The Followings of a Hero and his Princess

Pairing: Zelink

Disclaimer: I do not own Zelda, it's characters, or the general gist of this story (kudos to Shooting star180 for letting me use your idea).

Summary: Link has been sleeping for seven years. When a mysterious boy named Sheik meets him, he's told of his fate, and given a mission he could never refuse.

A/N Okay, to make everything fit (chronologically) the bonus is next chapter. Okies, seeing as Zelda is MIA (Missing In Action), it's Sheik's turn to tag along with Link 'till they find Zellie. And don't worry, just because Zelda isn't here doesn't mean it won't be Zelink…

"I think he's conscious…" a young, male voice commented. Link heard this in the back of his mind and fought to wake up. Finally, he did. Link rubbed his eyes and glanced at his surroundings. He was in a chamber of sorts, on a floating platform. A blonde boy was standing over him. All that was visible was one red eye and the area around it. The rest of him was covered. Standing beside the boy was an older man. He had a grey walrus mustache and a long tan robe. Link sat up and stretched, feeling very different.

"Where am I?" he asked. He stopped, touching his throat. His voice was deeper. Navi flittered out of his hat and buzzed around his head. Link stood up from his platform and looked down. He was a lot further from the ground. As the realization struck him, he slowly backed down onto his seat.

"You've been asleep for seven years. You were too young to wield the Master Sword at twelve, so…" The old man said abruptly, giving no greeting. Link sat dumbstruck for several moments grasping wildly for words. Finally, his throat unclenched, and the questions came pouring out.

"Who are you? Where am I? Was I really asleep seven years? How's Saria? And the Kokiri? Why am I older? What about…" he paused, "Zelda?"

"I cannot answer all of those. My name is Raru the sage of light. You are in the chamber of sages. Yes, you are seven years older, but I cannot explain now." Raru said.

"And I'm Sheik. I'm one of the last of the Sheikah tribe. I will be your guide from here on out." Sheik said, leaving no room for interjection.

"What journey? I thought my adventures were over, except for…" he froze, a new fear washing over him.

"Ganondorf took over while you were asleep. He took the opened Chamber of Time to his adventure and took the triforce. Now, Link, it's up to you to stop him. Spread throughout Hyrule is six sages. They each protect a medallion. You must collect these medallions and strengthen yourself. Then, you can defeat Ganondorf." Raru said blatantly.
"But I'm just one kid, er, man! How can I defeat a guy like that?" Link cried, exasperated. He felt something cold pressed into his hand. He opened it to see a small, yellow medallion.

"You are never alone. I am the sage of light, and I pass on my power to you." Raru said calmly. A bright light enveloped them.

"Wait! Don't disappear, damn it!" He shouted. However, the chamber, Raru, and the mysterious boy Sheik washed out with the light.

When Link regained sight, he was back in the Temple of Time, standing on the strange platform in the entrance. Sheik was beside him, a harp tucked under his arm.

"We should get started." Sheik said. Link gritted his teeth and planted his feet firmly on the platform.

"I just found out that I hafta defeat Ganondorf, I don't know if the princess is okay, and I'm suddenly nineteen years old. I am not going anywhere." Link snapped.

"We may need to return here for safe haven." Sheik stated randomly, ignoring Link's outburst. "If you need to bail out for some reason, play this." He said. He pulled his harp out and plucked out a poignant song.

"That's nice and all, but I don't have a harp." Link retorted wittily. Sheik replaced his harp, bored, and began to walk towards the exit, dragging Link by the shirt collar. Link yelped as his feet were drug along the ground.

"You have an ocarina, don't you genius?" the boy snapped. Link growled and attempted to dig his heels into the cracks between the stones. Sheik just dragged him effortlessly.

Out of the things that surprised Link most about being gone seven years, the marketplace was high on his list. Buildings were burned, plants trampled and killed, and the citizens were all dead. Down the path where the castle used to be, a looming fortress replaced it. And the ring of smoke around Death Mountain had become a ring of fire.

"Ganondorf." Link whispered. He reached out to a carcass and touched it lightly; feelings of regret rushing swiftly through his veins. Suddenly, the "carcass" leapt to life, it's brown mass leaping onto Link's body. It began to gnaw on his head.

"Link you idiot! That's a redead!" Sheik yelled. He whipped out a chain and sliced the beast's head off cleanly. After he was sure Link's physical safety was ensured, he paused to slip his harp onto his back.

"What the hell is that thing?" Link gasped, rubbing his head. He glanced at his hand. It was pale.

"That was a redead. The dead body of a human killed brutally sometimes acts on its own." Sheik explained as he shoved a bottle of a gooey-looking red substance at Link. "Drink. You're looking pale. I guess you're vulnerable from being out of commission." Sheik mocked. Link glared daggers at him as he uncorked the bottle. A puff of smoke rose from it.

"I bet its poison." He said. Raru had trusted the boy, though, so Link gulped it down. It tasted very spicy and slightly of mud. After nearly spitting some on Sheik's shoe, Link tossed the bottle over his shoulder. A chain shot past him and latched itself around the bottle. Sheik pulled it back and scowled.

"Don't waste bottles. They'll be useful later." He scolded like a teacher would a misbehaving child. Link had not felt this mad at a stranger since Ruto.

After making it safely out of the marketplace, Link and Sheik made camp a couple yards outside of the broken drawbridge.

"Won't the Stalkids come at night?" Link asked. He was rewarded with a pair of rolled eyes.

"You dope. Stalkids attack little kids. They wouldn't dare attack adults. Do you read?" he said mockingly. Link simply pulled his makeshift blanket further up to his chin. He was about to drift to sleep when he heard someone stand and slink away. Link honestly didn't want to know what Sheik was doing this late.

Sheik had not returned when Link woke up. So he built a small fire and roasted a random fish on a stick. He was just finishing with Sheik returned. He swept behind Link and yanked it from his hands. Link grasped and the boy dangled it just out of his reach.

"Oh Link, you shouldn't have. I'll accept your gift anyways." Sheik said. He took a big leap and landed, obscured, in a tree. Link was left to fume and cook another fish until Sheik emerged again. He dropped the stick at Link's feet.

"You're impossible." Link said, grabbing Sheik by the scarf and glaring at him face to face. He was shocked to find that the other boy was a good deal shorter than he was.

"Link, I'm glad you're so affectionate, but please let me go." The Sheikah toyed. Link released him quickly and mumbled about his dignity being scarred to himself and Navi.

After getting themselves together, Link and Sheik unwillingly (on Link's part) met and discussed the location of the next sage.

"Any bright ideas?" Link asked. Sheik shrugged. "So now you're out of responses." Link growled. He was about to suggest asking the King Zora when he felt a vibration from his bag. He shuffled around it see his Ocarina glowing. He pulled it out and was shocked to hear Saria's voice enter his head.

Link? Help me! I'm lost in the Forest Temple. I have no idea how I got here, or how to get out. Please come quickly. He heard. The kokiri clenched the ocarina tightly and began walking towards the forest.

"Where are you going? Are you getting telepathic messages from the goddess?" Sheik asked. Link whirled around, his eyes icy.

"My friend is in trouble, and I need to save her. I don't care if you come or not, or if I'm going off track. She's lost in the forest temple." Link said. Realization flooded into Sheiks eyes. He suddenly looked solemn.

"I'll go. But, I'm afraid you may not like what you find."

It took about a day of hard walking to reach the entrance to the Kokiri forest. Sheik grabbed Link's shoulder before he entered. Link turned around inquisitively.

"Link, whatever you see in there, you have to stay on track." He warned. Link shrugged his hand off.

"What could be that bad? A couple of Deku Shrubs? I handled those when I was twelve." He sniffed. He walked briskly into the forest, Sheik trailing a few feet. After crossing a bridge and passing through a tunnel, they found themselves in the Kokiri village. There weren't any Kokiri outside. Deku babas had overrun and leaked onto paths and gardens. Deku shrubs hopped from flower to flower, shooting harmful nuts at anything that moved. Link stood frozen.

"What happened here?" he asked, forgetting that he was trying to show his partner up by not expressing emotion. Even Sheik's words were softened as he reassured the kokiri boy.

"Let's go. Saria needs your help." He whispered, rubbing Link's shoulder. Link didn't move from his position.

"How do you know her name?" he asked.

"You'll see. Let's just get going. The sooner the better, I like to think." Sheik said, taking the lead briskly. Link followed robotically. They climbed a little ways and entered the lost woods.

"You're turn to use your brain." Sheik offered. Link closed his eyes and racked his brain for the pathway. He saw Saria's smiling face and the path came to him.

"She taught it to me, a long time ago, and made me promise not to forget." He explained and took a sharp turn. They twisted through the various tunnels, pausing once for Link to get his act together, and came to the clearing.

"Now all that's left is a simple maze and a couple deku shrubs." Link said. He walked proudly to the entrance.

"Link wait! Use your brain!" Sheik cried. His attempts were in vain. Link's eyes widened and he was barreled over by a pig-like moblin with a sharp spear. Sheik flung several needles successively into the monster. It groaned and died, collapsing with a large thud on poor Link. Sheik leaned exasperated over Link as he shoved the moblin off.

"Okay, that wasn't there last time." He admitted.

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