Crimson sweet

June 2006

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Warnings: Male x male situations a.k.a yaoi!

Authoress' notes: Yep, another Squall Irvine fan fiction. Was bored. Thanks to the wonderful review by Juwels21. You lightened up my Monday so thanks so much! This one's for you!

Chapter 1- Introducing Irvine

There's just something about humans that fascinates me so. It isn't that by my vampiric nature I am required to feed from them to survive… but rather their intense and complicated emotions and social nature. I can tell just by listening to their thoughts how sweet their blood is that pumps through their veins or by a glance I can tell if they are a virgin or not. Virgin blood is truly the sweetest, and necessary to become a vampire. We of the shadows prefer it that way, to change an untainted human to a companion.

Over the centuries, I have had some rather interesting questions. My replies normally run along the lines of, "Yes, I am a vampire. No, I won't make you one. Yes, I do feed from humans. No, I will definitely not sleep with you. So don't ask."

I was created several hundred years ago in a society of turmoil and aristocrats with their mistresses. The last and only vampire I knew was burnt alive sadly. It is only the sun and the fire that can destroy us. It didn't help that he was a pyromaniac either.

But there is something about this one that intrigues me and I cannot understand why I feel drawn to him. Maybe it's his muscular physique or his untamed mess of brunette. Or maybe his eyes, so gray that the storm clouds themselves couldn't begin to match them. I can tell that he is a virgin and that his blood runs sweet, but it seems to run sweeter than most humans. A truly rare find indeed. So why is it that I feel attracted to him?

Normally I choose a lithe young woman or male, preferably a killer, rapist or a thief. Even though their blood is bitter, it is better to rid the streets of them in order to ensure that my prey stays on the streets.

By nature, I must admit that I flirt and tempt my prey before I make my kill and while I have refused to sleep with anyone, it was necessary for me to be created. My creator was sadly the pyromaniac who was burnt to death. I do not grieve his death, but I still do wish that he had taught me something more. Like not to play with fire…

Turning my attention away from my thoughts I watch the brunette making his way down the road towards the central business district. I've been watching him several times now. He leaves the university at 6:30 pm, is on this road and heads towards the CBD by 6:45 and then arrives at his apartment by 7pm. This's his normal Wednesday routine. For some reason, he doesn't leave until 9pm on Thursdays though. I wonder what he does for a living? Maybe I should find out. Perhaps the university has a timetable that I can match his leaving times up to…

I have yet to follow him completely to his home yet. My hunger seems to demand satisfaction before I can get there anyway. Tonight though, I will keep my bloodlust in check. I want to see where he lives. And tonight, I want a taste of his blood. It calls to me and I cannot help but with to answer that call. But at the same time, I do not want to kill him. Oh how the decision pains me!

I jump from rooftop to rooftop with my inhuman strength as I follow his progress. Turning right at the general store on the corner near the church, he heads to one of the largest block of apartments and heads in. Quickly I leap off the top of the building and through the closing automatic doors and scuttle up the wall to perch on the top of a painting. I must have been too noisy because he glances around and after assuring himself that there is no one there, he presses the red up button and waits for the lift. From this distance, he seems even more breathtaking.

His brunette hair a shining earthen tone and the way the light reflects off his pale skin… beautiful. It's a good thing that vampires have no need to breathe for my breath should be quite taken away from me at this moment in time. The lift pings as it reaches the ground floor and the plain metal doors open. Stepping inside and pressing a button that by some cursed fate seems to be out of my line of view, the steel doors close and the lift ascends. I watch the monitor at the top of the lift opening until it stops at the sixteenth floor. So my lovely, you live on the sixteenth floor. I think I shall be paying you a visit tonight.

Sliding off the top of the painting, I head over to the glass doors and they open for me. Walking at a comfortable pace, I walk about a hundred feet and stop then look up. Kneeling down, I prepare myself before I leap up onto the first floor balcony and then spring up onto the second floor until I reach the sixteenth floor balcony. I have no idea which apartment number he is so I inch my way onto the balcony and peer softly through the glass. In the first apartment, there's a young girl screwing her lover against the mirror. He looks like he's having fun. Feeling my stomach turn at the act, I inch around to the next window. Not him, just a little old lady washing up. The next window doesn't reveal what I want and I smother a groan of frustration. Just as I'm about to give up in frustration, a lilting tune whispers on the wind to me. Making my way around the building, I have to hide on the very precipice of the building as I glance around the corner.

It's him! The heavenly melody that gently caresses my senses makes its way from those rosebud pink lips. The night itself seems to part for his voice, so clear and beautiful. And as sweet as it began, it ends and he leans on the balcony rail at the moon.

"Such a beautiful full moon tonight," he remarks to no one. I silently agree. The moon in all her resplendent glory is truly beautiful and him even more so as the subtle light highlights his delicate features in its grace.

He turns almost sadly and closes the glass door behind him. I watch him carefully as he picks his way through mounds of books and papers. Maybe he is a scholar. As he turns left at a doorframe, I sneak around to the window. Luckily he doesn't close the blinds and in doing so, giving me a first class view of his body as he shrugs out of his shirt and slacks and tosses them into a nearby laundry basket. I mean you literally have to pay for this kind of thing these days unless you have a lover. I'm so lucky!

I duck below the windowsill as he goes over to the light switch and turns it off. I contently crouch below the window until his breaths fall slow and deep and I am sure that he is asleep. By this time, my bloodlust is raging within my body and I desperately need to sate it. So gently I sneak my pale icy hand under the small gap of the window and wind the little lever so the window opens up. Once it is large enough for me to slide through, I gently wiggle my way through it and slide quickly onto his desk. One weak leap sends me near silently onto the carpet and I approach the one who I have been besotted with.

To some amusement, I notice that he's sleeping on black satin. How very erotic and fitting. Dropping to my knees beside him, I lightly run one of my sharp nails over his neck, parting the soft silky bangs of his hair. He whimpers softly and I smile. Closing my eyes, I can hear the thud of his heart and the pulse of his blood as it flows through the veins.

Leaning down softly as my fangs elongate for the fatal kiss, I am entranced at how gentle his face looks. So entranced am I that I fail to notice the incoming object until it collides with my skull. I hiss and glare at the copy of 'Attack of the Vampiric Chocobos'. Limited bumper edition too. But he's still asleep and clutching the book to his chest. Cute but really irritating. Trying again, I graze the tip of my fangs against his neck before I sink them in and groan in absolute bliss as his blood seethes through my mouth, igniting every individual nerve and sending my senses insane in pure pleasure.

I open my eyes and groan as they meet his. It seems I woke my poor human up. With his breath coming in short, dying pants he looks so beautiful.

"W... wait! Ple… please!" he whispers weakly, his strength waning with his rapid blood loss. Such a sultry, husky request that dares pass between those perfect lips that my body quivers in desire. I know that I must pull away and with a tremendous amount of willpower, I withdraw my fangs from his neck. Lapping at the puncture wounds with my tongue, they begin to close and I smile. Thank Hyne that vampiric saliva has healing properties which offers a completely logical explanation as to why bite marks are rarely found on a victim.

"Why?" he breathes but the blood loss is too great and he closes his eyes with a sigh. He will hardly remember me tomorrow. And since he leaves late tomorrow with it being Thursday, I think that this will be an ideal opportunity to learn more about him. Leaving softly, I don't notice when my ribbon falls from my hair and falls softly to the floor behind me as I escape from his room and leap from building to building through the town to the university. Esthar university huh? Slipping in through the doors, I walk through the empty hallway until I find a notice board with lecture times. Looking at Thursday, I am surprised to find that there is one lecture that fits his times. 'Department: English' I read. 'Lecturer: Squall Leonhart. Subject: A history of vampiric literature. Time: Thursday 7:30 to 8:45 pm.' I laugh out loud at the subject. Such a trivial thing in which I am an expert, considering that I am one. I think that I'll attend this lecture. It has been some time since I have heard a human talk about vampires. The last being at least a hundred years ago. Exiting the university quickly, I am approached by a very slutty looking girl in a tight black denim miniskirt and a white under wire bra with a small purple jacket over it and a gun and knife concealed in her cleavage.

"Hey there handsome. You looking for a good time tonight?"

Prostitute her mind screams at me and even though my human's blood was delicious, I am still hungry.

"Actually, yes" I say emotionlessly before I lead her temptingly into a nearby gather of trees and make little effort of draining her dry of her blood. And hardly a scream or retaliation. So sad. Dragging the body, I leap up into the air and jump from building to building until I reach the incineration works and drop her into the raging furnace. A convenient way to dispose of her. Now all that is left is for me to gather some more… human like clothing. My leather chaps, cowboy hat and low riding vest are good for everyday usage but for a lecture it would be probably too informal. Wanting to fit in, I steal through the back window of the main department store in Esthar and knocking all the security cameras out with barely a glance.

Of all clothes available, I like the ensemble of the black leather pants with a matching skive in cocoa brown and a long brown trench coat to top it off. Beautiful! Happy with my selection, I use that strange device at the counter to remove the security tags and steal out of the apartment store with my newfound purchases. Hey, who says that I can't enjoy it? And anyway, the money I have is what I steal from my victims. Pays the bills anyway.

Making my way quickly back to my apartment complex was peaceful and I am bored. I know you must have been expected that I would live in a coffin or something but truthfully, that's annoying. Ever try getting the stench of death out of your hair and clothes? Thought not.

I normally leave my balcony door open for easy access after hunting and I slip in quickly. The night is still young at eleven pm but since I want to call it quits early, I shower briefly to wash my hair. A simple human task that I do not need to do but for some reason, I feel more comfortable with the scent of coconut in my hair. A strange remnant of my human life.

Toweling dry, I put the wet towel back into the bathroom and slip into a clean pair of underwear. Making sure that my windows are blacked out, I crawl under the crimson silk sheets and allow my body to fall into a coma like sleep.

When I next awake, it is to the sound of the city clock chiming six. I should get dressed and make my way the mortal way by walking to the University and get myself registered there.

Pulling myself out of the blissful darkness of my sheets, I grab my new ensemble of clothing and dress quickly. I will probably need some identification to register for his lecture and maybe a pen and paper to take some notes. My small wallet holds my driver's license (yes I did get one. It helps to get into nightclubs without breaking in) so I grab that and get a pen and writing pad from the kitchen. My messenger bag that I store the stuff that I steal from my victims is in is quickly emptied and putting most of it in a paper bag (I can trade it at the Esthar Trading shop on the way. A little extra cash), I put the writing materials and my driver's license in and grab my hat. I only own one kind; my cowboy hat and I personally think it goes with just about anything. But that's just me of course…