Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

The Requiem for the Kombatants

Somewhere at the Outworld,

Amidst the chilling breeze, the blue-armored warrior carried something. It was a lifeless female body. The warrior kicked the sarcophagus' cover away and put the body inside. She looks like sleeping peacefully. With his ability, the Lin Kuei grandmaster created a cover of ice and put it on the top of sarcophagus. He whispered solemnly,

"Rest in peace, Frost. Despite your treachery, you're still my disciple...I have to admit that I was failing you as a good teacher," Sub-Zero patted the sarcophagus,

"But I won't repeat my mistake again...I will return to Lin Kuei after helping our comrades," He wore the iron helmet and felt the strength whirled inside his body. He turned around and stepped to another direction. He had a mission now: saving the Earthrealm from the Deadly Alliance.

Meanwhile at the Lava Shrine,

The vampire Nitara pondered on the crystal orb that she held, while the yellow-armored cyborg Cyrax looks restless. . She was clothed almost half-naked, as the sweat poured all over her body. Both of them stood long enough until Cyrax asked her,

"Where is your promise now, vampire?" Nitara smiled wryly, as she said,

"Ah, of course. I am not forgetting about our deal," She whispered a mystical incantation, while holding the crystal orb. Her concentration was intense. The former cyborg watched Nitara closely. Few moments later, the air around them was rippled and distorted, forming a portal. Huffed, the female vampire turned to him,

"I'd keep our deal. You can go back through this portal," Cyrax nodded respectfully,

"Thank you for your help. I won't forget..." His words were cut abruptly, when the portal sucked him inside. It was vanished instantly, as it's appearance. After catching her breath, Nitara laughed aloud until it was echoed inside the bowel of the earth. She turned to the crystal orb at her hands; her homecoming was a breath away. Suddenly, an invisible force hit her from behind and made the orb slipped from her. She gasped, trying to catch the orb. The mystical artifact bounced harmlessly and rolled to the soft ground. Relieved that the orb isn't broken, she turned to face the intruder. Slowly but sure, something came out from its camouflage and appeared as a reptilian creature with glittering green scales. The slit-like eyes stared the female vampire with utter disgust. The creature spoke with hissing tone,

"B&(! You hass tricked me! Your ssscheme had disstracted me to my're the caussse of the Emperor's death!" The vampire returned the look with disdain,

"I don't need you anymore, Reptile! You shall die for interfere with my business!" Reptile crawled above the cavern's roof and said,

"Not ssso fasst! You will be the one who die here and I ssshall feassst upon your flessh!"

"No, I will be the one who feast upon your blood, Reptile!" After said so, Nitara pulled a pair of kama from her waist and screamed, showing her fangs. She didn't wait anymore, instead leaped toward the reptilian creature. In turn, Reptile pulled the Kirehashi Blade and jumped for attack.

Nitara quickly unleashes her Leopard style toward the raptor. She uses the Lifting Style, which lifted Reptile and immediately sent Spin Kick and Switching Paw. The reptilian creature was hit without even blocking. However, he leaped back with a double claw attack toward her. The vampire quickly evaded the attack. This made Reptile angrier. No matter what, he must kill the traitor.

In other hand, Nitara didn't want to play any longer with the raptor. She immediately concentrated her necklace energy via Fu Jow Pai to create Neijin and threw it toward her opponent. The creature sensed a danger and his primal instinct kicked. He does the unthinkable: blocking the Neijin and threw it back toward the owner. The vampire crossed her arms for protection, when the energy hit her. Reptile almost gloat his victory, had he noticed the opponent was gone. Something inside him tells danger. At that time, Nitara put him in a strangle lock from nowhere and…bit his neck. The creature quickly grabbed her neck and threw her using Hung Gar techniques. The vampire retaliated with her Blood Spit. The raptor countered the attack with his Lizard Ball; the impact sent her opponent away.

"Thiss iss enough! I will finish you!" He screamed, while taking the Kirehashi Blade. In anticipation of that, Nitara took her kama as well. Reptile entered the Evolution style with his weapon, however, the vampire blocked with Blood Lust. The flurry of styles clashed each other. In the midst of fight, Nitara sent Unicorn Kick to her opponent. Reptile's body crashed the cavern wall. Though dizzy, the raptor could see the vampire attacked him. He simply waited her to get close. When their distance closed, Reptile spat his acidic drool to her. Shocked, the vampire steered herself downward, unfortunately the drool hit her right wing and instantly burned it to the flesh. The excruciating pain crept into her skin. She knelt while holding her burned right wings. Without the complete wings, she couldn't fly. The raptor realized it,

"It seemsss I finally drag you to the ground, b$!" Hissing defiantly, Nitara answered,

"It is not over yet! I am going to kill you, wretch!" She stormed toward her opponent. The reptilian creature grinned; he held the blade at his sword arm. Before the vampire managed to slice him with her kama, he sent Zatterrorize…and impaled her with a sharp and jagged stake. She gasped when the sharp object pierced her torso. She fell to the ground with agony etched at her face, crawling weakly. Her wings were lolled limply and smell acrid Reptile stared her triumphantly,

"Have you forgotten? Sssteel might not hurt you, but wood doesss…" He explained as he crawled closer to her, groping her chest,

"You are more pleassant than Kitana," The vampire spat,

"You'd better kill me..." she hissed, "Or...I will kill you later..." The raptor leaned upon her and licked her face with his forked tongue,

"Iss that sso? No, you ssshall sssuffer firsst before you die," He took the Kirehashi Blade, showing it to her,

"Do you remember thiss? You gave me thisss for my only reminder to Zaterra," he licked the blade again,

"No, I will thank you by giving you thissss!" With sudden movement, Reptile thrust the wooden stake further into Nitara's torso. The female vampire gasped in agony, as the stake entered her body. Not satisfied with that, the raptor twisted the stake, making her bleed profusely. Despite her excruciating agony, she refused to scream, thus denying him the pleasure. The ordeal continued for hours

Outside the Palace of Deadly Alliance,

A furious fighting raged outside. Johnny Cage, Jax and Sonya Blade fought the overwhelming odds. A horde of Tarkatan warriors swarmed around them. Those creatures might not have excellent martial skills, but they were damn tough. Sonya managed to knock off the head of her attacker. The tide of war has separated her from her comrades, yet she struggled hard. Jax grappled two warriors with his mechanized arm, and then twisted his waist swiftly, crushing their necks. The Hollywood actor managed to crush the balls of the Tarkatan warrior, before he gave him the Shadow Kick at the chest.

As the Earth warriors were preoccupied with their foes, a shadowy figure moved fast, tip-toeing the heads of the Tarkatans. Its attention was focused upon a single target, as it leaped very high.

Sonya Blade brushed away the Tarkatans, keeping them at the bay. She didn't notice a shadow above her. While fighting her enemies, she felt a sharp pang of pain on her back until...two sharp blades tore through her chest, above shoulders. Blood immediately filled her lungs and choked into her throat. She let a blood-curdling scream. Johhny and Jax shouted simultaneously,


At the gate of the Palace for Deadly Alliance, Kitana and Kung Lao stood back to back, facing their foes. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung smiled sinisterly. The heroes realized that they were completely against the odds. Despite the training by Master Bo' Rai Cho, they grimly found out that the sorcerers were more than their match. Then the Edenian princess spoke,

"Kung Lao," she said, "Thanks for everything…I apologize for bringing this trouble for you," The Shaolin monk answered,

"Don't mention it, Princess Kitana. We have the same friend; I come here because of my own choice!" He stared Shang Tsung with fury.

"Though I'm died here, I won't regret it! I try my best to avenge Liu Kang's death…" Kitana nodded with agreement,

"So am I. I will meet him, once I die. 10,000 years seems nothing without someone you love with you," She clenched her fist,

"So, shall we?"

"May the best wins!" Simultaneously, they attacked the sorcerers.

Kitana attacked Quan Chi with her Steel Fan furiously, but the black sorcerer blocked the attack calmly. He spoke,

"It is foolish, Princess! You'd better join us, and we shall return Edenia to you!" She replied,

"Do you think I trust you? You've put the traitorous Tanya in charge instead my mother!"

"A regrettable mistake, but we shall correct it once we deal with this! Join us, Princess Kitana!"

"Never!" she shouted, "I won't be able to face Goro and Liu, if I do so! You're not different from Shao Kahn either. I would rather die than see my beloved kingdom fall to your clutches!" Quan Chi frowned with displeasure,

"So be it, Princess! You will meet them sooner than you think," He attacked her with Escrima style, while the Edenian countered it with her Eagle Claw. Her attacks were agile and graceful, but the sorcerer attacked her with brutal strength combined with dark magic. Realizing that, Kitana shifted to Ba Gua Zhang. This style allowed her to channel the opponent's force to nowhere. Quan Chi was furious to see his attack was evaded easily; he quickly uses Tang Soo Doo. The attack was slashing, yet Kitana still persist to use Ba Gua Zhang. Suddenly, the princess shifted to her Lost Love combo, coupled with Fan Lift. The sorcerer's body floated to the air. Clenching his teeth, Quan Chi amassed his Fa Jing and blasted her with Skull Fireball. She stunned momentarily, enough to see him leaped to attack.

"Taste my Rising Star Kick!"

"Pretty Kick!" Two powerful kick impacted each other. To everyone's shock, Quan Chi's Rising Star have knocked the princess out. She forced herself to fighting, but she felt a heavy burden on her shoulders. Swiftly, Quan Chi jumped on her shoulder and held her head.

"Farewell, Princess Kitana…FATALITY!" He pulled Kitana's head upward, stretching the neck in process. She screamed loudly, before fell to the ground lifeless. With tears on her eyes, Kitana whispered her last words,

"Liu…Kang…I'm…coming for you…" Quan Chi leaped away from her, when she fell. The thud echoed aloud.

Amidst her agony, the Special Force officer felt her body was lifted upward. The Tarkatans cheered someone. The hissing, hideous voice came to her ears,

"Long time not seeing you, Sonya should not return here," Sonya recognized the voice,

"Baraka..." she coughed blood, "" The Tarkatan warrior rasped maliciously,

"Dead? You have underestimated the Tarkatan's tenacity. Pity, our meeting is very brief and it will over soon." He continued,

"Lords Quan Chi and Shang Tsung will be pleased with this..." With her remaining strength and fury, Sonya kicked Baraka's chest with her free leg. The force knocked the warrior to the ground, but it also ripped her chest in process. She fell to the floor and coughed blood profusely. She realized that it just matter of time before she bled to death. Yet, she must settle the score with Baraka first. She charged toward the swarms, but the Tarkatans was quick enough to cover their leader. This enraged Sonya further, she plowed her way through them, breaking the necks, arms and heads. The warriors attacked her with frenzy. Meanwhile, Johnny Cage and Jax tried to break the swarm of Tarkatan warriors around them, in order to help Sonya.

Sonya's injuries had taken its toll; her body was completely drenched in blood. She felt weak and her vision began to fail. She saw Baraka standing quite a distance from her. He smiled widely, showing sharp teeth. It looks like that he mocked at the cost of her agony. Her legs shook uncontrollably, and then she collapsed to the ground. At the same time, Jax opened the way by machine guns and grenades. The Tarkatans quickly scurried to the safe distance, allowing the warriors to join their dying friend. Johnny quickly lifted Sonya,

"Sonya! Sonya, hang on! You must not die!" Jax shouted,

"Lt. Sonya Blade, hang on! It's an order! We shall send you back..." Sonya managed to smile, though the pain was unbearable. She turned to the major,

"Major, I don't think I can survive now...but I am not regretting my decision to come here. I come for retrieve Kenshi. It is a shame...that I am fulfill..."

"Say no more, Lt. Sonya! Keep your strength!" Sonya turned to the actor,

"Silly Johnny...It seems you have...what" Johnny tried to speak, but his voice was choked,

"It is not about the new script...or 'saving the world' business, Sonya. Damn with Raiden's request..." The dying officer touched his lips,

"It is always, Johnny. Am I right?"

"Yes..." Sonya coughed again, her breath became labored and she breathed heavily through her punctured lungs,

"Don' ...dramatic...Johnny! Major!...We"

At the same moment, she stopped breathing and Johnny Cage, the famous actor struggled hard to keep his tears. Jax closed Sonya's eyes respectfully and held the actor's shoulder,

"Johnny," he tried to speak comfortably, "I don't like you. Yet, we still have a fight to carry on! Sonya would be sorely disappointed if she saw us dead without a fight here," Johnny took off her sunglasses and wiped the tears briefly. He replied,

"You are right! I won't disappoint her!" When they put Sonya at rest, the swarm of Tarkatans gathered around them. In addition, the Dragon King's army had joined them. Once again, the actor joked,

"Well, the party is merrier with more people coming...!" He went back to back with the remaining Special Force officer, as he cracked his knuckles,

"Are you ready to crash the party, Major Jackson Briggs?" Jax grunted in agreement,

"I always ready, Cage!" With one accord, the Deadly Alliance's army attacked them like a huge wave crashing the beach. Jax unleashed his arsenals, including machine guns and grenade, while Johnny Cage shouted for the last time,

"For Sonya!" The riotous noise of machine gun heard for six hours more until it was silent, leaving two mutilated bodies.

At the other hand, Kung Lao continued to fight Shang Tsung. The fight itself was fierce and deadly. He matched the sorcerer's Crane Style with his Mantis, and blocked the Snake with Shaolin Fist. Yet, they were in the standstill. When the sorcerer attacked, he threw his hat to distance the opponent. The monk was so preoccupied with the fight, that he didn't even realized Kitana was killed in her fight with Quan Chi. When he turned around, the result was devastating.

He only glanced briefly and it shook him to the core. Kitana's lifeless body was lying of the floor; her murderer knelt beside her. While caressing the princess' lock, Quan Chi pulled the veil from her face. Kung Lao saw a look of disappointment on her face…she was unable to avenge her beloved death. Instantly, the scene when he found the dead body of Liu Kang replayed. He had failed…twice!

He was pulled abruptly, when Shang Tsung shot Straight Fire to him. He knocked three steps away from his opponent. He felt heavy and crushing sensation at his chest. The sorcerer was aware with what happened and spoke,

"Kung Lao, even Kitana is not Quan Chi's match! Stop this senseless fight and I will let you live! Do you want to add more bloodshed?" The black sorcerer stood nearby, watching what happened next. What Shang Tsung said was make sense…why should he continue? He turned to the cold body of the princess again. Tears rolled without his knowledge until he saw something…Kitana and Liu Kang together.

They looks happy…he whispered,

"I shall join you soon…" Then Kung Lao turned to the sorcerer with serene eyes. This made Shang Tsung surprised, even more when the monk said,

"I don't care anymore. My death will help the others save; I had done what I can. At the end, I can't even protect the woman he'd love. Therefore I shall bring both of you to justice no matter what!" The sorcerer realized that he was ready to sacrifice his life. Like lightning, Kung Lao attacked him again and this time he uses the Whirlwind Kick at the close range. Without any warning, Quan Chi jumped between him and Shang Tsung , releasing his Rising Star Kick. The force impacted and exploded, throwing the black sorcerer away. Kung Lao was about to follow another attack…but Shang Tsung stabbed him with Straight Sword at his chest. The wounded monk pulled away, and he was blasted away by the sorcerer 3D Fire.

He fell beside Kitana, and Shang Tsung already moved to kill. Instead stabbing him, he stepped Kung Lao's wounded chest, creating an agonizing pain. Quan Chi joined him.

"You're no different from Liu Kang," The sorcerer mocked, "There's no such thing as goodness, only power! With power, you shall overcome any challenge…"

"Kung Lao, your mission is doomed. Your friends already dead outside and you shall join them…" Shang Tsung lifted his hand upward and the Shaolin monk felt his life force has been sapped. Before the sorcerer completed, a bolt of lightning hit him squarely. At the gate, Rayden stood. The God of Thunder clenched his fist, holding his conflicting emotion. It was too much to bear such loss, but it might save Earth from the Deadly Alliance! He won't make the sacrifice of the Earth warriors in vain. At the same time, Kung Lao breathed his last breath.

"Rest now, Kung Lao!" Rayden said, "I shall deal with them!" Quan Chi and Shang Tsung immediately retreated to the main hall and the God of Thunder followed them.

Reptile watched the dying vampire with sadistic glee. She almost completely disemboweled. He would take particular pleasure from watching her struggle to live. Suddenly, the cavern shook violently and the huge dragon egg cracked. The raptor's attention shifted to the object. There was a glimmer of light inside the egg. He came cautiously to the dragon egg. The cavern shook again and the crack spread. A tiny, slit-like eye opened and the first thing it saw was Reptile. Without any warnings, a beam of energy lanced through and hit the raptor. Reptile screamed in agony as his body was turned inside out and bulged beyond proportion. The huge wings broke through his back and the scream turned into a roar...victorious roar to be exactly. The ground shook when the newly-transformed creature thumped its huge feet to the ground.

"I have returned! I, Onaga have returned!"

Though in the verge of death herself, Nitara was able to see Reptile's fate. She shuddered upon the event, silently praying that the death might catch her. However, she won't die in the Outworld. Gathering the last ounce of her strength, she dragged herself and took the crystal orb. At the same time, the Dragon King turned his attention to her. Her heart froze in fear as the huge creature went toward her. The only chance was the orb. Nitara stared into the orb. It seethed with the power trapped within. She raised it above her head, and then smashedit to the floor. It shattered with an inhuman, soul-rending howl. Onaga was forced to cover his eyes and ears as its horrible energy exploded away, and tore the vampire's consciousness from her.

In the midst of dying, Nitara opened her eyes for the last time and saw her native soil. At last, she finally returned to her place; now she could die in peace. Slowly, she closed her eyes again…

Author's Note: This is my first MK: DA fanfic. This is inspired by Reptile's ending; I just wonder what if he found Nitara inside and managed to exact vengeance to her. I also included the opening of MKD, when all Earth warriors are dead. I might continue it when I have a time. What do you think? Give me your reviews, critics (flames) and opinions if you want. See you later!