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Snow is Never Warm

Chapter 1


I was born in a village where the mountains soaked their feet in the cold sea water. The village was a very small and isolated one, it only contained 50 different clans. We, the Hyuuga were the most powerful, richest and influential tribe out of all 50. My father was the Hyuuga's head and was considered as the greatest man the village ever seen. He was their hero.

My father Hiashi married the most beautiful and kindest woman in the village. That woman was my mother. They were very much in love. Their wedding, I have been told, was a great and beautiful event that everyone in the village was invited to.

A year after the wedding, I was born and our family was very happy.

Only when I turned two the perfect life that seemed predestined for our clan was shattered. That year Hizashi, my father's brother was murdered as he was out in his travels for the clan. He left behind in my father's care Neji my cousin, who I ever since considered as a brother.

My mother was the only thing that kept my father going. Only a year after my uncle's death did my mother become ill. She never got better.

The year I turned five, the day after it snowed for the first time in my village, my mother died.

I remember sitting outside her window working diligently to complete my snowmen when I knew she left me. There were frantic sounds of rustling from my grandmother who had been sitting by her side. Then she began to weep. Before that moment I had never seen or heard my grandmother be anything but happy.

People rushed in after hearing my grandmother's weeping but all I could do was sit back in the cold snow. All I could do was stare at my hands red from the cold snow as my whole family gathered in the room that belonged to my father and mother. All I did was sit there and look at the white snow.

My father who was once so loving and warm turned cold like the snowman I was trying to make that day. So surprisingly after a short two months my father decided that it would be best for our clan that he would move inland. The clan elders announced that it would bring more fortune to our clan. With that my father took my cousin Neji who was seven years old at the time and I, five, and our finest rickshaw filled with some items and left the village with empty promises to come and visit.

We traveled for many days, weeks I don't remember. Just the bounce of the rickshaw as it wheeled over rocks and potholes seemed to matter. We finally reached the walls of the new city that we were going to be calling home from then on. Large wooden poles from ancient trees stood side-by-side forming a high wall. The ninety-degree incline was a sure way to keep unwanted travelers out.

"Welcome to Kohona." said a grubby looking man coming up to the side of our rickshaw. "Please hand me your papers."

My father with great disdain cautiously took them out and handed them to him. While the watchman was looking at them with apparent mock interest I took the opportunity to lean out of the side to look farther into the city. The man startled at my sudden movement looked over at me.

"Hey don't go wandering off there miss." Cautioned the man.

My father humiliated that his child was being reprimanded by someone outside our clan, grabbed my wrist and roughly pulled me back.

"You can go on." nodded the watchman as he handed back the papers. Motioning for the driver to continue my father carefully put the papers away. Though in a different spot this time.



Life in Kohona did not turn out as smooth as my father hoped it would be. Being new to the city not many fully trusted him. And when he decided to send my cousin to the Ninja academy we were barely able to afford the cost of his weapons and bandages on top of necessary items.

It had been two years since we had arrived to the city when it happened.

My father had already sold almost all of our possessions including the rickshaw. We were living on simple rice with a small fish split between the three of us on good nights. I was working running errands for our neighbor receiving a nickel each week for my help.

I remember it well. The night my father sold me. I had was just going to turn seven that December.

It was snowing for the first time that year. It reminded me of my mother.

He had bundled me up in all my remaining cloths and led me out into the crowed street. It was the middle of the day and my cousin was at school. My father led me up and down streets in so many directions I remembered not how to get back. We came to a district with beautiful houses spaced far away from each other.

Each house had a tall fence separating the property from the street. The fences had little gaps that made passersby's want to press their face against the boards just to sneak a peak at the yards hidden behind them. My father hurried me along even though I wanted to stay and try and look into those secret yards.

We came out on the other side of this district and into a mass of houses and buildings tightly squeezed together leaving the streets in front of them barely enough room for two men to walk side by side.

I kept slipping on the icy cobblestones of this street only my father's firm grip kept me from falling.

Finally we came to a house seeming smashed between two large buildings. On one side there was a restaurant and the other there was a tailor. He walked up to the smashed house rang the bell at the side of the door.

Through the grate of the front door I saw a door slide open. An old woman came out limping heavily on her can. Behind her I saw a glimpse of a beautiful person. Her black hair perfectly framed her perfectly white face. But that was all I saw as my father pushed my head down.

"Hiashi?" asked the old woman; her voice was like a crackling fire. It reminded me of my grandmother's.

"Here she is." Coldly stated my father pushing me forward.

Groaning as she leaned over she grasped my chin in her wrinkled hands and forced my chin up.

"Uh, what strange eyes...Okaasan will know what to do with you."

She grabbed me by the shoulder with an amazingly strong grip and pulledme inside. "Here you are." She said throwing my father a sack of coins.

I watched as my father promptly turned without a second glace at me and was lost behind the corner.

"Come on." groaned the old lady as she opened the screen door.

"Okaa-san will be wanting to see you now."





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