Forget Me Not

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Chapter 1

Larxene stood in front of Axel; having her kunais in her hand. She threw them at him, but he dodged it. He went into the portal, and then appeared behind her. He put his chakram next to her neck. "You lose," he said. "This was a fun fight." Axel smiled and moved back.

"So," Axel said. "You really going to leave us all?" She didn't reply. "Since you have a heart now, Nobodies and Heartless and the Organization are going to get you," Axel said.

"I don't care. There's nothing I want now. I can live my own life now." Larxene said. Axel sighed. "Everyone is going to get you," he said. "So be careful." He threw his chakrams straight at her only to kill a Nobody behind her.

"Okay," she said. "Good bye, Axel." Axel was about to go in his portal, but stopped. Axel looked back to see Larxene one more time. He shook his head. "Wait- Axel," she said. He turned. "Bye," he said walking in the portal, ignoring Larxene. 'He ticks me of…' she thought.

Larxene woke up on her bed. 'What was the point of that dream?' she thought. 'Axel? Who's that?' There was knock on her door. "It's open," she said. Her friend, Hikaru, ran in. "Larx!" she said. "There's these white fiends in the Town Square!"

"What?" Larxene said. Hikaru grabbed Larxene's arm and ran.

The Town Square was flooded with Nobodies. "Nobodies?" Larxene said.

"What?" Hikaru asked. Larxene shook her head. 'It was only a dream,' she thought. 'Nothing real about it.' Larxene summoned her kunais and threw them at the Nobodies. "Go hide!" Larxene shouted. Every time one were to disappear, 2 more would come. "It's no use," she said.

"Hey. What's up Larxene?" a familiar voice said. Larxene turned around. There was a red haired guy sitting on a crate. "Heh. I told you that they'd come and get you."

"You! You're that guy! Axel?" she said.

"Bingo," he said. "You can't fight like how you use to."

"What are you talking about? How do you know me?" she said. Every thing stopped. Axel walked up to her. "You know you were my favorite out of the Organization. Always getting mad at me and everything," he said. Larxene summoned some more kunais. "What are you talking about?" she yelled. "I was born here. I don't know anything about an Organization!"

Axel smiled. "You don't remember me though?" Axel said. "You should feel ashamed. You should stop running away from your past."

"What are you talking about?" Larxene said.

"You'll see," he said. Axel summoned his chakrams. "Now," he said. "Should we get rid of these Nobodies together?"

Everything started moving again. "Wait," she said. "Why are you helping me out?" Axel laughed. "Shouldn't I be the prince for a princess like you?" he said throwing his chakrams. (Yeah. That sounds corny. My friends told me to put that in.) 'What-?' she thought.

"This is taking long, don't cha think?" Axel said. Larxene nodded. "Okay," he said. "Stay back and close your eyes." She shut her eyes tight for a few seconds.

"You can open your eyes now," he said. Larxene slowly opened her eyes. All of the Nobodies were gone.

Larxene noticed her arms around Axel's stomach. "Ah-!" she yelled and let go. Axel laughed as Larxene's face got redder and redder.

"Larx-" Hikaru said noticing Axel. She smiled. "So who's this?" Hikaru asked.

"He's no one," Larxene said immediately. She turned her face so Hikaru didn't see her face. (Since it was still red.)

"So what's your name?" Hikaru asked. Axel smirked. "It's Axel," he said. "Got it memorized?"

End of Chapter 1

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