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Sealing the well for the last time Kagome found. Letting out a sigh she holds onto the complete Shikon No Tama. Walking out of the well house Kagome slowly walks towards her home. Opening the door and looks around before calling for her mother. "Momma! I'm home... For good."

Walking into the kitchen where her mother was Kagome smiled and small smile. As her mother turned to Kagome, her eyes held unshed tears. Hugging her daughter, Asako(This is what I'm making her name. Like it or not, deal with it. Thanks.) sobbed lightly. "Kagome, I didn't think you would come back this time. I thought InuYasha might make you stay in his Era."

Hushing her mother, Kagome sighed. "It's alright mom... I promised you I would come back. No way in hell InuYasha can keep me from my family!" Pulling away she smiled. "Well..." Yawning she covers her mouth. "I think I'm going to go take a nap."

Nodding her daughter Asako turned back to cutting up some vegetables for the dish she was going to cook. "Alright, honey. I'll come wake you when It's time to eat." Nodding to her mother Kagome ran up to her room, closing the door.

Falling on her bed, face first she sighed. "Ahh... It's so good to be in my own bed once more!" Closing her eyes she soon fell into a light sleep.

In the Hokage Tower

"So you all understand this mission, correct?" Tsunade looked over the six teenagers in her office. That consisted of Team 7 and Team 8.

Each nodded their head in Team 8. A blond haired blue eyed boy yelled out with a, "Finally! A mission after all this time!" Throwing one of his fists into the air he grinned. 'I so can't wait for this mission! But the only thing that sucks is that it's a non-ninja place where we can't just any jutsu's or anything like that! Why!' Uzumaki Naruto pouted lightly as he crossed his arms at his chest.

An ebony haired onyx eyed boy next to him, rolled his eyes, while mumbling something along the lines, "Try not and mess it up, dobe." Shoving his hands into his pockets Uchiha Sasuke looked else where. 'Hn. This should be worth something. Even if it's just to get a taste of what it's like to be a non-ninja.'

A pink haired girl, with green eyes, next to him was looking down to the ground, a blush covering her face, lightly. 'Sasuke-Kun! I can't believe we'll be spending so much time together in a non-ninja place! I also hear that the there's a girl our age who we're moving in with... She better not try to take Sasuke-Kun from me!" Inner Sakura shouted inside Haruno Sakura's mind.

Next to the pink haired girl stood a boy with brown hair and black eyes. All he did was pet his white-ish dog. Who barked twice. 'Man... To bad I don't think I'll be able to take you Akamaru.' Inuzuka Kiba frowned slightly.

Next to that boy was yet another boy. This one had black hair and a pair of shades hiding his eyes from any view at all. 'I have to leave all my bugs behind... I guess some of the bug couldn't take all the pollutions of a city.' Aburame Shino lightly shook his head. Bugs or no bugs, he would do the mission.

Lastly next to him stood a girl with dark indigo hair and very light pupil-less lavender eyes. A light blush also covered her face with the thoughts of spending almost a whole school year in a non-ninja environment. From the information it seemed that they would be staying at a place called Sunset Shrine. Also that there was a girl their age, a younger boy, a woman, and an elderly man all living there as well. 'I hope these people are nice..' Hyuuga Hinata smiled lightly at the thought of a family.

A sudden fake cough brought each our of he or she's thoughts, each striating up and looking to the older woman before them. "Now, off with each of you, the family already knows of all your comings so go get ready for the half year you will be staying with them. Also please do not mess anything up in that shrine." Looking to Naruto, the blond, she sighed. "You all are dismissed."

Each all walked out until only Kiba was left. "Excuse me, Hokage-Sama, will Akamaru be able to come along with this mission?" Giving hopeful eyes to Tsunade, Kiba sighed once seeing her shake her head.

"I'm sorry Kiba, but we're not all to sure if the girl is allergic to animals. If you listened to this details the girl had been missing from illnesses. We don't need the girl becoming sick. Even if I don't believe she has been really sick, I need each of you to take some time off, if help is ever needed on either side, ANBU would come to tell the other."

Nodding Kiba walked out of the office to go get ready for the mission, like everyone else. The would be leaving the next morning for the place called Tokyo.

Kagome's home

Knocking on her daughters door, Asako entered. "Kagome, it's time for dinner." Walking to Kagome's bed she lightly shakes the girl awake.

Rubbing her eyes, Kagome yawns. "Alright Momma, I'm awake..." Sitting up she noticed that her mother wasn't leaving her side, as she sat down on the bed.

"Honey... When you were gone, a friend of mine visited me. She had asked if it would be alright for six teens your age. Two are girls, other four are boy's. They will be staying with us for about a half a year, to see what life is like outside the things they do. They should arrive sometime around tomorrow evening. I hope you get along with each of them.. They will be going to your school so I hope you can become friends with them."

Listening to her mother Kagome blinked. Six others... Living with her... Going to her school... 'YES! This means I have a reason to ignore Hojo, Ayumi, Yuka, Eri! Thank you Momma!' Without warning Kagome latched onto her mother. "Thank you so much Mom! you gave no idea how good it will be to be able to get away from everyone else at school!" Getting up Kagome and Asako both headed out of the room to eat dinner.

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