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The house was gothic looking. Two high stories, gothic windows and doors, and grey weathered siding made for an imposing look. The walks were lined with red rosebushes, and a tall weeping willow stood in one corner of the property. The rooms within were all deep colors. The furnishings were not too sparse, nor too opulent. In essence, it was a perfect blend of simple and sophisticated. A pale young woman in a demure black dress with long braids walked up to a black haired man and she kissed him. He swayed in place and made a sort of humming noise, and then he grabbed her up, and began to make out with her wildly.

The hoots and hollers made Gibbs want to blush. Abby just laughed, and told him to keep watching her movie. "It's really good!" He sighed, and kept watching. This was what he got for having a slow day at the office. It had been almost 5 years to the day that he'd supposedly 'left' NCIS. After he'd come back for Abby, he somehow came back to the office, and the job he loved. Except now, he was director. Jen Shepard had moved onto higher ground, finding a nice niche in politics that suited her. She was really moving up in the world. Tony was now team leader, and although he lacked some of Gibbs's finer moves, he was damn good at what he did. Tim was senior field agent, and although he did not torture the Probie as Tony had him, he definitely had some finer moments as well. He'd pulled a complete power trip over coffee just that morning that had made Gibbs and Tony burst with pride. Ziva was still there and still every now and again, mixing up her idioms. Everyone had gotten used to it by now, and correcting her was as natural as breathing. Abby was now the latest (and LAST) Mrs. Gibbs. They had married on Halloween, '09, after close to 3 years of dating, and eventually living together.

He'd never been happier.

SIM Abby and SIM Gibbs were still making out. Then she pinched his backside, and wolf-whistled at him. He just sort of fanned himself, and eyeballed her inappropriately. SIM Ducky walked in, and greeted them both, before heading off towards their TV, and flicking it on. SIM Abby smiled and then greeted SIM Tony, who went to the kitchen and began making espresso. SIM Gibbs grabbed Abby again, and they made out wildly. Suddenly, she moved away and went off towards a small room...

Gibbs hadn't much of a chance to really see all the rooms, etc, and so he wondered where SIM Abby had gone off to. Tony was laughing as his character made espresso and practically drank the entire pot, while Ducky seemed mortified that he would just walk into someone's home and flick on their TV without so much as a thought to proper manners. Ziva then complained when her character walked in, headed towards the hot tub, stripped naked and climbed in. Gibbs snorted with laughter. Yea, like that was ever gonna happen. Everything looked very much true to life (with the exception of some of the SIM behaviour, and small things like that)... even down to the house, which was exactly what Gibbs had managed to build for Abby. A dream house that the Munster's themselves could have happily lived in. But what was in that room at the back?

SIM Abby walked into a room, and there stood a baby's crib. She reached in, and made cooing noises to the whimpering baby within, who seemed to calm instantly. Especially after she picked it up and began to cuddle and coo. SIM Gibbs walked in, and he cooed at the baby himself. Then he happily wrapped an arm around SIM Abby, and stood there, looking at their child.

Gibbs's mouth dropped open. He turned and looked in shock, at Abby. So was the rest of the team. She smiled softly, and asked him "are you alright, Jethro? I... I know it isn't the best way, but I thought it was creatively different, and..." she trailed off, uncertainty clouding her pretty features. "Are you telling me you're pregnant, Abbs?" "Well... yea. I am... I just found out for sure, today. Are you... are you alright with this? Jethro?" He heard her sweet voice telling him he was going to be a Daddy again. Before Abby, he wasn't sure if he ever could handle that again, after what had happened with Kelly and Shannon. But Abby was different. She made him see all the possibilities. She brought him to life, and made him thank his lucky stars every day. And now? She was having his baby? She looked afraid, waiting, he realized, on his reaction. He stood, smiled at her, and opened her arms. "I love you, Abigail Gibbs." He smiled at everyone else. "She's having my baby!"

As Abby went to Gibbs, and they kissed passionately, amidst the whoops of the team, the SIMS on the screen seemed to look on happily, foretelling of the future to come.