First year.

Eleven year old Remus stood all lonely at the Kingcross platform. Why didn't they tell me where that stupid platform 9 .3/4 was... He thought sourely. He saw a man with a blue soot with the Kingcross logo on his arm." Excuse me sir.Can you tell me where platfprm 9.3/4 is?" He asked the man. The man sighed and said with a loud voice:" Kid, you're the I don't know how manieth( is that a word?) kid who asked me that.I don't know what you are talking about!So where is that hidden camera,Hello mum!" Then suddenly a bark laugh. Remus turned around to see a boy from his age.He had raven-black hair , bright grey eyes and was pretty handsome. "I am Sirius Orion Black.And you are?" His tone was friendly but a bit arrogant."R-remus John Lupin." Remus stuttered. The boy grinned a cheeky grin and said:"So,Remus.Can't find the platform,can you?" "No, I don't understand!My parent's thought it wouldn't be nessacary for me to know..." " Poor lad! Come with me mate!" Sirius walked to an empty wall between platform 9 and 10. "Just walk through that wall."He said simply. When he saw Remus' unsure look he added." Trust me!" Remus started walking and closed his eyes.Just when he expected to bump into the wall and get odd looks from other people he opend his eyes and saw a platform.Called 9.3/4! Sirius followed soon after him and said:"Come on, I'm gonna look for my mate James!" A boy with black,messy hair and glasses showed up and pulled Sirius into a friendly hug."Who are you?"He asked curious to Remus. "That's Remus Lupin. I found him outside and he looked a little lost so I helped him." Sirius said before Remus could open his mouth."Okay Sirius,chill. I am James Potter,nice to meet you!" James said shaking Remus'hand. In the train they met another boy,called Peter Pettigrew. They were put in the same house, Gryffondor, and from the third week they became friends.

Second year.

Twelth year old Remus stood on the platform 9.3/4 waiting for his friends to show up. James came first,then Peter and Sirius still wasn't there when the wissling sounded,the sign for them to get on the train.Remus was a little worried,why wasn't Sirius there yet?

In their coupe there was a killing silence. After fifteen minutes it was broken by a voice." Merlin, finally! I thought I'd never find you!" I thought you'd never come!Remus thought as Sirius appeared. "Hey mate, what took you so long?" " Trouble ..Mother."Sirius said. " Let me help you with your trunk." Remus said. He was always helpfull. Once they sat down Peter said:" Wonder if Snivellus washed his hair over the summer.." They burst into a laugh, the idea was too perfect. Snivellus was Severus Snape , a greasy haired Slytherin of their age. " Probably not, though the thought of it is very pleasant." Sirius said. They talked about their summer, allthough Sirius and Remus didn't say that much. Sirius because he had another crappy summer and Remus because his summer had been painfull because of his Werewolf –problem. He allways hurted himself during the Transformation , he attacked himself because there was no-one else to attack and with no Madame Pomfrey around his wounds didn't heal so well. His friends didn't know his secret, the thought of it!They'd hate him!He always told them he went home because his mother was sick and they never noticed it was always with Full Moon and after. Remus was suprised that two boys so smart,James and Sirius, could be so stupid...

They were always together ,in classes they made two groeps but it was always one of the Marauders as they called themselves with one other of the Marauders. In the common room they mostly sat together doing their homework, but James and Sirius were always the closest. That made Remus jealous, all though he didn't realize that, he just thought he felt left out or something like that.When James wasn't there he spended most of the time with Sirius ,talking and laughing. That was what he liked, but with James around Sirius didn't talk and laugh with him. That was what bothered him. Around springbreak it must have been there was another full moon, like every month. It was terrible to go trough but at least he had Madame Pomfrey to care for him afterwards. When he woke up the next morning in the Hospital wing and he expected to see Madama Pomfrey's friendly but worried face he saw three shocked and worried faces. His friends."What are you doing here?"He wispered. "Why didn't you tell us ? Remus we are your friends!" Sirius was the first who spoke. "I thought you'd hate me.." "We would never hate you!Not even for this!"James said a bit angry. " You need to understand.I never had friends before and I didn't want to loose you,I am dangarous.I thought that if you knew you wouldn't want to do anything with me!I was scared!" "For nothing! You were scared for nothing! We'll help you through this, we'll figure something ! You should've trust us Remus..." Sirius said. "Now tell me about it, how is it...?" James said softly. " Well, depends on what you need to know..." "When were you bitten?" Asked Peter." When I was five years old. I went to the forest near my house and didn't watch the time...I was all alone and it was dark and... I lost my wand while walking so I went searching for it. Then I was attacked by a terrible...Monster... I strumbled back home and my parent's brought me to Mungo's but they were scared of me after I returned home..." "Your own parents scared of you...Well they don't hate you do they..." Sirius said sounding sad. "How does it feel be a werewolf?" James asked unsecure." I can always feel him inside of me...I can hear , see and smell better than humans normally do and close to full moon and after I can really like , sometimes it's him seeing things , saying things, hearing things..." Remus told them. "So what do I smell like than?"Sirius asked him. Remus could feel the wolf inside smirk...Which was a very weird experience. "You smell like sugar quills, your hair-gel, deodorant and mostly like butterbeer too."The wolf said out loud. The boys gasped. It wasn't Remus' normally calm voice. It was more aggrasive,teasing and havier."I'm sorry, that was him..."Remus said now in his calm .soft voice." Oh...All right,Hi mr. Wolf.Nice er…hearing of you." Sirius said.Remus laughed at that,although it wasn't that funny at all.

Later that week his friends had the incredible idea to become Animagi. Without Remus knowing.They became good friends.

Third Year

Sirius ' brother was coming to Hogwarts this year, Regulus Black. Sirius wasn't to happy about it.Regulus was the perfect son, through his mothers eyes at least. Sirius was put into Gryffondor, as only member of his family.Off course Regulus was a Slytherin. A very nasty one to say. Neither the wolf or Remus liked the kid. He was hanging out with Severus Snape,their enemy. He often needed to speak with Sirius and after ´the talk´ Sirius was always depressed. James couldn´t get a normal thing out of the boy who didn´t eat or sleep once for a week. It was horrible to see your friend suffer under his family´s pressure like that. James told Remus he should give it a shot so Remus went up to their dorm for a talk with Sirius.

" Did Jamie sent you?" Sirius asked as soon as the other boy entered.Remus decided not to lie."Yes he did. Sirius , you haven't eaten or had any sleep this week!This is getting seriously too crazy!" "How do you know, YOU ARE NOT GOING THROUGH ANYTHING THAT I AM GOING THROUGH!" Sirius yelled. He'd never yelled at Remus before and he didn't like hurting Remus but he would not just understand what he was going through." Siri, look at me and tell me what is going on." Remus said. His voice was not angry at all, James would have yelled back at him. Remus was not like that." My mother, she's driving me crazy! She ordered Regulus to watch every single fucking thing I am doing!He told her about my friends, you , Jamie and Pete... Well James is not a problem ' cause he's a full blood. Peter and you are a big problem. Esspecially Peter, his dad works at the Muggle Department at the Mysterie of Magic...Fighting for Muggle-rights and stuff like that."Sirius said after a couple minutes of silence." I don't understand. Why does she..hate you like she does? I can't imagen anyone hating you"Remus said."Well...I am almost everything she's disgusted of.Yet she does infect me with her...letters and words and actions." "What do you mean?" " She made me to what I am, Remus. Look, I know nobody's perfect and all, but she made me a terrible person!I learned to not let people close and love other people besides myself!" Then he seemed really tired."Siri, you are the closest to perfect you could ever get." Remus whispered when Sirius was at sleep, at least he thought he was.

Fourth year.

Remus noticed something was different about his friendship with Sirius Black. He liked being with him more than ever, and seemed to be scanning the common room for his presence. It was all getting a little to much for him and he asked Lily Evans what the hell was going on with him.

"I think you like – like Sirius."She said with a smile. He ran away after that, it couldn't be.

Fifth year

He figured out it could be. When his friends told them about their Animagi he was so happy he HUGGED Sirius. Now you must understand,Remus was not that kind of person. Sure he was close with his friends but every time a touch came from them like a innocent pad on the shoulder he blushed like a madman.Sirius was as shocked as Remus from this sudden move. Full Moon became less hard for Remus , his friends were there with him now, Prongs , Padfoot and Wormtail( allthough he didn't help that much as a rat...) Then Sirius betrayed him. He told Snape to go too the Whomping Willow. Remus felt guilty, he could have killed Snape. Sirius came to the Hospital wing next day to tell Remus he felt awful about it. The wolf was happy to see him. But Remus wasn't , he almost murdered someone, because of him. It hurted him to do so but Remus could not be friends with Sirius anymore.He'd hurt Sirius really bad without knowing.Sirius was hurt even worse than A Friend should be doing this. Remus felt lonely more than A Friend should be after sending Sirius away( well,more demanding him to leave.)

Sixth year.

Remus stood on the platform 9.3/4 ,searching for messy black hair and a pair of glasses, James Potter. When Remus found James he noticed Sirius was with him. He'd been staying this summer over the Potters house , Sirius'd wrote him despite the fact Remus didn't talk to him.Remus had missed Sirius a lot though. So when he , Sirius, came into the sight of Remus ,looking a little nervous( which he never was) Remus couldn't control himself. He threw himself onto the other boy and hugged him like he never had the chance to do it again. Tight and full of emotion. "I am so sorry for not replying any of your letters.I just couldn't"Remus said through tears." That's okay Remmie, I understand...It is all okay now..."Sirius was the only person who could call Remus Remmie without getting hexed."So.. You are friends again?" James asked hopefully. He'd hated it when Remus was angry and dissapointed at Sirius.

" Hell, yes we are!Right?" Remus replied uncertainly. "Off course, I missed you!"