Special thanks to reflecting. Her Severus pov poem made me want to write one expressing his feelings for Eris from my stories More than a Feeling and The Potions Master's Apprentice. As for the line from My Fair Lady, I can easily imagine Severus saying "Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!" when struck by Cupid's arrow, lol. The poem stands alone, but if anyone gets the urge to read the fics after reading this, I will be a happy writer. :D


I've grown accustomed to her face.

Sidelong gaze blue as gentian,

So intently my movements trace,

As though held by fascination.


I've grown accustomed to her smile,

Once a source of irritation,

Freely given, suspected guile,

Lips used for pretty persuasion.


I've grown accustomed to her touch.

The caress of fingers brushing,

My arm, my hand, borrowing such

As my text: her smooth skin blushing.


I've grown accustomed to her love.

Kisses first sought as an escape,

Now fit emotions, hand in glove,

So unexpected for a Snape.