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Harry roamed the halls, heading in the direction of the Headmaster's Office. For one thing, Harry felt he needed to apologize for the night before, and he was going to ask Dumbledore for one favor.

Upon turning the corner, he saw the gargoyle that blocked the enterance to the office. Approaching it, he realized he did not know Dumbledore's password.

"Damn," he swore softly as he stood in front of it. Thinking quickly, he said the first candy that came to his mind, " Lemon Drop!"

Harry was surpised when the door opened on the first try, and he walked in. Heading up the stairs, he went over in his head again on what he wanted to say. At the top of the stairs just before he knocked on the door, he heard Dumbledore call, "Come in Harry."

"Sir, " Harry began as soon as he had taken a seat across from Dumbledore. " I would like to apologize for last night first of all. I should not have destroyed your possessions and yelled at you. It showed major immaturity on my part, and I hope you can forgive me."

"Harry, there is nothing you need to apologize about, though do I forgive you for acting the way you did. It could have been avoided had I not fallen into the trap of loving you too much," said Albus.

"Thank you sir. I do not wish to hide from my destiny and I wish to be prepared for when the time comes. I am prepared to do anything you ask of me, with one condition."

"Name it m'boy. What do you ask of me?"

"I ask Professor Dumbledore, that I do not return to my relatives house."

"May I ask why you never seem to want to return there?" Albus asked him.

" I never want to sir, because I am wanted there like the scum on the bottom of the lake. You do not know what has gone on in that house over the years do you?"

"I am afraid to say I do not."

"Then I will tell you the general idea. Ever since I could, I have done all the chores in that house. The gardening at three, cleaning at four, and cooking by five. Never once was I taken shopping for anything, I got whatever Dudley did not want. I never even had a room as a child, but a cupboard under the stairs. I lived there till my first letter came, when I was then moved into Dudley's spare room. That was nothing compared to the hate I recieved in that house."

Harry paused a moment and allowed Dumbledore to take that much in before he continued.

"I was hated from the moment I arrived there. When I did not do something right or quick enough, I was slapped or thrown into my cupboard. I never had a single friend until I came here, add to the fact birthdays and Christmas did not happen to me until I was eleven. I never want to go back there, but I do not blame you for sending me there sir. You did what appeared to be the best at the time."

Albus could not believe that Harry had been though hell and back, and yet he had never turned dark. It amazed him that the young man in front of him had so much strength within himself. Even though Harry had told him a very general overview of what went on at his relatives, Albus had the feeling Harry was hiding something bigger.

"Well, where do you suppose you stay then this summer?" Albus asked hoping for Harry to reqest something he wished for years that he could have made true.

"I do not wish to be at the Weasley's or any of my friends for that matter, seeing as it would put them in even more danger than they are in now. If it could be possible, " Harry suddenly looked slightly sheepish and doubtful.

"What is it Harry? You know you can tell me anything," Albus said reassuringly.

"Sir, if it is possible could I stay with you?"

Albus took less than a moment to ponder this, seeing as Harry had come to him willingly and asked to be allowed to stay showed he forgave Albus. This way he could also see past the student he had watched for the last five years. Maybe he could also atone for the mistakes he made in the past as well.

Harry sat in silence watching Dumbledore ponder over the situation. He just hoped he'd say yes. Harry had always looked up to Albus, and he was like a grandfather to him, and he loved the calm feeling that raidated off him in waves.

"I believe Harry, that this could be easily arranged, and as much as I do not wish to bring this up so soon I fear I must," said Albus calmly.

"What would that be sir?"

"Your wizarding guardian. If you don't recieve one, Fudge can take hold of it for himself."

"That man is such a kniving bastard, excuse my language, sir. Well, who can be my guardian? I already know Remus cannot because of being a werewolf."

"Well Harry, if you are willing I could be a temporary guardian until you decide," said Albus softly.

"You'll do that for me?" asked Harry.

"Of course m'boy."

"Then that is what I ask. Now, the train leaves tomorrow, would you like me to just come up here after saying goodbye to everyone?"

"Yes, could you please do that. We can work out the main details tomorrow then."

"Thank you sir. You do not know what this means to me."

"Do not mention it Harry. Enjoy your last day of term."

"I will sir," said Harry as he stood up. He walked over to the door and before leaving he turned and gave a small smile to Albus before he headed down the staircase.

Albus's eyes twinkled like a thousand candles, Harry had forgiven him and would be spending the summer with him.

"Finally," he thought to himself. "I can take care of him like he would have been had I not been so foolish that night."

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