"Pink Destiny"

By Kluger Sage

I do not own Naruto they are the properties of Shouen Jump and the great Mr.Masashi Kishimoto I am just a fanfic writer enjoy my fanfic.

Five months have passed in Konoha

Naruto and Sakura grow fonder of each other

Their strength lies in their love

Yet over the horizon the darkness approaches

Old enemies seek the blood of Konoha's kitsune

The Iwagakure no Sato Hidden Rock Village is

Interested in Naruto they will go too no bounds

To seek there revenge for old enemies

Never forget there hatred and bitterness only growing with time

Waiting for the right moment to strike

Iwagakure have sent their spy to observe the leaf genin

For they are not the only one's interested in the boy

Akatsuki wait patiently to strike for they will

Hold nothing back for them Naruto is a marked man

By this organization that lust's for the jin-chuuriki's power

Naruto trains to ensure his power is capable off

Defeating his enemies that want to hare him as well

The most precious thing to him Sakura…

Chap. 1 Kitsune Fire

The wind blew gently in the night in Konoha's forest it was always silent at night yet; the creatures of the night made there presents known. Uzumaki Naruto sat across from a small fire his tent a few feet away. Nartuo sat quietly starring at the fire he was in his casual clothing. He wasn't wearing his head band and had on a black t-shirt with a flame insignia; with his trade mark orange sweat pants and black sandals. As the fire danced in front of the blonde shinobi he couldn't help but let his mind drift off. It's been two days since he set off on his training. He decided it be best to train deep in Konoha's forest away from the village in seclusion. Further down from his path a couple of trees were torn in half as well some having huge wholes in them. His Rasengan technique was improving. There was one technique that was given to him by Kakashi. The scroll was old and battered. What it contained was of great importance for it was instructions of how to perform a certain jutsu; the jutsu that was created by none other than by the Yondaime himself. Naruto scratched his head remembering how only he could master it since he was now able to wield two chakras. This would allow him to use a great amount of chakra to perform the infamous Hiraishin no Jutsu flying thunder god Technique.

"Ahhh damn it Kakashi-sensei you lazy bum you didn't tell me how complicated and difficult this technique was!" fumed an agitated Naruto.

The technique created by the late Yondaime was not a simple technique to master it proved to more time consuming and complicated than anything. Naruto continued to watch the fire burn in front of him the stars were out tonight accompanied by a crescent moon. Naruto didn't notice that someone was watching him. The shadowy figure slowly made its way towards the campsite. The figure managed to sneak up behind Naruto as it embraced him in a ferocious hug from behind.

"Ahhhh!" Screamed Naruto in surprise.

The figure laughed at the reaction she was expecting. Naruto tilted his head upward to see that it was none other than his beloved pink kunoichi.

"Ahhh Sakura-chaaan you know I don't like it when you do that!" said a surprised Naruto.

Haruno Sakura smiled at her boyfriend. She wasn't wearing her leaf head band and had on her red dress outfit instead she had a t-shirt underneath this time, and her pack back.

"Hmph don't lie you know you enjoy, it any way Naruto-kun why didn't you tell me you're going a way from Konoha to train. " pouted Sakura

Naruto stood up and looked at his girlfriend she stood there arms folded and giving him that sad look. Naruto smiled for he couldn't stand to see Sakura giving him that sad look at him.

"Sorry Sakura-chan I didn't tell you I wanted to perfect this technique Kakashi-sensei gave me." Naruto said.

Sakura's eyes narrowed as she placed her hand s on her hips and glared at her boyfriend.

"Well you could've told me. Maybe I could've helped you in your training or is it you're getting bored with me. Hmph maybe I should just leave you with your little fan club!" Sakura said as she turned her back on Naruto.

Naruto had a dumbfounded look on him as he scratched the back of his head he knew Sakura-chan was the jealous type. Naruto stood behind Sakura as he embraced her from behind wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his head on her neck. This brought a heavy blush to the kunoichi.

"Mmmmh Sakura-chan you smell nice. You know I'll never get tired of you because I love you too much. I thought Tsunade baa-chan was teaching you some new medical jutsu. But I'm glad you're here now with me" beamed Naruto.

Sakura blushed she loved the way he held her and showed how much he loved her. Sakura turned around to face Naruto both looked at one another with great admiration and love. Naruto closed the gap between them as he could feel Sakura's warm breath on his lips as they shared a passionate kiss.

The branch's sway as the wind blows in the night in Konoha. Three cloaked figures shrouded in darkness are discussing matters of great importance. The three figures all wore matching tan Gasa hats each having brown cloaks that covered there bodies. It reached their ankles yet one of them carried a bandaged body behind them.

"I hope your doll will prove useful Haya!" said Mamoru in a mocking voice.

Haya turned around to face her comrade letting go of the bandaged figure behind her.

"Hmph this is a marionette not a doll Mamoru. Second without me you wouldn't be able to fully use that left arm of yours. Trust me I am well prepared with my pedaru" stated Haya.

"Both of you enough bickering!" said Arumaku in a stern voice.

Haya and Mamoru smiled at each other knowing full well they managed to annoy Arumaku. Arumaku took out a scroll from his pouch there he was looking at a map of Konoha seeing how they were three days in reaching Konoha village.

"We are to meet our spy out side of Konoha village near the woods come we need to keep moving" Arumaku ordered.

The tree rock-nin's jumped on to the tree branches and disappeared into the darkness.

The morning sky was painted a pale blue as the streaks of yellow and orange began to spread across the sky. The birds chirped as the new day dawned on the land of fire the light drove the darkness back.

A lone tent was seen within the wilderness of Konoha's forest. There a couple a shared a romantic night Naruto woke up. He felt pressure on his chest and noticed it was Sakura's head. She had a calm and comely look on her face. Naruto looked at Sakura's peaceful smile as she slept soundly on his chest he stroked her hair gently which caused Sakura to smile.

While stroking her hair Naruto's couldn't help but think of how far he and Sakura have come along. ("I never thought I would be holding her like this. Back then she was so much in too Sasuke it hurt. I never thought she would have feelings like that for me the way she used too for Sasuke. Yet Sakura-chan I have your love now. So many years of pain and misery not knowing what it felt to be loved. I want to protect you and everyone I love I have to master this jutsu!").

Naruto carefully moved Sakura's head off his chest he gently moved around the tent to go out side grabbing his leaf head band off the floor. Naruto stretched once he was outside it was early morning; he could see the sun just rise a while ago.

"Ahhh I guess I better start now so I can go get some Ichiraku ramen hehehe" grinned Naruto.

Sakura woke up only to find her pillow missing she looked around the tent seeing that Naruto was gone. The pink kunoichi got up and stretched she picked up her leaf head band and stepped out of the tent. There she could see Naruto he was doing tree climbing exercise.

Only this time he was doing back flips she noticed how much chakra he was concentrating on his feet and hands. She only smiled to see how hard he was working at his training. A smile appeared on Sakura's lips it's only right that a girlfriend help out her boyfriend to excel.

"Hey Naruto-kun lets spar together!" Sakura said in an enthusiastic tone.

Naruto stopped mid way on the tree he looks down to his smiling Sakura looking at him. He jumps down from the tree and walks towards her grinning as usual.

"Hehehe sure Sakura-chan but I'm not going to hold back so come at me with everything you got!" said Naruto.

Sakura looks at her boyfriend as she pulls out her black gloves and puts them on she hits her fist to her open palm.

"Now Naruto when have I ever gone easy on you" as she winks at Naruto.

With that Sakura charges at her boyfriend with full force. Sakura bent low and threw a round house kick with her left leg. Naruto blocked the kick with his left forearm but the kick had a powerful force behind it. It sent Uzumaki a couple feet back as he looked up he saw three kunai coming at him. Naruto just grinned as he blocked each kunai with his own kunai.

He didn't realize that the kunai were a distraction sense he couldn't see where Sakura, had disappeared off too. Naruto crotches walk holding his kunai in his right hand. He sees a flock of crows fly away from the trees soon after that the sound of tree crashing is heard. Uzumaki jerks his head to his left side his eyes grow wide as huge tree is coming straight at him.

The tree misses Naruto by inches' he dodged it by jumping up to a near branch. The flying tree crashes in to couple off trees leaving a huge empty space of trees knocked down on top of each other.

("damn Sakura-chan isn't kidding when she says she's not holding back ") Naruto thought to himself.

Little does he know that Sakura was very near him she saw where Naruto was and smiled for he was about to get a work out like no other.

"Ahhh Tsutenkyaku painful sky leg!" Screams Sakura

The pink kunoichi raises her left leg and it smashes the ground in front of her Naruto has a horrified look on his face. The tree and the trees around him start to collapses on one on top of another. As Naruto falls down he sees Sakura's right hook connect to his face only to Sakura's surprise Naruto turned to a puff of smoke.

"What! A kage bunshin shadow doppelganger !" Sakura said in a surprised voice.

The kunoichi jumped out of the way as two kunia's landed in front of her each containing an explosive tag. Her eyes bulge out at the threat in front of her as she jumps towards the closes tree branch. Earth and rock go everywhere as the notes explode leaving a cloud of dust. Sakura looks around trying to see if she sees Naruto anywhere. Sakura jerks her head to her right she sees a figure covered in a glow of red and blue chakra. Her eyes bulge as the light she was starring at disappears. A kunai appears near her throat. She tilts her head slowly towards the right noticing her boyfriends grinning face.

"I …I see you got me Naruto-kun"

The blonde shinobi drops the kunai and disappears in to a puff of smoke. Sakura is surprised it wasn't Naruto but one of his kage bunshin. The real Naruto appears behind her.

"Heh well Skaura-chan it wasn't easy after you threw that tree at me I figure I had to come up with something clever to get you" Naruto said in a friendly tone.

Sakura turns around smiling at her boyfriend Naruto called on his dual chakra to get her attention, allowing his kage bunshin to sneak up behind her.

The two exhausted leaf-nin's jump down from the tree branch and head towards there tent to gather there things to head back towards the village.

Tsunade couldn't help but notice all the paper work that was stacked on her desk. Shizune always made it clear to her to get a good start on the paper work so it wouldn't pile up easier said than done. Yet her mind was dwelling on something Shizune noticed the look on her sensei.

"Tsunade-sama is something on your mind" Shizune voice carried some worry.

Tsunade was brought out of her trance and stared back at Shizune her face still showed some worry. She reached down and opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a small black box; within the black box was a scroll. She grabbed the scroll and held it in her right hand and looked at Shizune

"Naruto I was thinking about if it is the right time to tell him. It seems the rumors about rock-nin's taking an interest are true. I fear that his true lineage will be exposed." Tsunade said in serious tone.

Shizune gave Tsunade-sama a confused and surprise expression.

"What are you telling me Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade placed the scroll back in the black box and looked at her young apprentice with a serious look.

"Shizune I'll tell you this in confidence this box that contains a scroll was left for Uzumaki Naruto. To be given to him when he turns the right age it was left by his father Arashi yet you all know him as the Yondaime.

Naruto is Yondaime's only son you think he would use a random orphan to trap the Kyūbi. No he used his own son to harbor the Kyūbi. You see Shizune the Yondaime made so many enemies with Iwagakure. If Naruto was given his fathers clan name he would be a target of the Iwagakure no Sato so he was given Uzumaki instead .It has worked so far yet it seems now that the similarities of him and his father are too strong to hide. I'm just worried how he is going to take the news." Tsunade said in concern voice.

Shizune looked down at Ton-Ton then back at Tsunade-sama she had her hands folded in front of her. She was deep in thought Shizune looked at the window she was surprised to find out that Naruto was the Yondaime's only son.

"So Tsunade-sama when are you going to tell him?"

Tsunade looked at Shizune then she closed her eyes wondering if it was time. She let out a sigh and shook her head.

"Well Shizune it seems it can't be helped Naruto has a right to know I'll tell tomorrow when Jiraiya returns it be best if he was here too" her voice carried a worried tone.

Tsunade still had her eyes closed wondering if Naruto was ready to receive this news. It seemed it was a good of time as any find out about his true lineage before the rock-nins could get to him.

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