A/N What a great time to put up my first fanfic...a few weeks after the show was canceled! I didn't actually watch Season 8 (wasn't Season 7 bad enough?), but glorious reruns on FX have inspired me to post this story, which has been sitting on my hard drive with about twenty others for three years or so, and become active in the fanfic community. Let me know what you think (if you happen to read this) and maybe it will encourage me to post other ones... (I mostly like to make Hyde and Jackie do dirty things.)

Hyde Bags Jackie

Hyde looked across the basement to where Jackie had perched herself on the edge of the couch. She would casually throw a glance his way, blush like hell, and then turn back around to yell at Kelso. Absentmindedly, Hyde let his fingers gently brush across his lips, remembering the feeling of her mouth on his the night before. Shit. Suddenly, looking at her was too much. Before he knew what was happening, he found himself on the stairs, calling back an excuse about needing a glass of water.

What the fuck is the matter with me? This is Jackie. She may be hot, but she's still an empty headed bimbo. Since she had rejected him, Hyde had found himself drawn to her. "It's just an ego thing, man, settle down," he spoke aloud to himself as he entered the kitchen. When he walked into the room, he was startled by the presence of Kitty standing over a tray of cookies. She glanced at him briefly before grabbing a spatula from a nearby drawer.

"What's with the long face, Steven? Are things not working out with your little girlfriend?" She didn't look up from loosening her cookies from the rectangular sheet.

"She's…not my girlfriend." The words sounded more pathetic than he had intended. Kitty looked up at him, surprised.

"But, yesterday…"

"Well, she decided she didn't feel anything for me."

"But you're not so sure?" There was sympathy in her tone. Hyde hated sympathy, but this was Mrs. Foreman.

"I can't stop thinking about her and her annoying, empty headed…" He trailed off.

"Maybe you should talk to her, sweetie."

"I don't think it will help, but thanks anyways Mrs. Foreman."

"Well, how about a cookie!" Kitty smiled reassuringly and handed Hyde a plate of hot cookies and a glass of milk. He gratefully took a seat and dug in.

Hyde stepped outside, not able to handle the basement quite yet, and came face to face with Donna.

"Did you get tired of lover boy?" Seeing Hyde's smirk, Donna glared at him playfully in response.

Rolling her eyes, Donna answered, "I've just got some work to get done." She paused for a moment, looking him up and down. "So why'd you run out of the basement like that?"

Hyde hesitated. This wasn't really something he wanted to talk about. "No reason."

His long deliberation and brief answer cued Donna in to the fact that there was something wrong. She could get this out of him. "So," she paused dramatically, "how was your date with Jackie last night? I haven't heard either of you mention it." That was a lie. Jackie had forced her into a moment of "girl bonding" earlier and told her all about their aborted, hot-but-feelingless kiss.

"It was nothing. We decided we didn't feel that way about each other."

"So, you got turned down?"

"No! No, man, it was a mutual decision." Hyde looked more pissed off than usual, and when she heard his defensive tone, Donna immediately caught on.

"OH MY GOD, you like Jackie! I have to tell the guys…" Her teasing was cut off by Hyde's hand over her mouth.

"If you EVER, breathe a word of this to anyone…" She may be Donna, but she's still a girl…what are you going to do, man? "I will kill Foreman." Donna giggled hysterically behind his hand before she stuck out her tongue and licked his palm. Hyde pulled his hand away quickly and gave Donna a disgusted look.

"Relax, I won't tell anyone. But we have to get you over this. I mean…this is Jackie for God sakes."

"I know…I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. We kissed and it was…" Hyde caught himself as he saw a look of repulsion cross Donna's face. "Man, how do I stop thinking about her?"

"By getting laid, perhaps?" Hyde raised his eyebrow playfully at Donna's offer, and glanced up and down her body, obviously enjoying her curves, letting his eyes rest on her chest. Slowly, his gaze returned to her face and when their eyes met Donna tried to look pissed, but broke out in giggles. Since Hyde had gotten over his crush on her, they had fallen into a comfortable niche of flirtatious banter that she had learned to like.

"You're such a freak." She paused in thought. "No, I seriously think that meeting someone would be good for you."

"Well Donna, thanks but no thanks; I don't need friends setting me up." Donna rolled her eyes at Hyde, but she looked strangely determined.

"Meet Eric and me at the Hub tonight. We'll hang out and if there happens to be a cute girl…"

Hyde rolled his eyes and was about to tell her to go to hell when Jackie walked out of the basement, whispered something in Donna's ear, and skipped innocently into the Pinciotti's backyard. Staring after her, Hyde just nodded that he'd be there at six.

At the Hub, Eric sat across from Hyde fidgeting with the bottom hem of Donna's shirt. Hyde rolled his eyes at his pathetic friend and scanned over the single-looking chicks eating French fries. None of them were as hot as Jackie. Don't think like that dumbass! Hyde found himself unable to look at any girl present without some mild comparison. When the HELL did Jackie become my female ideal?

As a blonde girl in an indecently short leather skirt walked over to him, Donna and Eric suddenly had to go get something from the Vista Cruiser. Hyde turned his attention to the girl who was seating herself next to him and tried not to smirk at how much she resembled a younger version of Laurie.

"I'm Melanie. You're Steven Hyde, right?" The girl looked at him expectantly.

"Hyde," he stated simply, nodding a hello to her.

As she began to say something about how great his hair was, a crowd at the door caught his attention. Cheerleaders. Most of the squad had just walked into the Hub with a few eager looking jocks in tow. Among these chattering, giggling, peppy, uniformed girls, Hyde saw Jackie looking right at him. Actually, looking right past him…to Melanie. With a confused, icy stare, she turned her attention to her group and proceeded to ignore him until he walked out of the restaurant a few minutes later, blonde girl following expectantly. Hyde walked to his El Camino, not surprised that Melanie followed behind him. Now he had a dilemma.

A hot and willing girl in something skankier than Laurie would ever wear wants to go for a ride. Where's the dilemma?

He walked to the driver side of the car, unlocked the door, and then reached across the car to pop the passenger lock. Melanie climbed in without a second thought, letting her short skirt climb up high on her thighs and giving Hyde a brief glimpse of her shiny red panties before she seated herself. She caught his eye, obviously pleased with her attempts at flirting.

"This is a great ride." Hyde grunted an affirmative response, not looking at Melanie, and instead focusing on backing out of his space. "So, uh, where do you want to go?"

"Let's just cruise around for a while." They sunk into an unpleasant, awkward silence that lasted as Hyde drove instinctually toward the Foreman's house — just biding time until he could think of something better. With an audible sigh, he reached toward his radio, flipping it on to help ease the silence in the car. He couldn't help but think back to his date with Jackie the previous night. There had been silence then, too, but it had been different. Comfortable. Amiable, even. So maybe she went a little overboard with her "I understand you" crap, but maybe she was kind of on to something…

As he drove around Point Place trying to decide what he wanted to do with this girl, Melanie slid closer to him and began to massage his thigh. Her hand was drifting towards his crotch when she leaned toward his ear and breathily suggested that they head over to the Mt. Hump. Shrugging his shoulders, Hyde figured there wasn't really anything holding him back. He felt Melanie's hand unzip his pants, and then the pleasant sensation of her cool hand working its way into the confines of his boxer shorts. Donna was right, this will get my mind off of Jackie.

"Right, so, Mt. Hump…" So what if he and Jackie had made out there last night? So what if she seemed a little upset? So what if I think I actually like…

"Hyde? Hyde? STEVEN!" His erection shriveled as Hyde shook himself back to reality, looking at the girl with her hand wrapped around his dick.

"Don't call me that." His eyes focused on the road, Hyde sighed and turned back toward the Hub. "I think I better drop you back off at your car."

Several hours later, Hyde pulled into the Foreman's driveway. Three joints later and where am I? Hyde got out of his car and stomped down the stairs to the basement, throwing open the door in frustration. Frustration over the tiny brown haired girl…who was now stretched out on the couch. Fuck. Suddenly he was overcome with the urge to sit with her. Just go to your room…just go to your room…just go to your room… After staring at her for a moment, he quietly walked over to the couch, picked up her feet, and settled onto the cushions with her bare feet resting in his lap. Hyde found himself a little disappointed that she had changed out of her short cheerleading skirt, and was now wearing jeans and a blue sweater—remarkably dressed down for Jackie, he thought—with her socks and black boots sitting by the couch. Absentmindedly, he began to run the calloused pad of his index finger along the instep of her foot. She shifted ever so slightly in her sleep, ruffling her sweater so that it rose above her bellybutton. Tearing his eyes away from her flat, tan stomach and back to her feet, Hyde allowed himself the pleasure of just touching her. His hand moved softly over the skin on her ankle and up her calf, under the dark washed denim that covered her smooth legs. He had been instantly aroused when he spotted her still body, and now, with his hands running over her warm, soft, skin, he could hardly restrain himself from moving further up her leg. Maybe climbing on top of her… He was pulled from any really dirty thoughts as Jackie stirred. He removed his hands from her, resting them behind his head as he leaned back in his seat trying to play at nonchalance. With her feet in his lap. Riiiiight.

"So how was your date?" Her voice was soft, much softer than usual.

"It wasn't a date. Just…some girl. She wanted to go to the reservoir…"

"You had sex with some random girl?" The hurt in her voice was not coming from his 'friend' Jackie.

"No." He replied simply. "I came down here and sat on the couch with you." He watched her reaction, and tried to place it. Relief, he guessed. Because she didn't want him with another girl? "And did my 'date' have any influence on your decision to sleep in the Foreman's basement?"

Jackie's face reddened. "Maybe a little. I just…" She stopped speaking. She didn't know why she had waited for him any more than he knew why he was sitting here with her. Suddenly, they understood each other.

Suddenly, the room felt very hot and much too small.



They began speaking at the same moment and neither was sure enough of what to say to continue. A thick silence filled the room as Jackie began to sit up and move towards him. His breath caught in his throat as her dark head moved towards his. Play it cool play it cool play it cool play it cool. The words echoed through his head, and he willed himself not to lean forward into her, not to give into the longing he had to kiss her again. Her feet slipped from his lap, brushing against the hardness hidden in his pants. Hyde wasn't sure whether Jackie had noticed, but judging from the sly, triumphant smile on her mouth he could guess she had. Nope…didn't feel a thing… Without warning, Hyde stood up and walked to his room in the basement, leaving Jackie alone and frustrated on the couch.

Why did I leave? Hyde was baffled by his own behavior. Jackie had been flirting with him. He reasoned that he just didn't want her to have the upper hand in whatever was to become of this relationship. Relationship? Since when did I want a relationship? If I don't want to start anything, and I don't want her to start anything… Hyde stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed, listening for any noise from the outside room. He could still hear Jackie. Probably putting on her socks and shoes, straightening her hair, getting ready to head home. He could hear the click of her heals approaching the back door slowly. The noise stopped and the soft click changed directions. She was coming toward his room. He was suddenly very very hard again, and very very angry at himself for having so little control. A soft creak echoed through the room as his door swung hesitantly open, and a dark head poked in.

"Steven?" Jackie's voice sounded so…unsure and childlike. As though she had the same insecurities that Hyde did.

"Yeah?" Hyde's voice cracked on the word. If there had been light in the room, Jackie could have seen that he was wearing nothing other than a pair of cotton boxers that did little to hide his arousal at her entrance. In the darkness, though, she could just barely make out his figure reclining on the narrow twin cot.

Jackie moved into his room slowly, softly closing the door behind her, and sat down on the edge of his bed. "I lied last night…" Jackie shut her mouth as Hyde sat up and moved his hand to tangle in her long, dark hair. The tips of his fingers gently tickled the back of her neck, and she moaned softly as she relaxed her muscles and let him support the weight of her head. Her hand moved to his shoulder, and, finding it bare, she lightly scratched her nails down his chest, causing goose bumps to rise all over his torso. Her hand rested at his waist, and she could now feel his lack of clothing. Hyde tightened his grip on her neck and angled her head towards his, pulling her down into a kiss. "Steven…" Jackie's sigh was lost in Hyde's mouth as he turned and lowered her to the bed, easing himself on top of her. He kissed her with all of the passion that they had cut short last night, loving the feeling of her lips, her tongue, and occasionally her teeth worrying his lower lip.

Jackie's arms wrapped around his naked back, rubbing his skin as he hovered over her, beginning to trail kisses down her neck. Hyde moved one hand to the bottom of her sweater and let his fingers trace around her belly button and then up the soft skin of her torso. As he ventured higher, it became clear that she was not wearing a bra, and when he brushed the underside of her breast, she moaned. Hyde felt momentarily discouraged when Jackie reached down to still his questing fingers, but smiled when he saw her arch her back and pull the sweater over her head where it tangled in her hair before falling to the floor. Completely overwhelmed with the half-naked woman lying underneath him, Hyde stared at her in the dim light for a few moments before moving his mouth down her neck again. He gently nibbled on her collar bone, provoking a series of moans and giggles from Jackie, and then trailed a path of kisses down between her breasts.

He raised his head again to capture her lips in another kiss, slowly sliding his tongue into her mouth as she responded in kind. With one hand holding him up, the other moved to cup her breasts one and a time. Jackie's hands slid from his back onto his thinly clad behind, where she rested her warm palms and squeezed lightly. They kissed feverishly until Hyde began to snake his way down her body. He paused at her breasts, licking and biting at her nipples as she began to make some serious noise. Sexy noise.

Continuing down her body, Hyde placed warm kisses on her stomach, dipping his tongue into her bellybutton as Jackie giggled at the sensation. Hyde sat up and began to climb off the small cot, only to be stopped by a small hand grabbing at the back of his neck. He raised his gaze to Jackie's face, seeing a look of apprehension and fear.

"Wh…wha…what are you doing?" Her voice sounded so small, so scared. He almost laughed at her insecurity.

Hyde leaned up to her face and placed a tender kiss on her lips, reassuring her that he was not about to bolt. She smiled slightly as he gave her a devilish grin and moved to her feet. Slowly, he worked at the zipper on her boots and pulled off her socks one by one, running his fingers lightly over her feet. He bent his head to her now bare feet and placed a gentle kiss, followed by a bite, on the instep of each, eliciting a moan and a giggle from Jackie. His hands moved smoothly on top of the soft fabric of her jeans, barely grazing the area between her legs. Jackie wiggled underneath him as he unclasped her jeans and began to pull the fabric down her legs. He moved to the bottom of the cot again as he pulled her pants all the way off of her body, and gazed up at the picture in front of him. Jackie wearing black lacy bikinis. His body ached at that moment with wanting her.

Almost roughly, he pulled off her panties and threw them on the floor. Jackie tried to give him a stern "Respect my property" face, but when he began to lick her inner thigh, she laid back on the cot in a trance. Jackie moaned loudly as his mouth brushed over the hairs covering her sex, but suddenly bolted up like a pop-tart as she felt his tongue.

"What are you doing!" Hyde couldn't tell if it was surprise or anger or excitement… He glared at her for a moment.

"Did Kelso never…" He gestured down. She slowly shook her head and looked honestly perplexed. "Just…lay back…trust me." Jackie looked at him incredulously, but didn't voice any complaint. Hyde slowly lowered his head again and ran his tongue gently over her clit, slowly building intensity. Jackie wasn't still for a moment, grinding against his mouth, arching her back and bucking her hips as the tension grew. Her fingers reached for his head, massaging his scalp and pulling at the tight curls as her quiet moans grew louder.

"Oh shit…" Jackie began to half-moan curse words as an amazing orgasm swept through her whole body. She lay silently in the bed as Hyde slowly climbed up her body. When he saw the pensive expression of shock on her face, he sighed, not sure of what to say now.

"Ummm…" Nope, nothing to say. That didn't help the problem that was straining against his boxers, though.

"Oh my God, Steven." Jackie sounded happy. Thank GOD. "That was better than…" She trailed off, looking a little sad. When she saw the hopeful expression on his face, she giggled as she clasped her hands behind his neck and pulled him down on top of her again.

He moved his mouth over hers slowly, responding as her tongue grazed his lower lip. As he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, he arranged his body on top of hers, thrilled with the feeling of bare chest to bare chest and naked legs tangling together.

Just one problem.

That problem was quickly solved, though, as Jackie moved her hands to his boxers and began to push them down his hips. Oh God. As he pushed his shorts off of his ankles, Jackie spread her knees, allowing him to lie intimately between her legs. They continued kissing while Hyde ground his hardness into her stomach until she wrapped her legs around him and guided him to her entrance, already soaking wet from his earlier ministrations.

Hyde looked at Jackie as he prepared to enter her, and when he saw the pleading look in her deep blue-green eyes he slid inside in one slow, fluid movement. Jackie moaned at the feeling of his cock completely filling her, urging him to begin moving his hips against hers. He was surprised as she bucked her hips along with him, but very pleased when she deftly raised her legs up to his shoulders, hooking her ankles behind his neck. Hot. They ground against each other until he fell on top of her, pinning her knees by her ears. This position apparently made Jackie scream for God. Hyde covered her mouth with his in an unsuccessful attempt at silencing her. She sucked wildly on his tongue as she came, orgasms washing over her as he continued to pump in and out of her.

When Jackie began to still herself, he pulled away from her and gently flipped her over, stroking her sides and fondling her breasts as he coaxed her into her knees. Slowly, Hyde moved to cover her body, grinding against the top of her ass and placing wet kisses along the back of her neck. He moved his hand down to her clit, making her raise the lower half of her body and lay her head on the pillow, and then slowly pushed two fingers inside of her. Feeling how wet she still was, he once again slid deeply inside of her, thrusting in time with her loud panting. Jackie was coming again, he could tell. Cursing and moaning and biting on his pillow. She's so…sexy. Hyde couldn't remember ever seeing a girl this…sexy.

Ok…I felt something, too. Duh.

Watching her thrash underneath him, completely wrapped up in pleasure, Hyde became very aware of his own impending orgasm. Picking up his speed, he began nearly slamming into Jackie, once again bringing forth screams that she muffled with his pillow. Smart girl. Watching her quivering body and feeling it pulse around him sent Hyde over the edge, collapsing on top of her and sucking lightly on her neck.

Pulling out of her and gently turning her body to the side, Hyde spooned her and wrapped his arms around her tightly. They relaxed against each other for an eternity before Hyde's breathing returned to normal. Jackie squirmed in his arms, so he loosened his grip and watched her wiggle around to face him in the tiny bed.

"Wow," Jackie stated simply.

"That…covers it nicely."

"We were totally wrong, huh?" Hyde laughed at her comment, but nodded his head in the affirmative. "Umm…do we…tell anyone about this?"

For the first time Hyde thought about his friends. His friends who hated this naked girl in his arms. Darth Vader. Eric will say I've been lured by the dark side. Kelso. Kelso who would want Jackie back. Hyde sighed.

"No. We don't. And…we probably shouldn't let it happen again."

Jackie looked a little crushed, which made Hyde feel a little happy. It's nice to be…wanted. She seemed to compose herself for a moment before she turned to Hyde and stared into his eyes through the tops of her eyelashes.

"What if it doesn't happen again…after tonight?" Hyde looked at her, trying to figure out what she meant. Jackie rolled her eyes and pulled him into a kiss, allowing her fingers to tangle in his hair as she moved her body closer to his. Ohhh.

"That's cool."