A/N: This is based on The Lovely Bones. I got this idea when I was reading the reviews for my other story, and someone had this Veronica Mars/Lovely Bones story. I suggest you read it. Its called When Angels Speak by madSeason. I had never thought of doing a story like this, and after reading it I got inspired. This however, is different from hers, as it is closer to The Lovely Bones and has different story lines. Hope you enjoy!

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I don't remember how I got here. The last thing I remember is Jordan Fitzpatrick, pointing a gun at my head. Everything went black after that, and then I was here. Although, I don't exactly know where here is. It can't be Hell, because there are too many flowers, and it can't be Heaven because I don't see Lilly. When I finally saw another human being, I ran over to her. She introduced herself as Sophie, and she explained where I was.

"This isn't Heaven or Hell, Veronica. It is a place all people go to say goodbye to their old life and say hello to their new one. The reason you don't see your friend Lilly is because she has moved on. She is in the big Heaven. This here, is your own mini one. It changes as you want it to. Here you can watch your loved ones, until you are ready to say goodbye to them forever, or at least, until they die too." Sophie was a round lady with short dark hair and apple-like cheeks. I've learned to see her as a mother like figure.

The first time I watched my family and my friends, I cried. I cried until there weren't any tears left. First, I saw my father. He wouldn't get out of bed. Alicia was with him, getting his water and food. He wasn't living at our house. He couldn't stand seeing my open bedroom door. It was weird to see him all curled up and defenseless like that. He blamed himself. After all, he was the one that found my body.

Wallace was acting the way I did when Lilly died. When I watched him, it was like reliving the pain. I hated to see him go through that. He quit basketball, at least for a little while. He would stay in his room and watch The Princess Bride. It was a movie I loved and he tolerated. "You know, I wouldn't be watching this if it weren't for all the sword fighting," he would always say as the movie would start. I would always reply with "whatever you say, Wallace." And he would laugh and hit play. I could feel his emptiness as he began the movie, automatically pausing where we would have this banter. It was during this silence that he would begin to cry.

Duncan had no idea I was dead. He was still on the beach in Australia with little Lilly. He was still safe at least. Duncan was my relief, because he hadn't changed, yet. My relief was yanked away from me a couple of weeks later.

Mac was devastated. After all, my death was only three months after Cassidy's. She had nobody now. After a while, she would fill my shoes and become more like me. Right now however, she usually just stared at the blank screen of her computer, a haunted look in her eye.

Lamb was the head of the investigation for my murder. Leo wasn't on the case, but he finally understood why I used him for clues to Lilly's murder. He did everything in his power to find my killer. It wasn't until he teamed up with my father that they figured out the real story.

Everyone at school was sad, but it was a fake kind of sad. I was never friends with them and they were never friends with me. I wasn't popular or rich like Lilly, I didn't get a fountain, but no one went into the main hallway girl's bathroom for the rest of the year. I found this funny, that the place that I had delivered bad news for 2 years was the place they chose to remember me by, although there were some good memories in there.

Which leads me to Logan. Logan was a wreck. He loved me so much and I got taken away from him, just like Lilly. His mother, Lilly, and I, the only three women he ever cared about were all in the same place. "At least they were away from my father," he would often tell people. As far as he knew, his father was rotting away in Hell and his angels were in Heaven, where they belonged. He got completely drunk for a few days, and seriously thought about suicide. He even sat down to write a suicide note, but then he realized no one would be there to find it. All he had left was Dick, and he was in Florida. I couldn't stand to watch these episodes of his. I wanted to hold him and tell him it would be okay, but for Logan, it only got worse.