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Yasuda: Miss Meg……..

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All: Start it Already!

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Chapter One

"Oh man, I'm so hungry!" wined Genzo sitting down on the stairs by the back entrance of the school.

"Maybe you shouldn't jump at the first sight of Miss Megumi" said Hitomoji coolly starring Genzo down.

"Oh yeah, well I saw you not to far behind me there's no way you had time to have got your lunch!" said Genzo glaring.

"Prepared food rations" said Hitomojo holding up a neatly wrapped lunch box.

"You are such a freak" mumbled Genzo looking away still hungry.

"Oh Hitomoji" said The pretty blond girl that had caused Genzo to not buy his lunch this morning.

"Your Grandfather finally found you and gave you your lunch" Meg said smiling.

"Ah-ha, so that's it so your Gramps brought you lunch, prepared food rations, yeah sure!" laughed Genzo.

"So why not call home and ask your Mom to bring you some lunch or something?" asked Ichiro joining the others. Yasuda right behind him sneakily might I add.

"I wouldn't try it Yasuda" said Miki scaring Yasuda up a near-by tree. "What are you part cat or monkey, like this guy?" asked Genzo pointing at Hitomoji who stood next to him.

"I told you I am not a monkey," said Hitomoji sending Genzo a look but the boy seemed to hungry to even notice.

"I'll share my lunch with you if you want" said Hitomoji expecting Genzo to jump at his offer.

"No Thanks" said Genzo lazily as everyone began eating.

Next Ichiro tried, "I know you won't take it from Hitomoji because you consider him your rival, here have some of mine" he offered but Genzo just shook his head.

Meg watched him and wondered, " Is he just trying to be noble or get me to offer my lunch?". She waited a moment, "Guess I'll find out" she sighed.

"Hey Genzo, want some of mine" asked Megumi nicely.

Genzo sighed, "Do I really look that hungry, jeez, I'll just go buy something" he said standing.

"I just have this rule about not taking other people food" he said his back to them.

"What's he up to?" they all wondered starring at him.

"But all your food" he turned around and had a puppy eyed Genzo look.

"Your food All LOOKS SO GOOD!" he yelled and dashed off leaving them all laughing.

Genzo stopped run as soon as he was out of sight of them. "Even if I had any money I wouldn't spend it on food, for me at least, I wonder how much longer I'll be able to keep this up?" he wondered looking back at his friends.

"Wow, I REALLY have changed never thought I'd have friends, how weird" he thought out loud moving off to locate some place to take a nap.

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