Gilmore Girls


A/N: Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I tried to make it as polished as I could but then I just sick of it. I have a couple of chapters already written so for a few days updates will be frequent. I really hope you like this! Happy reading! Evie. x

Summary: The voice on the answering machine. The picture on the entertainment. Both are eerily, uncannily familiar. L/R/T in London.

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Chapter One

Logan Huntzberger stuck the key into the door of his new apartment. Strictly speaking, it wasn't his apartment. His grandfather had organized for him to stay with the son of an old friend while he was back in London. He had lost the lease on his old apartment when he had rushed back to the States to see his father before he died. Fat lot of good that had done. He had had all of an half an hour with his dad before being shooed out by the nurses. Ten minutes later, the great Mitchum Huntzberger was dead and three months later Logan was on his way back to London. It wasn't exactly New York but for some reason, Logan had always liked London. The way it resembled a mini New York but slightly more homely might have been why. Or maybe it was because he and Rory had lived there for the better part of a year after he had graduated from Yale.

He pushed the thought of Rory out of his head and taking a deep breath, slid the door open. His first impression of the apartment he would now call home was pleasing. The room smelt faintly of coffee and roses. An interesting combination but one he liked. There was definitely a touch of female in the room which made Logan realize he had two new roommates, not just one.

Logan placed his suitcase in the middle of the room and stared around at it. It was almost exactly like Reese Witherspoon's characters apartment in 'Just Like Heaven' with a few differences. The walls were painted a warm yellow. Dark brown photo frames lined the walls and sat on top of the entertainment unit and side-tables. The couch was soft white leather and a vase of fresh peonies sat on the coffee table next to which an impressive array of remote controls were splayed and under which sat an enormous stack of coffee table books and selected magazines. Stacks of books were in corners and stood proudly up right in bookshelves. A window-seat had been created in the same white suede as the couch and the seats that surrounded the wide table were also covered in the same fabric. The sun shone in and everything gleamed. It was comfortable and homely and just a touch of 'money.'

He liked it. Already, he liked it.

He made his way over to a photograph that stood on top of the entertainment unit and he frowned. It was a picture he thought he had seen before. A picture of two sixteen year-olds. One male, one female, one brown-eyed, one blue-eyed, both brown-haired. The female had an uncanny resemblance to… Ace.

The phone began to ring and he tore his eyes away from the photo. He wondered if he should answer it. It was his apartment but he wasn't sure he should be taking those kinds of liberties just yet. He decided not to pick it up when the message on the machine played.

"Hey, this is Tristan. If you don't know what to do after the beep, I can't help you," the voice drawled. Logan smiled. He had known Tristan when they were younger and had hated the prat but his grandfather had assured him he had changed. Besides, after being back in the Sates for three months and putting up with the jerks he had called his family, it would be nice to see someone who didn't hate his guts and didn't put enormous pressure on him.

"Hey, kiddos. I just called to see what the new roomie was like. If he's cute and he's not so young, I bags first dibs. Okay, I don't because my husband would divorce me but if he's up for doing it on the sly, tell him I'm in. Before you scoff, I have been told that we look alike and that we have good genes. In fact, I was told by the gloriously exotic Finn just yesterday. Anyway, sweets, and I'm talking to the daughter now Adonis, don't forget to give the newbie his 'Welcome to our World' pack. If he hasn't seen at least a quarter of the movies, discard him and refuse to befriend him because he is just unteachable. Love you," the woman chirped. Logan frowned. He knew that voice and he sure as hell knew the name of his best friend. Grabbing the photo in one hand and the phone in the other, he hit the 'talk' button and glanced at the picture.

It was Ace with Jess. And it was Lorelai on the phone.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Lorelai?" he said after a moments silence into the phone.

"Yes, this is Lorelai," she answered, sounding off-put. "Who's this? And how do you know who I am?"

"Maybe I should ask you how you know my best friend and why you saw him yesterday," Logan shot-back.

"Best friend," she muttered, mulling it over.

"My 'gloriously exotic' best friend," Logan explained. He could almost hear Lorelai's jaw drop open. He had experienced the same feeling just seconds earlier.

"Oh, holy night," she replied. "Huntzberger?"

"Yeah," he answered.

"You. You're the roomie? The new roommate?" she asked, her phrasing stilted. "I cannot believe this. I mean, I am speechless. I have no words. Nothing is coming out of my mouth. This has never happened to me before. Ever."

"You're not the only one," he sighed. "Look, I know that in ten seconds, you're going to call her, but don't tell her I'm here. I might not even be here when she gets home. If I leave, I don't want her to know I was here."

"You know, I probably should have put two and two together when Rory told me that she and Tristan were getting a new roomie and when Shira told me your grandfather had found you an apartment with an old friends' son," Lorelai mused. She and Mitchum had gone to school together and for some reason had stayed friends even after she had moved to Stars Hollow. Shira came with the territory but Logan knew she and Lorelai only got on for appearance sake. Logan had once asked Lorelai if anything 'romantic' had gone on between her and his father and she had laughed hysterically and commented that he really didn't know his father to which Logan replied he didn't. She had said the same thing when Logan asked why he had never met the Gilmore girls before Rory started Yale.

"You probably should have and then you could have told me," Logan replied. For some reason, after an initial hate-hate period, Lorelai and his friends had gotten on. Maybe because she was, and had become, the mother they all wanted but had never had. That was why he knew he could ask her the question that had been roaming around his head. "Lorelai, why didn't you tell me about Rory and DuGrey?"

"It wasn't my place," she sighed. "I wanted too. I told her she should but she told me that you two hadn't talked in a year and a half, not even by e-mail and that she didn't owe you that."

"But you could have told me," Logan argued. "Finn and Colin could have told me."

"She asked us not too," Lorelai explained. "You know what happens when you betray Rory or when you hurt her."

He did. All too well. The silence that reverberated around them, he in London and she standing at a desk at her Inn, told them that.

"I'd better go," Lorelai said. "And I will call Rory but I won't tell her."

"Thanks," he said. He was still angry with his friends but he understood why. Besides, he hadn't exactly spoken to them much since he'd been in London. He hadn't even been able to spend much time with them when he had been home. He had been too busy sorting out his father's affairs and managing the business decisions. He had gladly handed the reins back over to Mitchum's second in-control to fly straight back to London which had become, after an initial uneasy period, his sanctuary.

"We'll talk soon," Lorelai prodded.

"I look forward to it. Take care, Lor," Logan replied. They hung up and Logan looked around the living room again.

He stood calmly still as he debated what to do. He could stay and face what might just be the most awkward, horrible moments of his life or he could pick up the suitcase and leave. Leaving would not make him a man. Leaving would not prove he was strong and leaving would only prove to his father, the father he had only just began to really get to know, that he was right about Logan all along.

A small note fluttered in the breeze and Logan walked over to the fridge. It was stuck on with a Tinkerbell magnet. He knew he couldn't leave as soon as he saw it. The familiar handwriting caused a pang in his stomach and he suddenly ached to see her, even if he couldn't have her, just to see if she was alright and if she still hated him.

Hey. We hope that you're settling in alright. Tristan or I should be home at around 5. Until then, please make yourself at home. We'll be having take-out for dinner and you're welcome to join us. Our work numbers are on the back of this note, call us if you need anything. See you soon.


He wondered if she would have written the note if she knew it was him coming.