Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Chapter 34: The Priori Incantatem
Nissie's Revision

Wormtail approached Harry, who scrambled to find his feet, to support his own weight before the ropes were untied. Wormtail raised his new silver hand, pulled out the wad of material gagging Harry, and then, with one swipe, cut through the bonds tying Harry to the gravestone.
"You know what, I have a better idea to decide his fate. Wormtail, hold Harry still for a moment. Now, my servants, do you still remember the dance?" Voldemort said, the Death Eaters all gasping at his words. Suddenly they all went into a queue, which had no gaps for anyone else to join. Then, a large wooden stage came up from the ground. Voldemort snapped his fingers and at once music began to play and-to Harry's disbelief-the Death Eaters began River Dancing.
Their shoes banged on the ground quickly as they River Danced to the music. Harry was horrified beyond belief. Not even the Cruciatus Curse was this horrifying. He closed his eyes shut, but Voldemort made him open them.
"That's enough," said Voldemort, clapping his hands, "Good, I see you all practice. But, do you remember...THE CANCAN?"
Harry felt like crying as he watched the Death Eaters lift up their robes to reveal poofy long skirts. And so they began the Cancan. Harry wanted to yell at the horror of watching well-grown men all in a row, kicking their legs high in the air.
"NOOOOOO! STOP IT! STOOOOP IIIIIIITTTT!" yelled Harry, disgusted at what was happening.
"Stop? Why should I? This is more than fun for me!" Voldemort let out a loud, cold laugh. He clapped his hand again. "Now, disco! Disco I say!"
As if the Cancan and the River Dance were enough, the Beegees 'Staying Alive' was now heard and the Death Eaters began dancing to it. After this came the Macerena and, Voldemort's most favorite, the Chicken Dance.
Harry couldn't take more of this. He elbowed Wormtail in the stomach and ran for his wand. Voldemort didn't go after him. Harry grabbed his wand and held it in combat mode.
"So you want a duel, do you? Fine, fine," Voldemort got out his wand, the Death Eaters stopped dancing, and approached Harry...

Nissie: And so the duel went on, their wands cancelled out each other and so on. After this event everything goes as the book does, the end. Have a nice day! (Harry frowns and begins to talk about how Lord Voldemort is back and how Cornelius Fudge was being stubborn and not helping them with fighting back.)