I spent the next 3 days focusing solely on Logan. Usually I'd hop around and check in on my dad or Wallace, but I couldn't bear to divert my attention from the beautiful boy lying in the hospital bed. Mac was curled up in the arm chair. She hadn't left his side since she found him in the bathroom. Except once while she was waiting for the ambulance to arrive. She couldn't stand the sight anymore so she ran into the living room and spotted Logan's cell phone on the counter. She pocketed it, knowing that she should call Dick, but decided to wait until she had more information. She was waiting outside his room when a pretty doctor looked down on her with sympathetic eyes and saif, "I'm so sorry, honey, but your boyfriend's in a coma. He lost a lot of blood and we don't know if he's going to make it. Can we call anybody for you? His parents maybe?" "No," Mac said quietly. She was too shocked from the whole thing to correct her about the boyfriend statement, and she knew that if she did they might not let her stay with him. More than anything she did not want to leave him alone.

After a couple of hours, Mac rediscovered the phone in her pocket. She walked outside of the room and scrolled through Logan's contacts. There were so many names, but Mac knew that he wasn't really friends with any of them. She pressed Dick's name and it only rang twice before he picked up. "Dude! What's up? Did you finally get out of your funk and decide to come join me in Me-hi-co?" Mac was silent. "Dude! Dude?..." Mac took a deep breath. "Dick? It's Mac. Something happened." She felt tears streaming down her face. She didn't even know why she was crying. "Is Logan okay?" Dick's voice got really serious and Mac was reminded that Cassidy's death still haunts Dick as much as it haunts her. "I don't know. Just come back to Neptune. Please." And she hung up. Dick was there in less than 12 hours, and he still apologized for it taking him so long. Mac stood up when she saw him in the doorway, and walked over as if to hug him. His face fell when he saw Logan hooked up to all the machines. She stopped just short of a hug and instead touched his arm, leading him into the hallway to explain what the doctors had been telling her. Dick started to cry and Mac tried her hardest to comfort him.

A week went by before I tried to speak with Logan. I had the idea when they first announced that he was in a coma, but every time I tried to start, I felt so stupid and words refused to leave my mouth. It was 2am, and Mac and Dick were asleep on the couch. Her head was on his shoulder and they had fallen asleep holding hands. I didn't question it. They had been through a lot together. I turned my attention to Logan. His skin was pale and his lips were chapped. I was still so in love with him. I never told him that. I hope he knew it.

"I love you," I whispered. "Please wake up." He didn't stir. I felt ridiculous. But then I heard his voice. It crackled and it was so quiet that I was sure it was all in my head. "Veronica?" "Logan? You can hear me?" I straightened up, and scoured my eyes over his body, looking for some sort of movement. But he was still. "Am I in Heaven? Where are you? Why can't I see you?" His voice was clearer now, but I didn't understand. I glanced over to the machines he was hooked up to. His pulse was slowing but he was still alive. "Can I be with you again?" his voice whispered. "No!" I said quickly. "Logan, you listen to me. You need to wake up right now. You need to get better."

"But I just want to be with you." My voice broke and I could feel tears streaming down my face. "No. It's not time yet." I didn't even know where these words were coming from. They were just spilling out of me. I did want to be with Logan again, more than almost anything, but I knew that I couldn't be responsible for his death. "Please. Logan. I'm begging you. Wake up." There was silence. His vitals were still slowly dropping. "Veronica…" His voice was thick and sad. "I love you." "…I love you too. So wake up." His body started to stabilize. "Go find someone to write a song about us," I whispered. "I mean, we are pretty epic." And with that Logan's eyes opened. He smiled even though there were tears rolling down his cheeks.

He spent another couple of days in the hospital. The doctors were so shocked to see how quickly he recovered. He was happy to see Mac, and she promised him that she would spend more time with him. "It's what Veronica would want," she told him. Dick and Logan soon moved out of the Neptune Grand, and into a smaller apartment far away from the terrible hotel. Mac gave Logan his old jacket back, telling him that she found it in my room. He said it still smells like me, and he slept with it for a while. However, I was glad when he moved it from the bed into the closet. I didn't want him to be sad anymore. Dick and Mac grew closer, but they refused to show they're budding relationship in front of Logan.

On the six month anniversary of my death, Mac decided to make a pit stop before having dinner with my father. All the leads on my death had run cold, but Mac still made sure to help out my father with the other cases and sometimes even just spend time with him. She pulled into the parking lot of Neptune High. She walked through the front doors, thankful that the halls were empty, and made her way to the girl's bathroom. She jumped and threw her hand over her heart when she discovered another person already there. "You scared me."

"What? Did you think you were the only one who would've thought of this place to remember Veronica by?" said the bald, muscled man from his place on the counter. Weevil quickly turned to wipe a tear from his eye that was threatening to fall. "I loved her too, you know?" When Mac's eyes widened he felt the need to clarify. "Not like that. She was a great person. She made me wanna be better. I miss her." Mac walked over and hopped up on the counter too, with one sink between them. "Me too," she said. They sat in silence for a while, until Weevil reached into his back pocket and pulled out a black notebook. My black notebook! "I found this under her passenger seat when I took the LeBaron from the junk yard. I'm pretty sure the Fitzpatricks are the ones who murdered her." Mac's jaw dropped as she yanked the notebook out of Weevil's hands. She noticed the cuts and bruises on his knuckles. "Weevil, did you go after them?" she asked, more calmly than I would've expected from someone like Mac.

"Surprisingly no. I guess our girl rubbed off on me." "Then what's with the knuckles?" she motioned towards his right hand. "Oh. I punched a wall. After I read that book I had to do something, and I knew that V would want me to go after them the right way. So I punched whatever was closest," he said nonchalantly. He waited a second then turned to face Mac, looking her straight in the eye. "You know these bastards got Felix. You and Mr. Mars now need to get them, or I swear I will break every rule that little blonde ever taught me." And with that he got up and walked out of the bathroom.

Mac waited until after dinner with my father to give him the notebook. They worked all night, reading and rereading the pages, trying to figure out how to convince Lamb beyond a sliver of a doubt that it was the Fitzpatricks. I screamed at them while they were researching, even though I knew they couldn't here me. I did a little jig when they narrowed it down to Jordan Fitzpatrick, and I held my breath as they walked into the sheriff's office. They called Leo before they got there to fill him in, and the three of them sat staring at Lamb while he thumbed through the notebook.

After what seemed like a lifetime, and without word to any of the people sitting across from him, he pressed the intercom button on his desktop phone. "Sacks?" "Yes, Sheriff?" crackled the voice from the other end. "Put out a warrant for the arrest of Jordan Fitzpatrick. We have evidence of illegal drug dealing, money laundering, and the murder of Veronica Mars." Leo stood up to shake Lamb's hand and to thank him, but Lamb just looked at my dad, Mac, and Leo as if nothing substantial had just happened. He pointed towards the door. "We're done here. Now get out."

Mac and Dad were the ones who actually caught Jordan. They tracked him to this tiny little motel in Mexico. Dad knocked on the door and when the smallest of the Fitzpatrick brothers opened it, he threw a punch that I knew Logan would be proud of. Mac then handcuffed the passed out man to the bed as Dad called Lamb. Mac then tased him, just because she knew its what I would've done. They all made their way back to Neptune, where Jordan was convicted of second degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison. That night, Dad finally returned to Alicia. That weekend he went home. He sat in my room for a few hours. It was terrible to watch, but I knew that he had to do it in order to move on. He packed up all of my stuff and put it in a storage unit. He wasn't ready to get rid of anything yet, but some day he would be.

Dick was furious with Mac for going after Jordan. She had gone to his apartment to tell Logan the news, and he overheard. He was scared that the rest of the Fitzpatricks would now be after her. She promised that she would be okay, and that she knew how to handle herself. After she left, angry for being treated like a child, Dick called every news outlet he had connections (which was most of them) and threatened that if Mac or dad's name was used in any of the stories covering my case, that he would single handedly ruin them. Since the names weren't mentioned in the paper, the Fitzpatricks had figured that the police found evidence on Veronica's murder while arresting him for drug-related crimes. Mac and Dick eventually made up, and stopped hiding their relationship.

When Wallace was drafted to play for the Lakers right after he graduated from Hearst (with honors!), Logan asked if he could move out to LA with him. Wallace agreed, and while he was at practice, Logan befriended a singer/songwriter who was more than happy to write a song about a boy and a girl who fell in love under epic circumstances. Once it was released, he moved upstate to start fresh. He even enrolled in Stanford University. He still doesn't know what he wanted to do, but he attended every class he took, trying to figure it all out.

This is where I left all of my friends. The woman I had met when I first came to this limbo revisited me and asked if I felt ready to move on. And I was. My dad and my friends were going to be okay. I turned and saw this incredible white marble staircase leading into nothing. "How cliché is that, right?" were the first words out of Lilly's mouth when I finally saw her at the top.

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