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Chapter 15

Irvine's POV

I don't have the heart to wake him. He's so peaceful now, lying on my bed. I'll let him sleep for now. Back to the suitcase for me. Surprisingly enough I have become quite fond of the little thing. Who would've guessed it? Irvine, the vampire with a suitcase fetish. Nah, like that'd ever happen! It's just that since Squall put a few drops of that lavender stuff in there I can't resist sleeping in there. The scent reminds me of the last time we had a bath together and I just want to die happy in it with my memories. But living in the present has its benefits too. I get to enjoy the simple pleasures of watching my Squally sleep and we get each other. That, and he gets a personal teddy bear (me) to cuddle and love. I don't mind. In fact, I love it.

"Mmm… Irvine… are we there yet?" he mumbles into the sheets. I sit down on the side of the bed and pat his back gently.

"We're there Squall. You're back at my place now. Just sleep well. I'll see you at the next sunset" I whisper and he shoots bolt upright.

"Why didn't you wake me?!!!" he demands.

"Sorry but you looked too peaceful to wake up. Besides, the hour for you is late and you need to sleep."

"I wanted to go home actually…"

"Oh… sorry! I'll take you back then…"

"This is my home…"

"… What?"

"I want to live here with you. My apartment's too grand and Dad can find me there. Can I live with you?"

"… Well that was sudden. Of course. But if you want to get your stuff-"

"It can wait until the next sundown. I'm not worried."

"And you need to find a permanent job now…"

"I'll go back to the university. Apologize and then I'll reapply for my old job. Besides, at least this way I can do the nightly lectures and you can join me in class."

"You're giving me ideas…"

"Wasn't supposed to."

"You know me. I can't help myself."

"Yep. The lovable one-track mind vampire named Irvine. I couldn't forget anyway. Out of curiosity, how old will you be?"

My age? I don't know. I stopped counting at the turn of last century. Let's see… take my birth date and subtract it from now… that gives me… WHOA! I'm ancient! 306 years old!


"… you're old…"

"Yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious…"

"Sorry… it's just… I'd like to see the reaction on dad's face when I present you with a cake on your birthday with three hundred and six candles on it."

"That'd be a fire hazard!"

"You are one. I don't know how much hotter I can get right now… want you so badly…"

"… I don't have any lube and anyway, you're tired. I promise to talk about it next sundown so until then, off to sleep with you."

"Stay with me?"

"Well… I was intending to sleep in the suitcase but I think I'd prefer to sleep here with you."

"Climb in…"

Obeying I strip down to my boxers and curl up with my chest against his back.

"Considering it is my bed and all…" I mumble happily. He's so warm!

"…Our bed…"

"Point made. Point taken."

"See you next sundown Irvine."

"Don't open the blinds until then or I'll burn to death okay?"

"I know. See you then."

"Good night!"

The sound of the main light switch is the next thing that I remember, because the fucking light is the thing that wakes me up.

"Squall…" I groan and turn to face him. Standing by the light switch clad in only a loose pair of… MY CHOCOBO PYJAMA PANTS!!!! Whoa! He looks great! I'm amazed that he can pull off the corny pants with their ridiculous grinning vampire chocobo print. Seriously, the person who made that print was so doing drugs. That, or Selphie has reproduced recently and her genetic offspring carry her love of ridiculous, cute shiny things.

"I believe we agreed to talk," he states simply. His lips form a gentle pout and those eyes radiating with lust, love and a long for me. He looks so sultry that I can't help but want to fuck him to the best of my ability. The bottle of lube he pulls out from behind his back makes no mistake on what he wants to discuss. And I'm doing the romance novel thing again.

"Squall… I want you think about this. I will only ask this one final time. Are you sure?"

"Irvine, you have asked me this so many times and I keep thinking about it every time you ask. If I think about it anymore, I'll turn into my father and he only thinks three times a day at most! That's scary when he runs Esthar so I'm hoping that Kiros thinks for him the other 97 of the time or we're screwed, so to speak. But back on topic, I'm sure. Positive. No doubt about it. I. Want. This. And. I. Want. To. Be. Like. You. So much that I'm using bad punctuation here. So tonight… please make me yours. No holding back this time. So take me…please…" he whispers against the crook of my neck. Tonight…

I'm still processing the situation when he covers my lips with his own, teasing me until I give way to his probing tongue and my mind officially jumps up to heaven and then gets hit back down to earth by Hyne.

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I can hear his heart beat, a heady staccato of life as the very fluid that gives him life flows past my lips. With each breath, he weakens but he does not fear the cold kiss of death. So strange, my lover is. He does not seem to fear the dark but instead chooses to embrace it with me.

It is with great effort that I remove my fangs from his neck and lick the blood that seeps from the wounds. He can barely speak with the song of death wilting through the air between us. I the bringer of death and bearer of the curse of a stained life. He the dying one waiting for my blood.

Biting deep into my wrist, I let the wound bleed over his lips and the only thing that can save him slip into his mouth.

"Drink. Fight for your life and drink Squall. It's up to you now" I demand. Weakly he moves his head and I settle my wrist to his lips.

"Drink" I order once more and with a weak feeble gasp, he attempts to suck from my wrist but falls short with a sigh. Goddamn it all! If he doesn't drink he's gonna die. I had to fight the siren of death when I became a vampire so he's going to have to fight too.

"Squall for the love of Hyne drink! I can't help you now. Fight for your life. Fight and drink from my wrist," I urge, tears of desperation clinging like a bitter frost to my eyelashes.

I gently cup his head in my hand and push his lips to my wrist again.


With the slight rustle of his lips I feel him oh so desperately but forceful dying efforts of him drinking deep from me. He'll make it. As long as he forces himself to drink from me, he will live.

By now his feeding from me is more forceful, animalistic one might say but I feel so proud of him. One may compare the sensation of giving life to a mother when she first breastfeeds her newborn child for the first time. The child taking in its mother's nurturing milk to survive. In my case, I am giving Squall the 'milk' of a cursed life. It will pain him, but we will make it together.

Suddenly my head reels as it registers how much blood my body has lost and I jerk my wrist away from Squall prompting an anguished bestial howl from his throat as he seeks my wrist once more.

"No more Squall. No more now. You must rest. The pain of change has yet to come to you yet. Bit by bit you will feel yourself die then with the last beat of your heart you will cease to live as a human, but awaken as a vampire. Rest now, so that your suffering will be less than need be."

He whimpers but I silence him with my lips.

"No more. Now we sleep. At first twilight, I will teach you to hunt, to kill, to survive. Then my love, you may feed."

With faded strength I pick him up and by Hyne knows what will I move both of us to my bed and close the heavy drapes. Traditionally I'd use a coffin but there is the little problem of the new vampire being claustrophobic and well… that situation isn't good. He wriggles against me in retaliation but as normal I ignore him.

"Sleep!" I mutter against him and allow my body to steal my consciousness away from us both as the sun rises against a crimson sky.

As the night breaks on the horizon, I find myself torn from my sleep by something unnatural. The light in my room is on.


"What?" I growl furiously and I hear a chuckle.

"Someone's not an evening person."

"Said person is tired. Turn the light out!"

"Get up Irvine!"

"I'm still tired and how the hell can you be so energetic now? You haven't fed yet."

"I'm energetic because I'm hungry. What do I have to do to get you out of bed?"

I think about this and decide on the most humiliating thing that comes to my sleepy mind.

"Recite me something so romantic and corny and I'll think about getting up."

He grumbles, but considering that his hunger should outweigh his dignity, he surrenders and with a deep breath, he begins a really corny part of Shakespeare.

"With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls. For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do, that dares love attempt."

"Oh for Hyne's sakes Squall shut up and I'll get out of bed! Hyne almighty you sound like Rinoa."

"Okay. Umm… where do you keep your clothes?"

I groan and pull myself from the plaster of sheets. "Top drawer dresser over there."

"I mean your real clothes."

"Oh just go in your underwear. See if I care but either wear your dirty clothes or my unusual clean ones."

"But your clothes are scary!"

Scary my very pert little bottom! Walking over with an exacerbated sigh, I pull out a plain white shirt and a pair of black leather pants then peg them at him.

"Happy now?"

"No. Feed me!"

"Dress and we'll feed. I know a good place for getting rats."


Leaving him to shrug into my clothes, I head for my living room and grab my spare house key from the kitchen bench. I'll need it. I don't want to have to smash my window like last time when I forgot them.

Emerging, Squall presses himself against my back and purrs into my ear before I turn the tables in a flash on him and pin him to the wall.

"Hey! No fair! When do I get to learn how to go that fast?" he whines childishly.

"When you hit your first century."

"Oh no fair! So until then I can't keep up with you when we-"

"I'll be kind. You'll find the stamina to better use."

"Okay. So now that we've clarified that, FEED ME!"

I laugh and gesture casually for him to follow me as I walk out onto the balcony and stand up on the rail. He looks at me and then at the drop below us and shudders.

"Lesson one: How to jump from rooftop to rooftop. Step up on this railing and then on my count we're going to jump for that rooftop."

"There's no way we'll make it!" He whines before I glare daggers at him to make him shut up.

"It's easy. Step up now… nice and easy. There you go."

With a quick glance at the balcony door to shut and lock it, I take his hand and together we jump for the rooftop of a shop and land comfortably in the middle of it. Squall seems to find such a shock in this that he squeaks when he lands without breaking a bone and proceeds to do his rendition of the Mexican hat dance. Very amusing considering he rarely dances.

"Okay, okay Casanova. You can stop now 'cause if you want to feed, you'll have to follow me. Or I could just direct you to an unfortunate human if need be. Better be the rats though. And no, you can't use the mosquito population to feed either."

"Why would I like mosquitos?" he asks, cocking his head to the side like a needy little puppy… or in his case a kitten.

"Because you have about 15 of them crawling over your hand."

He thinks on this for a minute, looks at his hand, yelps and attempts to remove them by waving his hand about in a manner that looks like an exotic dance. Laughing I brush them harmlessly off his hand and he looks at me like I'm a saint. They were just mosquitos.

"I hate mosquitos. Seifer would catch them and stick them on me when we were little so that I'd look like I'd contracted the chicken pox."

"Sounds like you and him had a great relationship"

"Yeah. We did. Before I kicked him in the nuts when I was five because I woke up in one of the girls that I suspect may have been Quistis' lacy nightgown."

Splitting into chuckles at the thought of him wearing his sister in law's nightie sets of my hunger and my stomach twists in on itself and makes the noise of a clogged toilet flushing. A rather sickening gurgling should be more accurate. I catch his arm and pull him off the edge of the roof and over to the next westward over town until the rooftops give way to the more industrial part of the city with skyscrapers and a fine breeding ground of rats congregated behind the 'All you can eat and we're not responsible if you die' eatery.

Squall dry retches from the smell of two week old food but I ignore it. If he wants to eat rats, he can eat them here. They're fat from the food that is thrown out and after careful deliberation I snatch up the fattest one of the bunch and hold it out to Squall.

"Dinner is served my dear."

He turns a nasty shade of green despite his vampiric pale state.

"Uh… can I go vegetarian now?"

"Want to die?" I quip and throw the squirming slimy rat into the nearest dumpster.

"It's just… they're filthy!"

"Well we could take some home, give them a bath then dress them in little tuxes and give them their last rites."

He giggles then attempts to plead with me. "Please can't we eat something else?"

"Humans aren't such a great start, you refuse rats. Grats are out of the question and ruby dragons contain such concentrated blood that you'll be pissed off your feet. I guess the kindest form of dinner I can think of would be the birds in the city park."

"Anything that isn't covered in so many forms of bacteria please."

I shrug and force him to move his feet to the park. He soon spies a pigeon in on a nearby branch and jumps to kill it but I grab his pants and yank him to the ground. Getting to his feet he snarls at me in fury.

"What the fuck was that for? I'm hungry!"

"You no nothing. Understand this Squall. We cannot kill indiscriminately in life. We can kill, yes, but we must be selective. We must first seek permission."

"Oh for the love of Hyne isn't the fact that I'm starving enough?!"

The pigeon now awoken by Squall's bleats turns its head towards him and speaks.

"You will ask before you kill. Am I right to assume that this is your fledgling Irvine of the vampires?"

"You are correct. This is my newborn Squall."

"Ah. Eyes to match I see and such a temperament. So you seek blood tonight?"

"Yes sadly, but we are both weary from the change and he is hungry for first blood. I do respect you and your kind, but as you can see he has yet to understand the laws in which we live in harmony by."

Squall stands stunned. I'm talking to a pigeon. Also, in spite of my best intentions, I seem to have left out a part of my explanation. By the law of nature, we as vampires are required to seek the permission of those we feed from first. I must ask the pigeons if I may feed from them first. But as for those humans that I killed, I may kill only those deemed by society to be worthy. It is so cruel when I must kill them. I hate taking a human life, but sometimes the blood of animals is not enough. When that time comes for Squall, I shall allow him to feed from me. I refuse to allow him to kill another, not yet. Time has yet to harden his heart.

"Irvine, my dinner is talking to me."

"Squall, I must explain why so as to draw on my recent thoughts we as vampires must seek permission from those in the animal kingdom. For humans, we turn to society to decide. For rats, we can kill them all. They lost their say centuries ago."

"Let me get this straight, I have to ask my dinner for permission?"


"Well damn if that isn't strange. Even worse than the fact I'm talking to a bird."

Ignoring him, I return my attention to the pigeon.

"May we feed from your kind tonight?" I ask, careful to make eye contact. Full respect is in order here.

"You may. We have been under attack from an owl and at least 20 of us lie in the middle of this ground wounded to death. Please, end our suffering" It cordially replies with a tilt of its head before tucking its head under its wing and returning to sleep.

"Come" I gesture to Squall and he follows me in stunned silence to a small gathering of the injured. From close proximity their howls of pain seem to resonate in my ears and Squall looks horrified.

"Irvine…" he gasps to me.

"We must end their pain, and we will kill the owl tonight. I had breached the laws by this mass kill. We must avenge their pain. But for now, gently take a pigeon in your hands, bow your head to it and wait for it to bow to you. This is saying goodbye and sorry initially then gently sink your fangs into its neck and feed gently. These birds have endured much so treat them with respect."

He can barely nod and with soft rose tinted tears he cups one of the injured in his hand and bows his head to the bird, crying. The bird understands his pain, his understanding of the agony of the task and bows its head to his. A silent recognition of empathy. And with great torture I watch as he gently drains the bird to a peaceful death and into the chasm of oblivion. Drawing back he looks at me as if to ask what he should do next.

"There is a burial ground near here. We will bury them together. For now, just feed."

Each bird slips away in a silent breath of peace, each feeling no pain, no regrets. We both are full now, the blood taken in hinted gratitude settling in our veins as we shed our coats and fill them with the departed. We bury them under a sturdy oak where their ancestors sleep.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

The owl we seek out and leave it dead with a broken neck. The retribution is done. For now we must rest. Falling into a blissful heap in our bed is both a small comfort but I sense that Squall is feeling the horror of the first kill.

"They all just… they just…" he weeps silently as I take his face to my chest and embrace his pain.

"It was in mercy. I have killed for blood in mercy and without. They hold no grudge to you Squall. You saved their tormented souls from pain."

"But they just died like that. I could even hear their heartbeats fade."

"You do hear that when you feed. I felt yours as you died in my arms before you fed from me. It is in now way a crime. Rest now. Tonight has stolen much of your innocence and tomorrow is a new night."

"A new night with you?"

"Yes love. Now undress and sleep. Or will you watch the night in all her wonders with me?"

"Join me Irvine. I want to be held while I sleep."

I smile softly. We exist as the damned with our morals and lessons from when we lived. We suffer the same fate to survive. But we can still learn to love, to live and to find dawn anew in the twilight.

Even curled up here his head against my shoulder is of great comfort. This step into the world has stolen much from him. But that step has taken us further together.

We transcend all that is mortal and human. And that in no way has made my love for Squall any less. I'll live with him, through him and in his eyes.

"Love you Irvine," he whispers to me, sighing softly with a smile. And nothing is more of my heart than to reply, "Love you too Squall. I love you too."

I will always love you…


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