Hungry hands searched frantically around his body, as if the more they felt the more that they were fed. At first he was nervous, his faced fully flushed as he felt the other boys' hands touch his chest, and then curiously sneak under his shirt. Chouji always considered himself a shy person, but now that he felt Shikamaru coming further and further into his personal space, he could see just how bashful he was. It was dizzying, the fear he felt in his heart as his best friend felt his body. He had no experience with romance before, and he wasn't sure what to do. The fact that he was a novice just helped fuel his uncertainty that much more. If it was a eating contest, he was all for it, but sex? Sex was a word that had never even crossed his mind until now.

Shikamaru came over like he would any other day. They spoke a few words, but then Chouji let his friend sit in silence after awhile. Shikamaru came to his house for mainly one reason, to sit quietly in the company of his friend, away from the noise of his mother or his teammate, Ino. Today was no different. Chouji took Shikamaru to his room, and let him rest on his bed while he sat on the foot of his bed watching the tv that sat on his dresser. Grabbing handfuls of chips and stuffing them into his mouth, Chouji would chew loudly as he watched his shows, and occasionally laugh at something that was funny. Next, however, was when things started to change.

Chouji felt the bed shift as Shikamaru sat next to him on the foot of the bed, staring at the tv for a few seconds before taking the remote from Chouji's hand and turning it off. Chouji watched wordlessly as Shikamaru dropped the remote on the floor and reached for the bag of chips settled between his legs. Chouji didn't know what to expect, he had never seen Shikamaru acting so strange, all he could do was watch to see what he'd do next. Shikamaru's hand grabbed the bag and pulled it out of Chouji's reach and dropped it on the floor like the remote. "My chips..." Chouji whined, but forgot about it when he saw Shikamaru looking at him. He studied Shikamaru's eyes for a second, knowing he had seen them somewhere before. Then, it struck him. He had seen Ino with the same eyes whenever she was near Sasuke. Chouji didn't understand why Shikamaru would be looking at him like that. Shikamaru looked down at Chouji's hand he had used to hold the chips, and Chouji watched as Shikamaru grabbed his hand and lifted the fingers up to his mouth. Chouji swallowed hard as his fingers were but an inch from Shikamaru's lips, and then he almost had a heart attack as Shikamaru placed his fingers in his mouth, licking off the flavor left behind from the chips.

"Shi... Shikamaru?" Chouji gasped, his face beat red. "What are you..." Chouji began to ask, but was cut off by Shikamaru.

"Chouji..." Shikamaru started as he pulled Chouji's fingers out of his mouth, but then didn't say anything else after.

Chouji had an idea of what was happening, Shikamaru was trying to start something. Chouji was stiff, he couldn't move a muscle if he tried. He didn't want to predict this being his first time and them being wrong, but as time moved on, it seemed like there was no denying it. Shikamaru pulled off Chouji's scarf, and then slid his hands underneath his jacket, pulling it off to expose his shirt with the giant red symbol for food on the front. Things were moving so fast, Chouji was afraid he would never be able to breathe.

Shikamaru now had his hands on Chouji's chest, pushing him down onto his back so that he could straddle him. Chouji rested on his elbows as he looked into Shikamaru's eyes, seeing the twinkle of lust burn like an ever growing fire. Chouji felt his friend rub his chest lightly through the fabric of his shirt as he bent down to catch Chouji's lips in a kiss. Chouji's eyes bulged at the contact. He was so surprised he didn't notice his shirt being lifted up and two hands going underneath to touch his skin. Still kissing, Chouji now grew into it, kissing back and opening his mouth as Shikamaru opened his. Chouji could feel himself growing underneath his pants, and winced as Shikamaru moved his hips around to coax the boy further into excitement. Chouji closed his eyes as Shikamaru got off his lap and put his hands on his pants' waistline. Then, Shikamaru pulled down the front with one hand and released Chouji's meat. Gasping at the surprising size of his friend's member, Shikamaru used his other hand to fondle the virgin.

Chouji bit his lip as more and more new feelings soared through his body. When he felt a hot moisture encase his prick, Chouji bit on his bottom lip hard, probably breaking the skin, but he felt no pain. He opened his eyes to see Shikamaru's head bobbing up and down on his dick, and his body broke out in gooseflesh as he felt Shikamaru lick his head with great care. Chouji's bandaged hands gripped the sheets of his bed as he felt himself reaching a peak. His breaths became more desperate and his body began to shake as he felt it rise. Chouji opened his mouth about to scream when...


Chouji jumped out of his bed, landing face first on the floor as he heard a sudden noise blast form the tv that he had left on. Rubbing his face as he got up, Chouji found himself confused and dazed. He was dreaming. Cursing, Chouji slammed a fist on the floor and stood up, now noticing a hard protrusion sticking out from underneath his shorts. He ignored his erection as he walked over to the tv, angrily pushing the button to turn it off. This had been the forth time this week he had dreamt of him and Shikamaru. Each time the dream had gotten progressively more descriptive, from the feelings of every touch to the sounds of their breathing. Chouji risked his sanity in thinking this, but he also swore he could still taste Shikamaru's mouth.

Chouji put both of his hands up to his head and pulled his hair, grunting as he forced the images out of his mind and the taste from his lips. As he rid himself of the thoughts, he didn't even bother to worry about his feelings. So what if he liked Shikamaru, it's not like he was old enough to let anything happen between them, he was 15 after all. And even if he was older, Chouji would never be able to admit to Shikamaru how he felt. He knew his friend would be surprised, but he also knew he would get over it in time and let things move on. Shikamaru wasn't the kind of person to be heavily affected by much of anything. Still, Chouji didn't think he had the willpower to come out in front of Shikamaru.

Chouji felt his cock throb, begging for attention, but Chouji denied it. Instead, he pulled his hair harder, the pain deflating the pulsating mass of flesh and removing the tent that had been pitched in his shorts. Chouji had developed the habit of pulling his hair to control himself in many situations. Like eating, pulling his hair seemed to ease his mind and often times Ino would stare at him in wonder as she saw him pulling at his head. Chouji would do this when he wasn't near his chips, or when he wanted to conserve his food for later, when he might really need it. Chouji considered it training whenever he decided to ignore himself. If he was on a mission and suddenly popped a woody, he couldn't just whip it out and take care of it, he would have to swallow his need and save it for another time. Pulling his hair was the only way to get rid of his bone, he discovered, so now he pulled his hair almost every time it happened.

Chouji removed his hands from his hair and looked over at his clock that sat on his bedside table. 7:45 A.M. Chouji had fallen asleep and slept with the tv on throughout the whole night. He wasn't sure when he fell asleep, but he was sure it was roughly around 11 P.M., since he went in his room at around 10 and sat around watching tv and eating chips for at least an hour. He was lucky the tv woke him up, he forgot to set his clock to wake him up. He had to train again today, alongside Shikamaru and Ino. They were supposed to meet at around 8, and Chouji would be running late if he didn't hurry. Chouji rushed through his morning rituals, brushing his hair and his teeth, washing his face, and then finally getting dressed. Not too long ago, Chouji changed his normal outfit. Instead of the green jacket, scarf, and shorts, he now wore a large, red top with armor covering his arms, body and upper legs. Even his hair was different. It was no longer jutting out in two giant spikes, but was now loose. His forehead protector was turned into a normal forehead protector that he wore like Naruto and Shino wore theirs'. However, he kept his famous symbol for food still painted on his chest. He felt he needed heavier clothing since he had begun to sport a hard on at random times. His old clothes didn't meet the standards of effectively hiding a boner like these new ones did. Chouji then remembered his dream. In it he was in his old uniform, and they were younger, back to the age of 12, but why would he dream about that instead of himself and Shikamaru now? Perhaps it was because he was so used to wearing the other clothes that he still saw himself in them, but nonetheless, Chouji shook the question out of his mind and left his house, waving goodbye to his father who was washing his hands in the kitchen sink.

Since all three of them were now Chunin, training was now more strenuous than it was back when they were merely Genin, and for the whole day they trained. However, halfway through, Shikamaru found a rock off to the side of where they were training, which was a grassy clearing just outside of the village. He stayed on the rock for the remainder of the training, and Asuma didn't mind, since he had been training like a Chunin longer than Chouji or Ino had. Plus, the less Shikamaru worked, the less he'd have to pay feeding him later. Asuma always fed his group after each training, a routine he wasn't too proud of, but Chouji insisted he keep up. Luckily, he always had money, a luxury most smokers of his calabur didn't have. Asuma was ready to call it quits for the day, and was sure he'd get the sign that the others were ready as well. Like clockwork, Chouji fell to his knees, clutching his stomach.

"Sensei!" Chouji cried, the sweat from his workout pouring off his skin. "I'm hungry!"

"Alright then, lets pack it up and head to the buffet!" Asuma said to all three, stopping Ino from her business and waking up Shikamaru who had fallen asleep awhile back.

Time crawled by for Chouji. From the trip to the buffet to the time it took for the BBQ to be served. When the food reached the table though, Chouji stared at it in awe, breathing in the deep aroma of the spices. Asuma nodded his head, saying they could start the meal. Chouji pounced first, piling the cooker in the middle of the table with his claimed pieces of meat. Ino watched in horror, a face she often wore at the dinner table, but she did manage to scrounge up a few vegetables. Shikamaru just watched Chouji, his eyes fixed on the pieces of meat as they entered his mouth, the juices from the meat that ran down Chouji's chin, and then Chouji's throat as he swallowed. Chouji didn't notice, his eyes dazed by his hunger. Shikamaru broke out in a small blush and then brought his fist up to cough.

"I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." Shikamaru excused himself without looking at the others, his eyes now focused at the table to keep from looking at Chouji.

"Alright, I'll try and save you some." Asuma said, joking with Chouji although he didn't notice.

Shikamaru walked away, his hands in his pockets. "Damn it." Shikamaru cursed softly, angered by his actions at the table. It had taken every bit of strength he had to not jump over the table and kissing his chubby friend, sucking the meat right out of his mouth and licking the taunting trail of juice off of his chin. After entering the bathroom, Shikamaru made his way to the sink, and splashed water onto his face. He knew he couldn't go on like this, he had to tell Chouji, but he wasn't sure he could. Shikamaru looked up at himself in the mirror, his eyebrow twitching in frustration, and then with a sigh, he left the bathroom and returned to the table.

The group continued to enjoy the food for another hour after Shikamaru had returned. Asuma never saw the point in leaving quickly if he was spending so much money just to be there, so he often stayed as long as the kids could stand. Eventually, the time came when they had to leave. Asuma picked up the check and held himself up upon seeing the price. Paying the bill quickly so as to not have second thoughts, Asuma and the others got up and left the building. Once outside, Asuma waved goodbye and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Ino looked over at her teammates and shook her head, her hair that she let grow out again moving behind her. She then turned around and walked towards her home, not waving but laughing as she left. Shikamaru looked at her and snickered, her attitude always making him laugh. He then looked over at Chouji, who too was looking at Ino, but then noticing Shikamaru looking at him, he put on a big smile. Shikamaru noticed a small line of juice still left of the taller boy's chin. Reaching up, Shikamaru rubbed the back of his hand across Chouji's chin and wiped the juice on his pants.

"Slob..." Shikamaru teased, letting out a small smile at his friend.

"Well, you know..." Chouji said back, giggling.

The two stood in silence in front of the diner for a few minutes before walking the opposite way of Ino, heading towards their homes. Shikamaru battled with himself, trying to come out to Chouji. Chouji, however, he just walked like all was good. He truly had a good hold on his feelings. Just that morning he had a erotic dream about the boy right next to him, and yet he was able to walk next to him without a problem. They reached Shikamaru's house first, and Chouji was surprised to see his friend still walking with him. Shikamaru had decided to walk Chouji to his house before going home. Once there, he planned on telling Chouji.

Time seemed to fly by on the way. Shikamaru walked him up to his front door and Chouji looked at his friend, smiling in thanks for the kind gesture of being walked home. As he touched the doorhandle to go in, Shikamaru threw his hand out to grab Chouji's wrist before he could enter his house. Chouji looked at him in wonder, now noticing the awkwardness in Shikamaru's face.

"Shikamaru... what's wrong?" Chouji asked, his voice soft and sincere.

"Chouji, I..." Shikamaru began, but then swore he was beginning to sound like someone out of a sappy love movie. "Screw this..."

Angrily, Shikamaru pulled on Chouji's top, forcing the taller boy to bend down. Shikamaru pushed his face into Chouji's, kissing his best friend with everything he had. Chouji choked at the sudden kiss, lost in his own mind. People walking by on the street stopped in shock of the two boys kissing, but then they hurried along. Chouji brought his hands to Shikamaru's hips, resting them there as he kissed his friend back. He was relieved he didn't have to be the one to make the first move. Breaking apart, Chouji looked at Shikamaru with a face of mature happiness. Shikamaru laughed at how stupid he was for worrying so much about telling Chouji.

"Hey, wanna spend the night?" Chouji joked, nudging Shikamaru's shoulder in play.

"Yeah right, my mom is expecting me back home tonight." Shikamaru told his friend, smiling at the sight of Chouji rasing his hands and shoulders in the 'Oh well' sort of way.

Still nervous, like all people in a new relationship, the two waved goodbye to each other and separated, Chouji going inside and Shikamaru turning around to go home. On his way back, Shikamaru planned about his next move. Chouji was elated for the rest of the night, walking around with a smile as he snacked. His father looked at him with a raised eyebrow, smiling at his son's strange behavior. Chouji made his way to his room eventually, sitting on his bed watching tv and still eating chips. After he finished his bag and his show ended, Chouji turned off the tv with his remote and settled in bed. As he covered himself and rested his head on his pillow, he heard a knock at his door that lead to the outside. Chouji got up and made his way to the door, wondering who it could be. Chouji slid the door open slowly and saw who it was. Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru? What are you doing here?" Chouji whispered so as to not wake up his father.

"Can I come in?" Shikamaru asked, noticing Chouji's bed attire. His shorts and simple white shirt.

"What's wrong, Shika?" Chouji asked, worried for his friend as he stepped aside and let him in. "Do you want to spend the night or something?"

"Chouji..." Shikamaru looked over to his friend after the door was shut.

Chouji looked at Shikamaru, his eyes wordlessly questioning him. Shikamaru didn't feel like himself right then. All he could feel was that he wanted Chouji more than ever. So much so that he actually snuck out of his house and made his way over here just to see him. Chouji walked up to Shikamaru, slightly towering over him. Shikamaru looked up and, like before, grabbed Chouji's shirt and pulled him down. Chouji knew what was wrong the moment Shikamaru connected with him once again. His friend was hungry. Shikamaru kissed Chouji desperately, going further than before by adding his tongue. Chouji followed Shikamaru's lead by opening his mouth and using his tongue as well. Chouji placed his hands on Shikamaru's hips, not knowing what else to do with them. It was now that he began to get nervous. He wasn't sure if Shikamaru expected him to know what to do or if he was going to be in charge. Shikamaru took a second to step back slightly and pull of his vest and tunic, and then started to kiss Chouji once his upper half was bare.

Chouji ran his hands across Shikamaru's back now, feeling his soft skin all over. Shikamaru shivered at the contact, but only kissed harder. He too wrapped his arms around Chouji and rubbed his back, now following his lead. Breaking out of the kiss, Shikamaru began to kiss Chouji's cheeks, licking the swirls. Then, after he had traced them both, he moved to his neck and nipped tenderly at him, causing moans to break for Chouji as he felt Shikamaru continue to explore his body. Shikamaru then growing lazy and wanting to cut to the chase, stuck his hand down into Chouji's crotch as he played with his neck. Chouji gasped, shocked at the sudden hold Shikamaru had on his package. As Shikamaru started to kiss Chouji again, he began to mold the hardening flesh in his hand, pulling Chouji out of his shy shell. Chouji hadn't noticed, but his hands had made their way to Shikamaru's butt, gripping both mounds tightly as he was teased.

Shikamaru managed to pull Chouji back to his bed and then removed his hand and pulled off his lover's shirt, quickly getting it over his head so they could kiss once again. Their feet crunched on potato chip bags that littered the floor as they moved, causing Shikamaru to grow annoyed. Tired of the sound, Shikamaru went behind Chouji and pushed him onto the bed, staring at his ass as he fell. Chouji landed on his hands so as to not break his now rock hard erection that was pushing at the wall of his shorts, which was crying to be released. Chouji turned around and rested on his elbows, letting his legs hang off the bed as he watched Shikamaru strip. He took off his pants, leaving his undershorts on to keep some more mystery to himself. He was determined to see Chouji's before Chouji saw his. Shikamaru looked at Chouji's flushed face, which was filled with heat, same as his own. Now eyeing Chouji's hard on, Shikamaru began to rub the length through the material, bringing gasps from the other boy. Chouji watched Shikamaru's hand closely as it rubbed him, wishing it would pull off the obstructing cloth and start to pump him. He bit his lip as he thought about his wish, wondering if it would come true.

Shikamaru saw Chouji's eyes and decided to move on. He brought both hands up to the waistband and began to pull off the shorts once Chouji's lifted his hips so that the clothing could slip off easily. Now totally naked, Chouji laid on his bed with his legs spread, waiting for Shikamaru's next move. Shikamaru watched Chouji's cock twitch with neglect. He was so hungry he didn't know where to begin. Taking a firm hold of his friend's impressive member, Shikamaru began to pump it gently, and then faster and harder as Chouji began to thrust his hips. As he saw a familiar liquid form around Chouji's tip, Shikamaru placed his tongue on it, licking it off. Then, working the head in his mouth, Shikamaru began to suck on it to the best of his abilities. He was no expert, this was his first time after all, so he didn't know all the tricks to bring Chouji's to his knees. Lucky for him, this was Chouji's first time as well, so he didn't know what he was missing. Chouji whimpered with bliss. His whole lower region numb with pleasure as Shikamaru worked him. It was beginning to become too much and Chouji couldn't just sit there any longer. Chouji pulled Shikamaru up to his face and they kissed again, and then Chouji put Shikamaru on his back. Shikamaru watched as Chouji wasted no time in pulling off his shorts and engulfing his dick with his mouth, returning the favor.

Shikamaru wasn't sure how well he did, but he knew Chouji was a natural. Maybe it was from all the food he ate that he knew how to work his tongue just right, but whatever it was Chouji put chills down Shikamaru's spine. Giving off deep groans as Chouji pleasured him, Shikamaru couldn't help but thrust into Chouji's mouth. Chouji could easily take it all in his mouth, and Shikamaru wasn't small. Provided, he wasn't as large as Chouji, he still had enough to choke someone. But Chouji, he swallowed it like only an expert could. This brought questions to Shikamaru's mind as to whether Chouji really was a virgin, but he didn't care. Chouji stroked himself as he sucked on Shikamaru, keeping his hard on fully erect while he worked. Chouji considered it like sucking a popsicle, only it didn't melt. The comparison to food made Chouji blow harder, being turned on by the fact that he could relate it to food.

Shikamaru was in utter agony as he felt himself drawing close. He squirmed all over the bed, heatedly jabbing his cock further into Chouji's mouth as he felt his seed boiling. Grabbing Chouji's hair, Shikamaru felt himself come, spilling into Chouji's mouth, bringing a deep moan from the boy giving the pleasure. Chouji felt and tasted the liquid spilling into his mouth, sucking harder, trying to get it all out. Placing his hands on Shikamaru's hips, Chouji knelt on the bed as he bent down and sucked harder, determined to get every drop. Once it had stopped and Shikamaru had turned into tired putty, Chouji brought his mouth from his friend's crotch and kissed him. Continuing to pump himself, Chouji jerked himself off. Shikamaru moved his hand away and started to stroke his friend, wanting to make him come like he had. Mimicking him, Shikamaru tried to swallow it all, but failed. Eating most though, Shikamaru worked it until he heard Chouji cry with joy. Shikamaru stopped bobbing and let Chouji shoot his load into his mouth. Drinking it all, Shikamaru lapped at his slit, beckoning for more before giving up and laying next to Chouji.

Both were exhausted. Even a whole day of training couldn't make them tired like that. They were so dead, they could hardly move enough to grab the cover, that had been kicked on the floor, and pull it over themselves. In seconds they were both out, left to sleep together for the first time.

My first Chouji and Shikamaru smut story. I hope it was good for you all, and the next chapter, you can expect it to get, deeper, so to speak. ;)