Chapter 21

"Should have stayed out of it..." Raven said as she turned to face robin. Blood trickled down her face in several places. Raven proceded to slowly hover toward the elevated command platform in the center of the room where Robin was standing.

Without a word Robin threw several birdarangs with his "good" arm. The red and yellow weapons spun brilliantly in the air.

"More toys" Raven effortlessly deployed a series of black discs in the path of the birdarangs, and the birdarangs harmlessly glanced off. She continued hovering until finally reaching the platform. Raven walked over to Robin, who was in a defensive stance, and stopped about a foot from his face. "You'll have to do better than that." Her four glowing eyes meeting his.

Robin smirked and swifly impacted his bo staff into the side of her head, her overconfidence was getting to her, or so it seemed.

Raven, on the floor, wiped the blood from her face and sneered. "You're funny" she motioned to get up just as a black mass knocked Robin's feat out from under him just as he was about to swing the staff again. With raven now to her feet and Robin on the floor she walked over to him. "I'm funny too" She forcefully applied her boot to his ribcage.

Robin rolled over, curled in a ball. He looked up to see Raven grab onto his foot and drag him to the ledge.

"You better hope they called you a "flying Grayson" for a reason." Raven had collected many thoughts from the minds of her team mates during her time as a titan, unintentionally or otherwise. Robin's secret identity was one she found most interesting. Raven flung Robin's foot around and sent him hurling off the edge of the platform. She waited a moment for the noise of his bones shattering as he hit the floor but no such sound came. Raven walked over to the to peer over, and as she did so the view wasn't one of Robin's crumpled and broken body at the end of the fall but of Superman's fist rocketing towards her chin. The impact sent Raven hurling into the giant transparent window of the command deck, she bounced off and fell to the floor.

Superman approached her fallen body, which had been laying there for a good 15 seconds. "Give up yet?"

Raven lifted herself off the ground, an emerald glow was revealed as she did so. Raven's face, still in it's demonic form peered at superman, but intead the eyes glowed green. Her clothing had also changed it was still the outfit she was wearing before but inted of black, violet and dark blue it had changed to green and black. a green blast shot from her hand and sent Superman hurling into the walls, which were apparently sturdier than they seemed.

Superman fell out of the crater he had just made in the wall and fell to his knees on the floor. He looked up to see another green blast hit him in the face, sending him back into the same crater. Shaking off the shock Superman fired two red beams of energy at the oncoming Raven.

Raven, seeing the glow of the kryptonian's eyes threw her arms up in front of her in a block position. The beams struck but Raven was barely phased, the ring offered ample protection.

Raven prepared to fire another shot but a a red blur streaked in front of her. She turn her head just as the flash's yellow fist struck her in the side of the head.

The Flash helped Superman up off the ground, he was still reletively fine after the inceredible beating.

"Someone had to stop the perpetual ass-kicking" The Flash remarked

"Thanks for coming back" Where'd she get that?

"What? this?" The Flash said, presenting the emerald ring between his thumb and index finger "She got it of John, clever isn't she? We came as soon as we noticed that boy wonder here was gone."

"Let's just finish this" Hawkgirl said from behind them, her mace crackling.

Raven got back up, with some effort, just in time to see the Thanagarian speeding for her. She quickly erected a shield all around her.

"You'll pay for your crimes!" Hawkgirl swung the mace over and over but with no effect, the black energy rippled and produced a dull "thwung" sound with every strike.

"Shouldn't we help her?" The Flash said. With those words every remaining member of the Justice league and Teen Titans still left on the Watch Tower initiated an all out assault of their former ally. Fists flew, sonic blasts echoed, optic blasts streaked across the command deck but nothing could penetrate the shield.

Raven sood in the middle of the black dome, concentrating, and trying to keep the shield up and her series of long snaking tenctacles moving at the same time. The pain from her wounds was limiting her concentration abilty. That and another part of her mind was also devoted to keeping the power from the station turned off, so that she would only have to break her concentration for it to come back on and reveal her plan...

Wonderwoman backed off and joined Superman who was a good 15 feet away from the flurry, attempting to use his heat vision to penetrate the black dome of dark energy. "We'll never get to her like this" A huge black tentacle swung through the air, barely missing them it struck the ground and left a huge gash in the deck. "Where's J'onn?"

Just behind Raven, inside the black dome the translucent, green figure of Martain Manhunter phased up onto the deck. Silently he peered at the girl from behind. when his body was completely through the metal floor his figure turned opaque once again. He approched, his hand outsretched, a stern look on his face. His translucent hand entered the back of Raven's skull...

Raven felt her body go cold, and her field of vision darken until there was nothing but black. She felt as if another presense, not her own, inside her head. She was on her knees, calapsed on the deck, head down.

Suddenly she shook her head violently. "get... out... GET OUT OF MY MIND!" She looked up red eyes glowing.

Before she could react Martian manhunter grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the transparent walls of the watchtower's command deck. His free hand again approaching her head.

Both of Raven's hands grabbed his left, she tryed to free herself but he was much, much stronger.

"Do not resist" J'onn said, his tone of voice got louder.

Suddenly Raven let go and phased through the transparent surface, out into open space. Raven herself was not visable but a mass of dark energy took the form of a large black bird and sped planet side.

"She's leaving, should we follow?" Wonder Woman said

Suddenly the lights flickered on and the remaining operational computers were filled with life.

J'onn flew up to the control console and peered at the screen. "Life support is back on but that's it, all other controls have been severed including the..." He went silent.

"Including the what?" Superman said, joining J'onn at the command console.

At the very last computer screen labeled "FIRE CONTROL STATION" a box that filled half the screen read: