Forget Me Not

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Forever With You

"Larxene?" Axel said. "Why-?" He looked up. It was the same kunai that Larxene stabbed Demyx with. "Demyx…" Axel said.
"How…why did you?" Larxene said.
"He doesn't deserve you!" Demyx yelled. "I always wanted him dead! I'm sorry Larxene but…I just needed to…It was only chance of killing him. For some reason though, it doesn't feel like how I wanted it to be." Demyx summoned a portal and went in.
Axel rolled off Larxene. "Damn that little brat…" Axel said. His body started to fade. "Axel…" Larxene said. She started to cry. "Don't cry," Axel said as he put his hand on her cheek. "When I'm gone, I don't want you to die…okay?" Larxene nodded. "And before I leave," he said. "I need to hear those three little words."
"I hate you?" Larxene joked around. Axel smiled at her. He wiped the tears that fell from her eyes. One fell onto Axel's arm and it ran down. "A frown, a smile, a glare, anything," Axel said. "I want you to do any of those, but cry. If you cry after my death, then I won't ever forgive myself. So promise me this."
"Axel…" Larxene said. "If I wanted you dead, I would have done it myself."
"Heh," Axel said. "I know that you would have. And Larxene, one more thing."
"Yeah what is-" He pressed his lips onto hers. (-.-Okay…) He soon let go. Larxene rolled her lips in. That took her by surprise. Sure she kissed him once before, but he's about to disappear…
"I need to know now," Axel said. "Do you…Did you ever really loved me?" Larxene nodded as she started to cry. "Yes…I really did," she said. Axel smiled at her. "You can't cry when a beloved one dies…All you can do is smile…" he said. Axel held Larxene tightly in his arms, but then a bright light appeared. Larxene didn't feel anything around her anymore, and so she knew he was gone forever…

The End! (Just kidding!)

2 years later…

Larxene was walking over to Demyx's house. "Hey!" someone said. Larxene turned. Hikaru standing in front of her. She threw the moomba that Axel won her. "Take it before I burn it," she said. Hikaru then ran. Larxene looked at the moomba. 'Axel…' she thought. She squeezed it.
"Hey Larxene," Demyx said from behind. She turned. "Oh hey Demyx," she said. Demyx looked at the moomba. "You still play with toys?" he asked her.
"Ah…No. This was from one of my friends," she said. Demyx stared at her. "Okay…" he said. He grabbed it. "Hey give it back!" Larxene said.
"This thing looks familiar," Demyx said. "Like an old person I used to know…" Larxene snatched it back. "Stop touching my stuff," Larxene said. Demyx laughed.
"Hey Larxene," he said.
"What?" she said in an irritated voice.
"Will you go out with me?" he said. "Just once?" Larxene was silent. "No," she replied. "I'm sorry. Is that what you wanted to ask me?" Demyx chuckled. "Yeah," he said. "Oh well. At lease I tried."
"See you later," Larxene said. She walked away. 'She still likes that idiot…' Demyx thought. 'I guess…I have to let her go…No matter how much I want to deny it. She loves Axel…and always will.'

Larxene walked on the beach shore. "If I ever leave, I promise that I'll meet you at this beach. Right here," he told her. She visited there everyday hoping that he'd show up…but he never did. She was thinking about giving up. Larxene wouldn't accept that he is gone…But deep inside her heart, she knew he was gone. She sighed.
'He's not here again…' she thought. Larxene was about to walk away, but she heard someone's foot steps. (That seems hard to do because she's on sand.) She turned. There was a person with an Organization cloak on. His hood was covering his face. Larxene clutched the moomba.
The person pulled off their hood. His spiky, red, long hair. (Sorry! That's the only way to describe him in my opinion.) Axel smiled at her. Larxene dropped the moomba and started to cry. Axel spread his arm out. Larxene ran into his arms.
How she missed his warmth. He squeezed her in his arms. "I thought I told you not to cry," Axel said.
"I didn't till now," Larxene said. Axel pulled Larxene's head next to his chest.


Larxene looked up. Axel smiled at her.

"Once a nobody, Always a Nobody, but somehow,
I found a heart."

The End

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