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Coming Back

Chapter 1

From the Start

(Ginny's point of view)

I could say it was an ordinary fight, but ordinary fights don't end up with people going away for four years.

Auror training had taken Harry around the world and back again. I, like any loyal girlfriend, waited for him to come back and 'sweep me off my feet'. He was never gone for more than a month. I was never too lonely, my loving family made sure of that. But there were brief intervals where I was alone. My brothers were starting families; my parents going into 'retirement' as they called it; my own dear friends getting jobs and starting relationships.

I was 17, turning 18 that August, fresh out of Hogwarts, ready for a career; a new life. It was June. Harry had come to my graduation and swung me around when I jumped off the platform. My whole family was beaming, happy that their little sister and youngest daughter had graduated finally. Oh, how I had missed Harry then. I hadn't seen him since April when we had our Easter break and it wasn't spent talking, mind you.

He looked different somehow. His hair was sticking up at an angle, like it always did, but his eyes- his eyes were fresh with life. Voldemort was defeated, a grand feat that I-yes I-had helped pull off the year after my 6th year. Harry had his whole entire life ahead of him. He was grasping life by its horns. He was happy. That was all that mattered.

I started Healer training that summer so I could start my internship at St. Mungo's the following September. Harry had bought this little house with bright blue shutters and a beautiful backyard. He wasn't just thinking of me and him. He was thinking of a family and so was I. The neighborhood had some Muggles, but they were too daft to notice anything out of the ordinary.

It was a simple life. Neither of us cared. We were too in love to notice. As we basked in our glory, Death Eaters were plotting.

It seems like they didn't like their leader dead. A spy was sent to investigate, and was killed instantly. On the plus side, we don't know the man, Liam Nanver, and on the negative side, he was dead.

The whole Order, which by now had controlled most of the Ministry, sprang into action. They worked day and night. Most of us altered our appearances. I myself had transformed my red locks to a tinted brown. And Harry had changed his black locks to a reddish color and his eyes a sparkling blue.

His eyes seemed faded once again. I saw less and less of him. He would spend late hours at Headquarters, come home at two in the morning, spend some 'time' with me (if I was even awake), take a shower, change his clothes, and be off before six the next morning. I'd wake up and feel his spot next to me, feeling so afraid for him. He was becoming the old Harry once more.

I woke with a horrible headache one morning in July, right before I turned 19. I should have remembered the date; the date had been a milestone in my life. I Flooed the head Healer and told her I felt too sick to come to work. She gave me a stern look, making my stomach keel over. Seeing me grimace, her look softened and she dismissed me.

As soon as I had my head back in the house once more, I ran to the bathroom, a horrible nausea coming over me. I Flooed Hermione after.

She and my brother Ron had tied the knot in May. I had a feeling Hermione would get a little surprise soon, the way they were going at it during their reception. Harry and I hadn't seen much of them since their wedding. But Hermione could whip up one of the best potions to cure this bout of flu.

Especially since all my symptoms pointed to..pregnancy.

No, I shook that thought out of my head. Harry and I weren't married and the way he was gone all the time, it didn't look like it anytime.

Hermione was luckily home. She took one look at my pale face, told me to take down the wards, and Apparated over. After putting the wards back, she looked me over.

"Where's Harry?" she asked, her concerned face peeking through her straight brown hair and blue eyes (She had taken a similar approach to changing her appearance, though her husband had been too stupid not to). Her hair frizzed out a bit at the end, as though she had gotten dressed in a hurry and combed only halfway through it.

Hermione saw my pained face. "Okay, questions later. What's wrong?" I explained everything. Her eyes widened slightly.

"Let me do some charms. Lay down," 'Mione instructed, brandishing her wand. I squeezed my eyes shut. I hate exams.

I heard her tsk and tut a few times. There was a loud whooshing noise. Then she chuckled. And I knew everything wasn't so bad. Probably just a flu or a cold that I got too worked up about.

"You can open your eyes now, Ginny," I did so. She summoned a chair and sat down heavily upon it. She raised her wand and summoned..a little dragon, a child's toy.

I looked at her, arching my eyebrow, giving her a questioning look. She handed me the dragon and I looked at it.

My eyes became saucers for it said, 'You're having a baby!' Oh bollocks. Can't my life ever be all right for a while?

Hermione gave me a weird stare. "The baby is powerful. It could nearly repel my magic." I could only bit my lip and stare at the stuffed animal in front of me.

Later that night, as I lay in my bed, the spot next to me cold and unwelcoming, I thought of what to say. Would Harry be happy? Did he want a child right now? Was I even ready for cooing and an extra stocking over the mantle at Christmas?

I myself was nervous. I had this little thing inside of me. I shuddered at the thought of harming it.

A crack interrupted my thoughts of death and long nights cradling a child. Harry stood next to the door. He looked dirty and disheveled, his glasses crooked and bent.

He sighed and kicked off his trainers, not moving from his spot.

"Oh Gin, will you hate me?" My breath caught in my throat. It made a low whistling sound. "Ginny, are you awake?" I dared not to breathe. He sighed once more, leaving his spot, and climbing into bed. I squeezed my eyes shut. Harry kissed my forehead. I felt a drop of water too.

He was crying.

The next morning, his spot was empty. I promised myself I would tell him next time I saw him.

I was surprised to see him at the table. I padded softly behind him. He was picking at his eggs, which looked as though they had just been hit with a nasty shredding hex.

"You shouldn't play with your food, " I whispered to him, laying my head on his shoulder. Harry jumped a bit, twisting to look at me. Despite what I saw the night before, he grinned softly at me.

I sat in his lap, deciding I should tell him now. He wrapped his arms around me, leaning into my hair. It was now or never.

"I-" We both had started at the same time. I turned around to look him in the eyes. He looked like his dog had just died.

"You first," I told him, gently lifting myself off his lap. He looked a little crestfallen to see me go.

He leaned forward, his arms on his knees.

"Well, you know that we've been having all these Death Eater raids," I nodded. "Well, the guy who heads the department at the Ministry, Rider what's-his-face, he wants me to go with his division to go around the continents and search for Death Eaters. I mean it wouldn't be long, depending on what we find. I wasn't going to go, but Moody thinks I should go, seeing as I have a lot of skill and experience."

My heart broke, right then and there. I felt a large lump come up my throat. "When?" It was the only comprehensible thing my mind could process.

He winced. "Tomorrow."

I exploded, my hormones taking over my body in a whirlwind of fury. "Tomorrow? Tomorrow! What about us, Harry? Did you think about that? Do you think I'm going to stay here and wait, again, like I have for so many times before? I want commitment. Commitment, Harry!"

Harry reached in his pocket and grasped something in his hand. "But that's the whole thing, Gin! I know that and I'm willing to-"

"No! Forget it! Forget everything! Everything!" I stalked up to him, looking into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed me full on the lips. I forgot why I was mad.

No! I wouldn't fall for his trap. My mind left its haze behind. "Goodbye, Harry."

I Apparated off, leaving Harry standing bewildered in the middle of the kitchen, looking as if his heart had just broken too.

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