The Followings of a Hero and his Princess

Pairing: Zelink

Disclaimer: I do not own Zelda, it's characters, or the general gist of this story (kudos to Shooting star180 for letting me use your idea).

Summary: When the paths of a young forest boy, a dangerous thief and a princess cross, Hyrule will never be the same. OOT novelization with Zelda following Link on the adventure.

A/N Hiyas! Well, I've wanted to do this for a while, so thank you S.S180 for letting me use the idea (from her story True love is in the air). Being the avid Zelink fan that I always am, there will be plenty of little Zelink moments throughout the story. I will pick the story up from right after Link gets the Kokiri Emerald. Review and enjoy!

Far away, in the land of Hyrule, there lived a race of people deep within the forest. Confined by everlasting childhood, the forest people are guarded by the Great Deku Tree, a wise tree residing at the far end of the forest. The people were forbidden to leave the forest, for terrible things happened to those who wandered the fields alone, especially the people of the forest, called the Kokiri. The Kokiri look mostly like normal Hylians, for every resident had uniquely pointed ears and wide eyes. The only thing that set the Kokiri apart was that a fairy companion guided each member.

The fairies themselves were small. However, they glowed incandescently, allowing a ball of light to envelope them, covering all but their wings. They could alert a Kokiri of an approaching person, point interesting things out, or just hover by the Kokiri and listen like a faithful pet. Most Kokiri received a fairy on their first birthday. Only one Kokiri had not yet received a fairy. The boy's name was Link. But one day, the Great Deku Tree had summoned a twelve-year-old Link. On that day, a fairy appeared before him, guiding him into the dark depths of the Great Deku Tree.

"Damnit." Link swore as something lashed out and made a deep cut on his cheek. The boy was clutching a small sword in one hand and a slingshot in the other. Looming over him was an armored insect, the monstrosity named Gohma.

"Link, slingshot it in the eye!" Navi cried out, fluttering nervously around Link's head. Link back flipped out of the way of a fatal blow and dropped to his knees.

"Get inside my hat. I don't want to risk losing you." Link ordered. Though his voice was demanding, his intentions were good. Navi slid under Link's hat and continued to whisper words of advice into his ear.

Link leapt to his feet and sidestepped a charge from the parasitic Queen Gohma. He fumbled in his bag and pulled out a seed. Just as he was aiming, Gohma lashed out and struck his arm, sending the seed flying. Link swore again and grabbed a second nut. This time, he worked a bit faster and let the seed fly into Gohma's one eye. The eye rolled in Gohma's head and the fiend dropped to the floor, convulsing terribly.

"Die!" Link yelled and struck out with his sword. His slashed at the beast over and over again until he finally heard a cry of defeat. Gohma shuddered once more, then it's scales fell away until it was nothing more than a skeleton.

Link stared as the body revealed a glowing heart-shaped stone. He walked over to it and cautiously picked it up. Navi slid out from under his hat and fluttered around the stone, examining it closely.

"This stone is what kept Gohma alive for so long. You might as well keep it. It might increase your stamina as well." She reasoned. Link nodded and slid it into his bag. He turned around to see a blue light. He stepped into it slowly and felt himself being raised into the air.

Link felt a slight tug and suddenly there was land beneath his feet. He stumbled a little, but quickly gained his footing. The Great Deku Tree, his mouth still open as it had been, looked forlorn.

"I defeated Gohma. You're safe now." Link panted. He finally dropped to his knees, relishing the break.

"I'm afraid not, Link. You were valiant and successfully defeated Gohma but," before the Great Deku Tree even said it, tears formed in Link's eyes for the impending statement, "it seems that you are too late. I'm going to die." Link's eyes went wide, tears finally dripping down his cheeks.

"It's my fault. If only I had tried a bit harder…" Link trailed off. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, allowing more tears to streak down his face. He ran over to the tree and beat fist against the bark.

"Do not blame yourself. I was doomed from the start. However, my life is slipping away and I have something to tell you." The Great Deku Tree said, his bark already beginning to grey. Link nodded and sat down before the tree.

Far away from the forest, Princess Zelda was dealing with her own monster, her dreams. Night after night, she'd been having strange dreams, dreams of death and destruction. Though she'd doubted it in the beginning, she was starting to believe that they were prophecies. The dream itself was of dark clouds covering Hyrule. An unidentified figure would laugh evilly and stand tall, gazing upon the waste that was once a prosperous Hyrule. Suddenly, a beam of light would shoot down from the heavens. A figure clothed in green and followed by a fairy would descend from the light and run towards the figure in black. The light would follow, and everywhere it went, the land revived to it's usual state. The lighted figure would reach out with a sword and the dark figure would be illuminated long enough to see his green skin.

"Excuse me, father. I have something to talk about. It's my dreams." Zelda said softly, peering into her father's bedroom. Her father sighed and beckoned his daughter inside.

"As much as I want to believe this one, Zelda, you've been claiming too many prophecies." Her father said. Zelda sighed in exasperation, closing the door carefully behind her.

"You didn't even know what I was going to ask!" she cried. She was trying to keep her voice down, but it was hard when one was so exasperated.

"Yes, but we've had this conversation at least twice a month. You are beginning to wear down my last nerve." Her father roared. Zelda winced, wishing her father would not be so loud.

"I know, but I'm sure of this one!" she cried, forgetting that she was trying to argue against assuming what she was to say.

"Zelda Harkinian, if you do not drop the subject and leave my room at once, I shall make sure that Impa punishes you accordingly!" her father yelled, pointing towards the door. Zelda stepped back, looking let down.

"Why can't you believe me anymore?" she asked quietly. Her father only looked sternly towards the door. Zelda gave him one last pleading look before turning around and running out the door.

The next day, Zelda was standing on tiptoe and peering into a small window. She was in her courtyard, spying on her father's meeting. She was watching one man in particular, the Gerudo King Ganondorf. His green skin was ominous, and Zelda was being careful not to be seen. She was about to hear a proposition from the man when she heard a rustle. 'Oh no, I've been caught spying.' She though in despair.

"Excuse me, might you be Princess Zelda?" an unfamiliar voice asked. Zelda caught her breath and turned around slowly. Standing before her was a boy with green clothes, followed by a fairy.

"Yes. My name is Zelda. May I inquire your name, sir?" Zelda asked, being as polite as she could. The boy's dirt covered and tearstained cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

"There's no need for formalities, Princess. I am merely a Kokiri. My name is Link." The boy introduced himself and bowed deeply. His clothes were tattered and he looked as if he hadn't eaten in several days.

"Link, is that a fairy?" Zelda asked suddenly. Link looked taken aback by the question. The innocent, inquisitive look on his face was adorable.

"Of course. What else would she be?" Link asked. Zelda blushed, the blatancy of her question dawning on her.

"I'm sorry. I've never seen a fairy, so I wasn't quite sure if she was…" Zelda trailed off, trying to cover her embarrassment with curiosity.

"That's okay. Not many Kokiri leave the forest. Her name is Navi." Link explained.

"So Link, what did you want to see me about?" Zelda asked, refraining from immediately pouring out the secret of her prophetic dream. Without saying anything, Link, shuffled around in his bag and pulled out a green stone.

"The Great Deku Tree told me to give this to you right before he…" Link cut his phrase off, but Zelda knew what he was trying to say. Zelda walked up to Link and gently took the stone from him.

"It's the Kokiri's Emerald, the divine stone of courage." She explained, half to Link, half to herself. Link nodded.

"The Great Deku Tree was killed by protecting it. We came to find you, knowing that you probably had an answer." The tiny fairy said. She tinkled a little, probably in sadness from the freshness of her guardian's death.

"I see. Link, I know that we have just met, but I have a proposition for you." Zelda said seriously. She handed the stone back to Link and beckoned over to the window.

"I have been having prophetic dreams about the fall of Hyrule. In my dreams, there are three major factors, the black clouds, the beam of light, and a gleaming sword. I believe that the sword is the legendary Master Sword-" Zelda started.

"Master Sword?" Link asked, scratching at the back of his head.

"I'll explain later. Anyways, I think that you represent the beam of light, and I think that this man represents the dark clouds." Zelda explained. She turned around and pointed into the window. A man with green skin and red hair was kneeling before the king. Link stepped up to the window to get a closer look. The man turned his head and stared at Link. It was the worst feeling he'd ever experienced. As the yellow eyes pierced his soul, he felt as if his very strength was dwindling. He was forced to duck.

"Did he see you?" Zelda asked nervously. Link lied and shook his head. Zelda sighed in relief and continued her explanation of her dream.

"In order to stop Ganondorf from taking over Hyrule, we need to find the other two Sacred Stones. Then, we can open the door to the sacred realm and use the Master Sword to defeat Ganondorf." She smiled as if it was easy.

"What is the Master Sword?" Link asked finally. Zelda looked thoughtful for a moment, then shrugged.

"Honestly, I don't think anybody knows except for the Godesses." Zelda sighed. Link tilted his head. He obviously did not understand. Zelda grinned and returned to her explanation.

As Link took in the princess's theory about the fall of Hyrule, he couldn't help but notice her features. He'd never seen somebody so beautiful, except for Saria. Thinking of Saria made Link tear up again.

"Link, are you okay?" Zelda asked, reaching out and patting him on the shoulder. Link nodded, blinking back the tears and staring into Zelda's eyes.

"So, what exactly can I do to help you? I mean, I'm only a Kokiri." Link said. Zelda shook her head.

"That's where I was about to get to. I don't think that you're just a Kokiri. You worked hard to get the emerald and left the forest, didn't you?" Zelda asked. Link was silent. "Anyways, I need you to gather the rest of the sacred stones before Ganondorf does. Do you think that you can do that?" Zelda asked.

"I don't know, Princess. I'm only a child. This is such a big responsibility. But," Link knelt before the princess, "I will try as hard as I can to carry out your wishes." Zelda pulled him up and stared into his eyes.

"I never doubted you, Link. And I'll be there to help you the entire way." She said.

"To help me? Zelda, that's insane! You're the princess!" Link yelled. Zelda tilted her head.

"I know that. How does that stop me from helping you?" she asked.

"We couldn't get anywhere without someone looking for you. Plus, if you got hurt, it'd be my entire fault. I can't let you risk yourself like that." Link said sternly. Zelda sighed.

"I can disguise myself. And don't think that boys are the only ones who can defend themselves. That's very sexist." Zelda said, closing her eyes and crossing her arms. Link stepped back, turning red.

"That's not what I-" Link started. Zelda cut him off.

"I will come with you, and if you try to abandon me, I will tie myself to a tree and cry for help. When the knights arrive for me, I shall tell them that you did this to me." Zelda said. Link's face fell. Zelda opened one eye and smiled. "Just kidding. But I would be annoyed and probably attach myself to your arm." She said finally.

"Fine you can come. But if things get rough, I will personally escort you back to the castle and tell them that you insisted on following me." Link sighed, rubbing his temples wearily.

"I'm glad that's settled. Now, we're going to need to get out of here without being caught. Do you have any suggestions?" Zelda asked. Link thought for a moment, then nodded.

"I've got a couple of ideas." He said with an evil grin.

Link was just grabbing his sword when a strong arm grabbed him from behind. Link gulped, color draining from his face. However, Zelda only laughed, looking amused at Link dangling in midair.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" a female voice asked. Link struggled to turn around and saw A rather old lady had him suspended by the back of the tunic.

"Impa, put him down, he's with me. We were just going out for a bit." Zelda giggled. Impa shrugged and dropped Link.

"Then allow me to escort you out." The lady grinned.

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