Seran: Dearka's about to be pummeled by BOTH Kira and Shinn.

Kira and Shinn: (prepare the mallets)

Luna: I never expected those two to work together.

Stellar: Me neither.

Seran: I don't own anything. Now on with the fucking show!

Meyrin: Seran!

The Voodoo That You Do So Well: Dearka's Side

Shinn found an unusual doll on the floor while walking to Stellar's house.

"It looks like Elsman." He said to himself. His mind then cooked up an idea, and then it told him to call up Kira on his cell.

"Hey, Kira, I found a doll that looks like Dearka. Want me to help out with smashing him up?"

Kira merely shrugged on the other side of the line. "Sure, why not?"

Lacus yelled a slightly incoherent "I'll help too!" because of how far she was from Kira.

Shinn also heard Athrun scream "I'll take a crack at it, as well!", and he heard it quite well.

"Right, I'm headed over there right now." And with that, he turned his cellphone off and ran towards the Clyne Manor.

He arrived there a few minutes later, unaware that his sprinting caused Dearka to slip out of his bed and skidding towards one of the stone pillars that holds up the roof of his home.

Dearka slammed into said pillar. And he did it hard, too.


He got up after a few seconds.

At the Clyne Manor, Shinn had put the Dearka doll on the table.

Kira grabbed a wrench and smacked the back of the doll with it.

…And Dearka, as a result, got bent outwards.

Flay helped out by punching the doll at the crotch, twisting it then smacking it on the head.

Dearka felt a searing pain at his down-there part, got twisted into a screw, and was forced to bite his tongue. He shuddered at the pain (if he could shudder in the position he was in).

Miriallia walked out the door to see what was going on, and saw her husband in a mix-up. She screamed and fainted as a result.

Stellar walked in, saw Kira and Shinn working together, and fainted for some reason that we're unlikely to understand.

Lacus grabbed the doll and threw it into the sky so hard it slammed into the PLANTs.

And Dearka crashed into Armory 1 as a result.


And my answer to that is: The Voodoo That You Do So Well.

Seran: Ouch, now that's got to hurt.

Shinn: (high-fives Kira)

Flay: Wow, those two do pretty well as a team.

Meyrin: I agree.

Everyone: See you later!