The Heavens Curse


It was a dark day as the sun rose over the mountains. Trees lay uprooted and burning, buildings were crumbled into what could only be called as ruins, and the scent of freshly spilled blood and death lingered in the air, its nauseas smell there as the description of what had happened during the night.

And as the suns first rays covered the ruins of what once used to be a brilliant city, nine gargantuan creatures stood, starring at the carnage that was the city.

The first resembled a tan raccoon, though its hide was made out of sand. The second was a cat with two tails, its dark blue fur out of place against the smoldering country side. The third looked to be a humanoid shark except where there were fins were legs and it had three fins placed along its back. Next was a mix between a lizard and a bird. It had the body of a lizard, though its back legs were longer and more defined, its claws razor sharp. On its back was four black feather wings, making it look more like a bird of prey as well.

Then there was a wolf, its black hide seemingly drawing in all light as its five tails thrashed about behind it. Next was a snow white weasel whose fur seemed to give a surreal light with the morning rays and glowing embers. The eighth creature look greatly akin to a serpent, its large black and gold scaled hide and coiled body being its main marks. But along its back were 8 leathery wings that were folded back to lay against its main stretched body. This dragon, though massive, had its head lowered to the others creatures height.

And the final creature, though laying down with the other creatures around it, was a gargantuan red fox, it's nine tails curled up beside it as its head rested on on the ground. Where it's snout was though, it nudged a body that looked to have been burned severely but still drew shaky shallow breaths.

The body was a man, about thirty years old and, though burned, seemed to have been well toned, a testament that the person had worked hard their entire life to become strong. His face though had six distinct marks, three on each side of cheeks, making it look as if he had whiskers. Then, adorning his head, though mostly caked in dirt and patched with red blood, was a head of golden hair.

All nine creatures starred at this body with very solemn expressions, the fox though with borderline sadness.

"Kyuu... Kyuubi," the body shallowly said, his voice scratchy and barely above a whisper. All nine creatures heard him though and stared at him as his eyes opened to reveal the most piercing blue eyes the world had ever seen.

"Rest kit. You deserve it after everything you've done," a deep voice echoed from the fox. It was calm yet powerful and at the same time carried a deep sound of sorrow as it stared at the slowly dieing body.

"Thank... you," the body said as he closed his eyes again and the breathing suddenly became shallower before stopping.

As the body took its last breath though, the fox pushed it's body up with its front paws and once they were at their length, it threw back its head and let out an enormous howl. Within the sound of that howl carried a great deal of sadness and it continued for nearly a minute before the fox collapsed back down to the earth with its snout next to the body again. Its large red eyes this time flowed freely with tears as it starred at the lifeless body.

"No human deserves a fate like ours," the five tailed wolf said, its voice sounding somewhat like a deep growl but also saddened.

"Too true. He gave his life to save this world but in the end he had to destroy it," the two tailed cat purred, its voice carrying as much sadness as all the creatures were feeling.

"Yes, he was a strong one. It was a shame that those bastard group of humans used him as the anchor for all of us as their ultimate weapon. They broke his soul, pour thing," the four winged raptor said as it scratching the ground nervously and lowered its body much like the fox so that it's snout was a few feet away from the body.

"He truly deserves a better fate than this. Everything he held dear, including my last container, all were taken from him by those bastards. It is a shame that we cannot give him what he has given us," the sand raccoon said, its normally hyper and prankster voice soft and weighted with guilt.

The foxes head shot up at the mention of the raccoon's thoughts as it blinked at the one tailed creature a few times.

"We can do just that," the fox said as a sinister grin crept across its massive jaw. The other eight creatures looked at the gigantic fox as if it had lost its mind until its words registered in all of them.

"We can give him the chance he deserves to live again. We can give him a better future than this," it said as it stood to its fool height and waved its tails behind it, as if to motion to the scorched and barren earth.

"You do realize we will all be sealed again if this is to happen. It would take ever last one of chakra in order to bring his soul back and do this," the six tailed weasel said, its voice in a soft growl.

"Yes I know but the kit deserves this. If it wasn't for him, none of us would have ever tasted the outside world again. If it wasn't for him, none of us would have come to understand what true strength is. To protect those you deem precious and care above all else. We all learned the start of this when we were sealed away. The least we can do is pay back the kit for everything he has ever done for us," the fox said, the saddened look in its eye as it looked to the body making a few tears fall.

"Then let this be our final farewell to this world my lord," the eight winged dragon said, its own smile gracing its massive maw.

The fox's grin only widened further as it looked to the other eight creature and saw similar expressions on their faces.

"Then let us begin," the shark said as a dark aura flared to life around it.

The other creatures quickly followed, each aura radiating power as the thought they all had kept running through their minds, it being their focus. The fox's however was massive compared to the other eights combined and with its power, the surrounding area seemed to shift and twist, as if the very fabric of space and time was being altered. The earth around them all turned to ash, the fires extinguished themselves, and light bent around them, leaving the area surrounding them in almost complete darkness.

The only light in the area came from the scorched body as it glowed brightly. This continued for nearly five minutes before another light appeared in the darkness, just barely above the body. It, like the body, was completely white and within a few seconds of arriving, the area was filled with the powerful glow.

In the few seconds the light had appeared, the darkness suddenly vanished, along with it the nine creatures and the body. Then, as if it was on cue, the earth seemed to split and crack, the reality of it twisting and becoming nothing more than particles. With an eerie crack, it vanished into dust, nothing more than just particles in the space time continuum.

It was a beautiful afternoon in Konoha. Shopkeepers were out in their shops, selling their goods, travelers went to and fro from said shops, buying items for the day or for journeys. Shinobi walked here and there, or jumped from roof top to roof top. All either doing missions, returning from them, or heading out to complete the ones that had been assigned to them.

Down one road though there was a confrontation taking place. It was between several shinobi, though no weapons had been drawn yet and no fighting had taken place.

One person was a blond girl, about sixteen in age and standing about five and a half feet tall. She wore a white long sleeved shirt and a green skirt with fishnet stockings underneath. She had a forehead hite-ate around her neck that showed she was a Sand ninja and had a large fan attached to her back.

Another person was another girl, who had bright bubblegum pink hair and stood maybe five foot four. She wore a fairly plain red sleeveless dress that ended about midway at her thighs though she wore a pair of spandex shorts underneath that went to almost her kneecaps. She too had a hitai-ate, though hers was for the Leaf village, and it was tied to her head in such a way that it held her hair back away from her face and forehead.

And currently both girls were glaring at the three people that was in between them and instigates of the current situation. One was a boy, about the same age as the blond girl, though about a foot taller, dressed in a black outfit with an odd symbol on the front and a large wrapping attached to his back. His hitai-ate was tied around his forehead. Currently said boy was holding a smaller boy, about the age of six or so, with a scarf wrapped around his neck, goggles attached to his forehead, at arms length above the ground.

And directly across from them was another boy, a little over feet tall with blond hair that bordered golden. He had three whisker marks adorning each cheek and had on a pair of bright orange pants as well as jacket. His bright blue eyes were currently glaring daggers at the other boy who was holding the smaller boy.

"Put Konohamaru down now," the boy in orange yelled.

"So that's this brat's name eh? I think I'll have a little fun before I 'put him down'," the boy in black said as he cracked an evil grin.

"Kankuro, put the brat down. We don't want any trouble here," the blond girl said, glaring at the boy clad in black.

"Sheesh Temari, this punk ran into me. I think I should pay him a back a little bit," the boy in black, Kankuro said.

"Fine, do what ever. I'm not taking responsibility for your actions though," the blond girl said and turned to leave.

Kankuro's grin even wider at the girl's, Temari, remark and drew his fist back.

"Enough," a voice said from behind Kankuro and froze him in tracks.

"You are a disgrace to out village," the voice said again making Kankuro drop the small boy Konohamaru, who immediately took off down the alley and hid behind the girl with the pink hair.

"Ju... Just having a bit of fun brother," Kankuro stuttered as he looked at the new arrival behind him.

(Okay, no more describing, if you can't picture who the people are by now or where I am at in describing the story line, that's your own fault.)

"Do not do such things again or I will kill you," Gaara said, his calm cold voice laced with a massive amount of killer intent that made Kankuro's body stiffen.

"Hey, are you guys here for the chuunin exam?" Naruto asked, drawing the attention of Gaara and the other two sand shinobi.

With a simple nod from Gaara, Naruto got a large foxy grin plastered to his face as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Awesome. I hope we can enter too because you guys seem strong," Naruto said, his grin never leaving his face.

"What is your name?" Gaara asked as he starred at Naruto with an questioning glare.

"Uzumaki Naru..." Naruto started to say but was cut off as a tremendous pain suddenly erupted in is his gut, knocking the wind out of him.

He keeled over onto his hands and knees with one hand pressed against his stomach, though he had to pull it away as if his body was on fire. At the same moment though Gaara was floored as well as he was on his knees with both of his hands gripping his head tightly.

The sand in his gourd thrashed out wildly as his body convulsed in pain and after only a few seconds, the sand stopped thrashing but he was still knocked over holding his head.

Naruto on the other hand did not have such and easy time with the pain. With each second it seemed to double his body started to feel as if he would suddenly explode into fire. The scream that suddenly escaped his lips only a few seconds after the pain had started though chilled the people who weren't in pain to the bone.

But at the same time the scream happened, a blue aura of chakra exploded out from Naruto at the same time. At first in only went about a foot away from his body but as the scream intensified, the chakra grew out at an alarming rate. Within a matter of moments it was surrounding a radius of nearly two hundred feet from him.

Those caught in this aura, though terrified of the scream that was emitting from it, especially for the people who where just walking past the alley before being enveloped by the blue chakra, they also felt and odd sense of serenity, as if nothing would happen to them and that they felt safe.

For Naruto however, the blue chakra obliterated the upper part of his jumpsuit as well as his shirt and a few places of the lower part of his pants.

"What the hell is happening to me?" Naruto screamed in his head. Memories started to flood his brain then. All of them in a blur but with each minuscule of a moment, the pain in his body started to triple and he could feel his grasp on consciousness slowly slipping.

He couldn't feel the effects that his chakra was putting off nor could he see the confused and terrified looks of the sand shinobi, the pain that Gaara was still in as well, or the horrified and worried looks of Sakura, Konohamaru, and Sasuke, whom had arrived right as Naruto was saying his name to Gaara.

They had all been floored by his chakra but none of them could explain why this was happening to Naruto. But even as the seconds ticked by with them frozen in place, his chakra kept growing and growing until it exoanded to nearly seven hundred feet away from his body, making him look like a giant blue flame.

His body also changed they noted. It started to fill out more and seemed to lengthen as he knelled on the ground screaming in pain. If his clothes hadn't been maimed or destroyed before this started to happen though, they surely would be now. But at the same time of his body growing, markings started to appear along his back and arms.

They could not see what they were from the massive chakra that was coming out of his body but they figured something was not right as Naruto's scream only seem to intensify as the marks appeared.

Then as suddenly as the chakra had come out of his body the color changed briefly to a blood red before stopping entirely. Yet in that brief second, every person in all of Konoha stopped in their tracks as their bodies became paralyzed with the greatest fear they had ever felt. Many of the older residence knew of this feeling before, but never had the feeling been this overwhelmingly powerful.

In the Hokage's office, Sarutobi was looking out of his window as the blue flame of chakra was alight high in the sky. ANBU members behind him has questioned if they should check what was going on.

"Yes, check what is wrong with Naruto," Sarutobi said as he took a puff of his pipe.

But in mid puff the chakra in front of him suddenly changed and the feeling that accompanied it stopped him mid puff, as well as the ANBU members behind him in mid step.

It lasted for only a few seconds as Sarutobi's eyes widened as a thought accompanied his bodily functions restarting.

"Gather all ANBU and meet me where Naruto is and hurry," Sarutobi commanded in panic to the ANBU who had just regained their sense of mobility as well.

The masked shinobi nodded silently before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Sarutobi however immediately jumped out of the window in his office and raced along the rooftops towards where the chakra had suddenly vanished.

"Please let this not be what I think it is," Sarutobi though as he came closer to the scene.

Naruto, for lack of better description, felt like shit. His head ached, his body felt like it was on fire, and he felt as if he had just been battling every shinobi in the world for a hundred years. He coughed violently, spraying a little blood his mouth, which only served to make his throat and torso hurt even more.

"Okay, no coughing. My body hurts like hell... Ugh, where the hell am I? The last thing I remember was..." Naruto thought before an image popped into his mind's eye.

It was slightly blurry but he knew exactly what it was. It was him, the feeling of laying on the ground, looking through half open eyes at a giant fox who was looking back at him with a very sad look in it's eyes.

"," he whispered as many thoughts and memories started to flash through his head again, though this time they were all clear and precise. Each image held with it thousands of meanings and he closed his eyes as all of the memories flooded his brain for a few moments before stopping.

"Na... Naruto?" a voice called from behind him which made him snap his eyes open. Completely oblivious to the sight of the three sand siblings before him, Naruto snapped his head around to the owner of the voice.

It was a voice he remembered all too well. Soft and calming, hesitant but caring.

But the second he had turned his head and body around to look at the person who had said his name, his eyes opened in shock. There standing before him was Sakura with a terrified looking Konohamaru and confused and unnerved Sasuke standing behind her.

"But... but... you died... all of you... how can this be.." Naruto stammered as his eyes were wide with disbelief.

"Huh? Naruto..." Sakura stared to say again but Naruto stopped her speech as he stood up suddenly, also now a lot taller than she was.

"This has to be an illusion. That bastard must have done something," Naruto seethed as he put his hands into the ram seal and focused his chakra. Everyone within a fifty foot radius of him, including the ANBU and Sarutobi, as well as Kakashi and several other jounin that had come running at the massive chakra immediately felt the massive build up of chakra that came with Naruto focusing his chakra.

But before anyone could do or say anything Naruto did what he was thinking.

"KAI!" his voice echoed as the chakra he had focused pulsed out of his body in every direction.

The sheer force that came with it floored everyone who had been standing around him. But the pulse didn't stop there. It rolled out and away from Naruto like an invisible tidal wave. Anyone who was standing within the walls of Konoha immediately fell to the floor as the wave of chakra washed over them.

Genjutsus that were being used around the entire village wavered and disappeared as if they didn't exist in the first place. People traveling outside the walls were nearly knocked off their feet as the sudden burst slammed into them. The entire happening occurred in under two seconds and in those two seconds, Naruto starred in horror at the now more confused and terrified looks of the three people in front of him.

"They... They didn't disappear. They aren't illusions..." Naruto thought before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he promptly fell face first into the ground unconscious.