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I'm wide awake, its 2 a.m.

I'm staring out the window of my ginger loft. The moonlight casts a white light upon the grass causing an eerie beautiful greenish glow. Its so quiet aside from the chocolate waterfall. Gentle sounds of swishing liquid is the only sound –

What is the other sound I wonder? Its very faint. Voices singing….

I put on my robe and slip outside. The sugar crystals above shine so brightly like stars. The oompa loompas must be working late tonight…. I can hear them singing softly. I walk over the caramel bridge as the lyrics to their song suggest a romantic theme. Mr. Wonka wants to kiss someone? They are prodding him to do it? I can't make it out.

Over the hill I see the candy apple tree and below it, the candy cane porch swing. Through the darkness I can make out a figure sitting in it – Willy Wonka. As I draw nearer I can see the faraway expression on his face. He looks at me as I am walking up to him and his expression is dreamy and very content with a slight grin on his face.
I stand there and we look at eachother for a few seconds of silence.

For some reason I am so spacey that this isn't as awkward as I imagined. He stands up slowly. And in one swift gentle motion, he walks towards me while removing his hat, bending down a bit, and kisses me.

My head spins so fast as I feel my legs weaken a bit. I felt I couldn't really grasp the reality of this as it happened. So much passion went into this kiss from him that I didn't acknowledge the fact of how simple it was. A sweet gentle kiss that was only five seconds long… He took a small step back, my eyes were still closed and I was short of breath. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes. Both hands were on his cane and I could see they were a bit shaky.

I went to take his arm and he smiled as he walked me to the candy cane porch swing. We sat looking at the landscape in front of us. I felt we were both too nervous to look at each other. My arm was wrapped around his as the porch swing gently swayed to and fro. The oompa loompas had ceased their singing as soon as he had kissed me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head onto his shoulder. After much procrastination, he had begun to stroke my cheek. I wanted to kiss him again, but my mouth felt dry. It must have been an hour of pure bliss before I fell asleep, my ear to his chest.

I awoke in my bed that morning. For a moment I though it was all just a dream. I looked around the room and on the nightstand was a cherry pastry and a note written in sugar quill.

My Dearest Camille,

Alas, I had things to tend to.

I must see you tonight,

Meet me in the orchard once again?

What frightful things we'd do...