Well, this is the first chapter of my first fan fic. I actually started this aboutu a year ago and put it on but I decided halfway through to look back and revise it and then let you guys see the revised version first. I got the idea to do this when the turnout of The End pissed me off, I was like "wait.. I thought Raven was going to be all evil, I want my evil Raven! They said in Birthmark she was going to end the world! omglolwtfqwned!1!" So that's when I got fed up and made my own season 4 finale. There is considerable crossing over in this story so be prepared. tell em what you think. thnx


Chapter 1

There was a familiar silence as the sun ascended over the bay by Jump City

"Another day" Raven said as she opened her eyes, though something was different.

She looked around the room, the sun was shining through the window. She looked at her hands and saw a very familiar marking, she instantly sat up in her bed and closed her eyes, "no..." she murmured.

It had begun, the end of the world.

The Rest of the team walked into the Large living room/kitchen located at the front of the tower overlooking the bay. Raven was standing in the kitchen section by the stove, she was "cooking" something.

"Raven, cooking breakfast?", Cyborg remarked.

"Yay a feast! What is the occasion?" Starfire inquired.

"Your destruction...", Raven thought, "Can't I just do something nice for once?", she quickly countered the disturbing thought.

"Who wants pancakes?" she said as she turned around holding a plate covered with charred bubbling masses.

She placed two own each of her teamate's plates.

Each took a bite, twisted looks appeared on everyone's face but Starfire's, who seemed to be enjoying them.

"Isn't this nice of Raven to do this?" Robin said, obviously very hard to pull off.

"Ya, even if the girl doesn't have a clue how to cook" Cyborg murmered as he drenched the "pancake" in syrup.

Raven was suddenly filled with hatred, "I could destroy you right n... no", Raven thought, she quickly suppresed the feeling.

Ever since she lost her ability to meditate evil and disturbing thoughts started entering her mind, once she even toyed with the thought of tossing Beast Boy out a window simply because his presense was annoying.

"These are delightful!" Starfire remarked they remind me of a food on my world, burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside, more please!"

Everyone proceeded to dump the black masses on her plate, Starfire then drowned them in mustard.

Lights and sirens started to go off throughout the tower. "Trouble!" Robin said as he ran to the exit, everyone but Raven followed. She raised her hood and proceeded to follow them.


Sorry for a short chapter but I decided thsi was enough for one chapter. chapter 2 should be ready now. tell me what you think.