"Awkward Situations - Part 4"

Series: Fluffy Pink Things

By LadyCleo

As always thanks to my wonderful betas!

Part of the BOUND lifetimes; the third encounter between Colonel Jayne and Prima Ballerina River.

"Mike and Mitch are only two thirds of the family. Danny's the mix of them both; he's not as soft as Mitch, but not nearly as hard as Mike."

Kay submerged her hands into the warm soapy water, laughing slightly at the mental picture Suzy was providing. "That must be quite a sight when you put the three of them together."

"Yeah," Suzy grinned wiping off a dish with a towel, "But, it's so hard to just get the three of them together; Mike's here, Danny's on the west coast, and we're smack dab in the center."

"You've seen us together plenty of times, Suzy." Mitch interrupted, frowning at his hand of cards.

"Not for more than three minutes; saying hi to Danny as Mike boarded the plane."

Sam looked up from his position opposite of Mitch and silently dropped his hand of poker. "I fold." Standing, he crossed the room and nudging Kay in the side said, "We should probably be getting out of here soon, we've got to attend church with Dad in the morning."

Kay frowned as she glanced out the patio door to where River and Jayne were sitting together. "Aw, but they're so comfortable out there, I really hate ta interrupt them, just a few more minutes and then we can get going. 'Sides, the least we can do is help clean up."

Sighing in defeat, Sam turned and wandered back over to the table, "How about another round?"


Kicking up his feet Jayne laughed, "but I like playing golf-"

"What's your handicap?" River questioned, quietly stirring the contents of her drink as she watched the man think for a second.

"Two point five. You golf?"

"Of course; when growing up in a political family one is taught the art of golf from the very beginning."

Intrigued the Colonel glanced over at her slight form. "What's your handicap?"

"You don't want to know," she answered with a seductive little laugh. Leaning her head back she stared up at the stars, smiling softly. A comfortable silence settled over the two as the crickets chirped in the distance, the moon shinning brightly down- it was a little too perfect.

Jayne glanced over at her quietly, picking up his beer he took a quick sip. "What'cha thinking about?"

What was she thinking? Was it supposed to feel this right already? Had Kay or her mother felt this way at the beginning? Why was she so comfortable beside this man when she had known others for much longer and never felt a semblance of the peace she was feeling right now? How could something that felt like this be possible? When was the other shoe going to drop, when did she find out that he was an alcoholic or wife beater? That he had three kids from a previous affair or that he just wanted to be friends? How could something that seemed this wonderful end well? Why was she thinking so much?

"Nothing much." The ballerina turned to look at the man opposite from her.

A frown slowly crossed his lips, "Ya ever feel kinda like-" he trailed off into silence and ran his thumb across his lips, eyes still gazing off into the bright starlit sky pensively.

"Like what?"

"I dunno-" he shrugged his shoulders and turned to look at her with his dark blue eyes. "Maybe like we met somewhere el-"

The patio door slipped open, Kay poked her head out into the night air and smiled apologetically at the pair, "Sorry River honey, but we're supposed to meet your father tomorrow morning and Sam needs to get ta bed if I'm gonna have any hope of getting him up."

"I'm coming," River answered softly as she rose from the chair, Jayne following her example. "Well, Colonel-"

"I'll walk you to the door.

Stepping back into the house, the pair was suddenly confronted by Suzy as she walked over to hug the smaller ballerina, "We'll see you tomorrow night I hope?"

"Of course; I'll be center stage. You won't be able to miss me." Stepping out of the woman's embrace, River turned to shake Mitch's hand before following after his brother and the Colonel.

Opening the door for the three, Jayne nodded to Kay, and briefly shook Sam's hand. "Pleasure meeting ya, hope ta see you again sometime!" The Colonel watched the two step out of the house and down the path towards the lone waiting car. Turning back around, he smiled down at the waiting Ballerina, "I reckon, figuring into account our history, that I'll be running into you again real soon."

"I hope so," standing on her tip toes River placed a soft kiss on his cheek, "Thank you Colonel." Turning away she scurried down the path to the car, leaving the Colonel in the doorway with a goofy grin.

Jayne stood there for a second longer, watching the car disappear over the horizon before turning back around and entering the house. Closing the door softly behind him, Jayne moved back through the small living room and into the kitchen where Mitch and Suzy both waited for him.

"Well? What happened?" Suzy questioned, eagerly bouncing on her feet as she clasped the dish towel in her hands.

Leaning against the kitchen counter Jayne shrugged, "I reckon the situation ain't awkward anymore."