Brennan now standing curiously by his side.

"More bones were found this time a skull and two knee caps, a butterfly this time."

"A what?" Angela asked, looking between him and his partner.

"Was there a quote?" Brennan asked her work state of mind kicking into gear, her body wishing, against her will, that she was once again as close to Booth as she had been only moments before.

"Yes, you'll see it when we get there, we gotta go."

"I'm coming with you." This earned Angela two odd glances. "I have no ride other wise."

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