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Amy was Grounded again, she seemed to spend more time grounded than she did in no trouble.

She woke the next morning and looked out of the window it was a nice crisp spring morning, she could see the dew glistening on the grass on the South Lawn. She didn't know why, but she had a sinking felling in the pit of her stomach, then she suddenly remembered her bebo page. She knew full well that her parents had banned her from having such a page for security reasons.

"Oh well" she thought "Once this is done I'll be in the club". She went for a shower before getting ready for school, she really hated this uniform.

"Morning Mom" Aimee said as she entered the dinning room.

"Good morning Princess" Mac replied kissing her youngest daughter on the top of her head. Rod entered and soon they were sitting at the large oak table eating breakfast.

"I trust that you will be better behaved at school today" Rod said.

"Yes Dad, I will be as good as gold" she replied.

"Good" Mac said.

Soon she was in the car going to school, she got there early and met Lara and the others in the computer lab.

"Did you do it?" Lara asked

"Yes" Aimee replied "Look, I really don't want to do this" she added

"Well you need to do it" Libby said "Yeah, what have you wrote on it" Helena added.

Aimee turned the computer on and logged on brining the bebo account up. She had photos of her Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister, she had not put any photos of the triplets up, and hoped that her friends would not notice. Thankfully for her they didn't.

"So Aimee, what stories have you written on it?" Libby asked, she pointed to the blog section and seen she had written about her sister dating the attorney generals son, she had told the story of her Brother buying an essay on line, and some other details that she was sure her family did not want the public to know. She had also put a few minor details about herself on, so people wouldn't think it was her.

"That's Great" Libby said, she took the mouse from her and changed the profile from Private to Public so that everyone could see it.

The bell rang and they went to class.

Mackenzie was at work the day was quiet so far, she had no major incidents to deal with, and had some travel on her agenda for that week, she and Rod would be travelling to Alabama.

A few days passed, and suddenly there was a surge in views to Aimees bebo page, the secret service had soon noticed it and infomed the President.

Mackenzie was on Airforce one with Rod when she was informed of the bebo page. "No one knew about Horaces essay Rod, except you, me Rebecca and his teachers" Mackenzie stated, she was sure that Aimee had never been informed, and it was bugging her as to who the leak was. "I know Mackenzie, but this has to be someone close to us, there is a lot of private details on this, including about how you got caught smoking on your first day of high school, I didn't even know that".

Mackenzie knew straight away who was to blame, but thankfully as soon as the page was found it had been shut down, and most people in the Public assumed this page to be the work of some boring teenager who had far too much time on their hands.

"Its Amy" Mac said. " I told her about detention on the first day of school a few weeks back".

"That girl is in some serious trouble, Mac" Rod said angrily.

"Rod, she doesn't know we know, I think we need to pick our battles, and this I think we should ignore, lets tell her the FBI are investigating an act of treason, that should put the fear of God into her"

Rod agreed, they were soon back at the White House. When Marine one landed they walked towards the house and were greeted by Aimee and Kate.

"Hi Honey" Mac said kissing her daughter "did you have you had a good week?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's been good, I got an A for my history essay"

"That's great darling" Rod added smiling.

"Amy, something happened when we were away, someone has leaked information about our family onto a public website" Rod explained to his daughter.

Amy looked worried, she hoped they didn't suspect her.

"Don't worry Darling, there isn't much on it about you, and most people think it was just some kids making a fake bebo, but we know that the information on it is all accurate, so the FBI will be investigating, the culprit could be facing treason charges" Mac explained.

Amy didn't know what to do, should she give herself up, or hope she didn't get caught.

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