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This story is all about Amy, it is set 7 years into Macs presidency so she is 13 years old, the twins are 23 years old.

Mac was sitting in the oval office she was looking at the photos of her family, she looked at one of Rebecca she was so proud of her daughter who after high school went to Glasgow University to Study Medicine. Her 5 years there were now up and Mac was so glad her baby was moving home to be an intern at the George Washington Memorial hospital.

Horace also went to university, he went to Towson University in Maryland, Mac was glad as he was so near home and he came home to visit nearly every weekend. Her son had started to work hard at college and now he had graduated in Engineering and had started work in Maryland, he lived there now and even had a girlfriend, Stacey who had been Rebecca's friend.

Amy, however had just turned 13 and Mac knew they were going to be in for a rough few years with her, she had started to be really cheeky to her parents, Mac knew she was growing up, but she still hated that Amy never wanted her to be there.

Mac was disturbed from her thoughts by a knock on the door to the oval, and Rebecca came in.

Mac: Hi baby, I am so glad you have come home

Rebecca: I have missed you all

Mac got up from her desk and hugged her daughter

Rebecca: Is Horace here

Mac: No he is working until Friday, he will be here for the weekend though

Rebecca: How is Amy

Mac: She is being a typical teenager,

Rebecca: Don't worry Mom, she can't be any worse than I was,

Mac: Yeah Becca she can, she won't talk to me and when she does she is cheeky and rude

Rebecca: Don't worry Mom, I live here now too

Mac and Rebecca went upstairs to the dining room to have dinner with the rest of the family. They walked into the dining room.

Rod: Hi Becca you are home early

Rod got up and hugged his daughter

Rebecca: Thanks Dad

Kate: So how is our first doctor in the family

Rebecca: Good Grandma, I can't wait to start work next month

Mac: Dr Rebecca Calloway it has a nice ring to it

Amy: I don't see what the big deal is

Rod: Amy that is enough, we are all very proud of your sister and all the hard work that she has done

Amy: I don't want any dinner, I am going out

Rod: Amy sit down at the table and eat your dinner

Mac: You are not going anywhere, we have not seen your sister since Christmas


Amy stood up and left the table, and walked to her room

Mac stood up to go after her

Rod: Sit down Mac, we can talk to her after dinner

Mac: Not if she goes out,

Mac went to her daughters room.

Mac: I want you to apologise to Rebecca

Amy: No,

Mac: Young lady you do not say no to me, if I ask you to do something, then you do it

Amy: Fine I will apologise if you want, but after I come home, I am going out

Amy stood up and walked to the door of her room

Mac: I think you can stay in toinght, you have school tomorrow

Amy: That is so not fair, you can't keep me in here like a prisoner, I want a normal life

Mac: You are not to leave this house tonight, and if you do you will not be going to that concert you have been going on about all year.

Amy: but...

Mac: No buts


Those words really hurt Mac, she loved her kids more than anything, and it hurt to think they hated her.Every one in the residence heard Amy shouting at her mother.

Rod: That is it, I am going up there

Kate: Rod calm down, Mac will be able to deal with her

Mac came back downstairs to the dining room

Rod: Are you OK honey,

Mac: Yes did you hear her

Rebecca: Don't worry she doesn't hate you

The rest of the family ate dinner, and Rebecca told them all about her past few months at University, Glasgow really had one of the best Medicine departments in the world.

After dinner Rebecca went up to her room, she passed Amy's room and walked in, to find Amy smoking a cigarette

Rebecca: Amy what are you doing

Amy: Please don't tell Mom and Dad

Rebecca: Do you know how bad that is for you, and it is disgusting

Amy: Just because you are a little goody to shoes does not mean I am

Rebecca: You have really hurt Mom's feelings tonight

Amy: Yeah well she doesn't care about me, she never lets me go out or do anything

Rebecca: Mom cares about all of us,

Amy: You don't know what it is like here, you and Horace only come for a little while and I get stuck here all day, every day, and they treat me like I am 5 years old

Rebecca: Well I am moving back and we can spend some time together, but if I ever find out you have been smoking again, I will tell Mom and Dad.

Amy: I thought you were suppose to be cool

Rebecca: Smoking is not cool Amy, and I am a doctor now, I know how bad it is for you.

Amy: I wish everyone would stop going on about how you are a doctor now

Rebecca: Fine, Amy I won't mention it again

Rebecca left her sisters room and went to her own, she was really tired as she was still on Glasgow time and they were 5 hours ahead.

Mac was in her office, she was really upset about Amy.