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Change of heart

The meadow was still and silent as the snow fell. It had been snowing off and on for the last few days, but with in the last few hours it had turned into a whiteout. The wind blew snow all around, and was the only noise to be heard. The three eleven brothers sat quietly in the talan; they had been here watching the borders for three days. They sat in silence watching the snowfall. The thick covering of the great trees gave them protection from the snow. As a matter of fact, it hardly ever snowed or rained in Lorien.

One of the three sat near the edge of the Talan and watched the snowfall; he loved the snow and thought it brought great peace to all around. It was silent, soft, and beautiful to look at. He smiled and slightly turned his head to see what the other two were doing. They were lying on their backs staring at the covering above them. He turned his attention back to the snow and the meadow it fell in.

It was dark and tonight even the creatures of the great forest would have trouble seeing. But neither him nor his brothers would have that problem, their vision was far better, and their senses much keener. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. Something caught his vision, something moved slightly. He stood causing his brothers to jump to their feet. He walked along the edge of the talan staring out at the meadow bow in his hand. There again he saw movement it was just as before. Something was moving towards the center of the meadow. What was it; it was no animal, nor orc. What was it he thought to him self, his brothers stood by him watching the meadow too? They scaned the meadow with their keen vision looking for the movement once more. Haldir moved slowly looking for it, he knew he saw movement twice but weather it was a threat or not, he had no clue. The three watched and suddenly there through the thick snow blowing about they all saw it. It staggered through the snow awkwardly, stumbling and falling many times. It was a human that they knew but what kind of crazy human would be this far out and in this weather. It fell once more landing face down in the snow. The three scanned the area looking for any sign of trouble. Haldir leaped down from the talan and landed perfectly leaving neither tracks nor sign he had been there. Orophin, and Rumil followed him and just as their brother they left not a trace. The three moved as one scanning the area and watching their surroundings. They were no longer with in the safety of the trees; they were in and open field and perfect targets. Their senses picked up nothing, not an animal nor orc with in miles.

Haldir knelt down next to the figure and gently turned it over. He nearly fell off his elven feet. His eyes widened and so did his brothers. It was a woman small, and so frail looking. She had a huge gash on her head and the blood was still fresh and oozing slowly out. She had on the dress of a peasant and her cloak was tattered and torn. Not the right attire to be in such weather, than it struck him she had on a simple pair of leather shoes that rose just above her ankle, they like the cloak were tattered and worn. He gave her a slight shake but she made no movement. Her skin was deathly cold. He pulled her up and looked her over, she was a pale gray. Death was close he could feel it. What was this stupid mortal thinking? She was out in a huge snowstorm and with no protection much less any help or guidance.

"Pe-channas! Adan." He hissed, he had no time for this. He was to be watching the borders not taking care of some dumb female who obviously had no since. He gritted his teeth and thought to himself. They could bring her back to the talan and treat her for her wound and maybe save her from the overexposure to the cold, but than what? What was he going to do with her after words? She would be in no shape to travel on her own. And it was quite clear she was alone. As to whether she was supposed to be alone or not he had no clue. He sighed and than he could hear the lady's voice with in his head.

"Haldir save the girl, and bring her to me." Great the lady had to have a heart tonight for those dumb pathetic humans.

He picked her up and she felt weightless her whole body went limp in his arms. He could feel the cold running through her. Her body was so cold, she made him cold, and he never got cold. He carried her over to the talan and paused. He tossed her over her shoulder and climbed up the rope ladder. He got her up and moved to the back of the talan. He sat her down on some furs and than lit a small lamp.

In the dim light he could see more scrapes and cuts on her. He scanned her over and saw three deep gashes on her legs. They to like the one on her head were oozing. Her clothing was sopping wet from her falling in the snow. He knew what he was going to do, but was he really going to do it. And further more why? Oh yes the Lady wanted the girl saved and brought to her. What was it with the Lady and her pity on humans? What was it she saw in these pathetic creatures that made her heart so caring and in his opinion a waste of time.

Humans cared nothing for them selves nor the land they dwelt in. They were selfless, cruel, and self-seeking, not to mention a few hundred things more he had discovered over his time watching them. They would hurt each other; he had seen women sell themselves for a few coins for pleasure. Wallow in filth, and while those who had plenty never cared for the ones who had nothing. He had seen men force themselves on women, an act he still could not understand and one that sickened him. He had seen children begging for food with their mother in the streets, and people walking by and laughing at them. So much he had seen and to this day man was the same why did he deserve the help of the first-born.

He sighed he turned to his brothers and stood.

"We will have to remover her clothing redress her and wrap her in a fur."

"Is this wise Haldir to remove her clothing, tis something she may take discomfort in."? Orophin asked

She may but she will die if we do not do this. She is too cold and her clothing too wet. I fear that even this will be no good for her."

"Too see her in such a way is a dishonor to her." Orophin added quickly.

"If you have a better idea brother, you may share it. But the longer we linger on this the better chance she has of dieing." Haldir snapped, not really wanting to do this.

Haldir was right they had to do this, and though they each did not want to it had to be done. Haldir knelt next to her, he would do this he would not ask his brothers too. No he was the captain of the guard, this fell on him. And if she did live and was angry he really did not care if she was mad with him or not. He took another fur. And sat it next to him. He rolled her over on to her side and cut the string that fastened her dress. He than carefully pulled at the dress and pulled it over her head. He turned his head not wanting to see her unclothed form. He reached for the fur and froze. His eyes caught sight of her back; she had huge lash across it, someone had beaten her.

"Nan gaer ar in elin!" He turned and looked at his brothers, they looked down at her and took a step back. This he could deal with later, first was the treatment for the cold. He wrapped her in the fur blanket and tossed another over her. He stood and thought about what else he could do. Nothing came to mind; he decided to gather some things he needed. He would need some bandages and ointment for the gashes and scrapes. He gathered it all tougher and placed it aside. He knelt down next to her and took a small cloth and wiped away the blood on her for head. The gash was fairly big but would not require stitches. He applied some pressure to the wound and then took some leaves from a forest plant and placed them on the wound along with some ointment. The leaves would stop the bleeding and the ointment to help aginst infection. She let out a small groan but made no movements and her eyes never opened.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, some guidance from the Lady would be good right about now. But his mind stayed clear and her voice never came. The gash on her leg was next. He pulled back the fur a bit, and went to cleaning the gashes and dressing them. He did the same as he had for her head wound. Placing the leaves over the wound with the ointment and than bandaging it. He then cleaned the gash on her back and dressed it as well. He took a tunic and an extra pair of tights and dressed her. He covered her up again and tucked the furs around her tightly. He sat back blew out the lamp and made himself ready for a long night.

Orophin had first watch over the meadow and Rumil the second. And he the third. He would watch over her till then. He sat back against the tree and settled himself in for a long night.


Pe-channas! Adan, idiot human

Nan gaer ar in elin, by the sea and stars