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Coming Back

Chapter 4

Letters to My Past

Dear Harry, I was just writing to let you know that-

Harry, I thought I'd let you know that

Hey, I don't know how to tell you this, but

Mr. Potter, I am sorry to inform you that your bloody ex-girlfriend can't write a letter to save her life.

Ginny pounded her head against the desk and turned to look at Hermione. "It shouldn't be this hard to tell him that I'm eight months pregnant." Hermione arched an eyebrow at her. "Bugger, it should be hard, I know. But I can't do this." She sighed and threw down the quill. Ginny's stomach rumbled. Hermione's face lit up and she looked delighted.

"Well, now that you're hungry, you can try my new pudding that I brought. Ron says it tastes great, but I think he may be lying so I don't start crying again." Hermione frowned a bit.

Her sister-in-law snorted. "You cried because he said he didn't like your pudding?" Hermione glared at her.

"I am extremely sensitive at the moment, thank you very much. These damn hormones." Ginny turned in her chair and looked up at Hermione, her hands on her bulge.

"Hermione, you are four months pregnant. Wait until you get to eight. It's like taking Essence of Insanity." Ginny said, not unkindly. Hermione smiled softly and looked down. "I think I'd like that." Ginny gagged a little and turned back to her letter, crumbling up the parchment and throwing it into the rubbish bin beside her. She then swivelled in her chair to look at Hermione.

"Would you like to see the nursery?" Ginny asked, excitedly.

"It's beautiful," Hermione said in awe, looking at the shelves covered in Muggle books and Wizarding books. Her sister-in-law rolled her eyes. "Not the books, Hermione. The room."

"Oh, right," Hermione blushed and then gasped. The room's theme was a pale blue. The crib and other baby supplies were all that exact shade. The ceiling was enchanted with moving clouds during the day and a night scene when it got dark out. There was a different background on each wall. One wall had a park scene where the swings were gliding back and forth on their own. Another wall had a beach scene where the waves were moving. One wall was blank and the last wall was covered in a waving picture of the Weasleys'. "I don't remember this being taken." Hermione looked at the photo more closely. Her self and Ron waved back, her pregnant stomach protruding exactly the way it was now.

"It wasn't. I bewitched it to include anyone that is born into or has joined our family. It changes as your appearance does," Ginny said proudly, smiling at her handiwork. Hermione's eyes filled with tears as Ginny's smile dropped into a look of alarm.

"Oh, no. 'Mione, don't cry on me. I can barely handle my own hormones!" Ginny groaned, putting an arm around Hermione.

Hermione sniffled and gave a watery laugh. "It's a beautiful room. I love the walls, the ceiling, the crib with the Quidditch mobile, all the decals on the changing table and-" She let out a wail. Ginny winced and hastily comforted her.

"I'm sorry for crying so much. I've been doing so much bloody crying for no reason," Hermione scoffed, looking down at her cup of tea. Ginny giggled at her from across the table and patted her friend's hand.

Ginny thought about what had just happened and remembered a time when she had been the same. "Ah, well. Before I 'painted' the nursery, I had to find the old spells. At the old loft. And, well. It was Harry's old office where the spell books were," Ginny said, a little uncomfortably. "I kept finding all his old papers and pictures. Even his handwriting made me cry! And the photos he had. I thought about how much I was hurting and how I wish I had made him stay and I cried for hours on end. I couldn't stop." Hermione frowned at her.

"He would've stayed Ginny, if you had let him finish talk-"

Ginny cut her off with a slight snarl. "He was leaving. I didn't want to hear all the details. He'll be gone for seven or eight years and he'll come back. By then, I'll have moved on and found a father for this peanut." She gestured to her stomach wistfully.

Hermione gave her a pained look. "Eight or nine years is quite an exaggeration. What will you do when he comes back and sees a mini-him?"

"It's not going to look like him," Ginny snarled, her arm over her stomach. "The Healers don't know if it's even a boy, because the baby blocks the magic. And plus, I'm changing the baby's hair to red and eyes to brown. Or blue. I've always liked blue eyes and thought they were wasted on my stupid bro-"

It was Hermione's turn to roll her eyes as she interrupted her off topic sister-in-law. "You're going to MAGIC the baby?" Ginny nodded slowly. "May I ask why?"

"To protect it from unwanted publicity, unwanted rumors, and unwanted danger. Like the leftover Death Eaters. But only if the baby doesn't already have red hair and blue eyes. Because Harry did have a different appearance..at THAT time. And anyway, I'm hoping it looks just like me."

Hermione tilted her head to the side and shrugged, biting back a grin. "I guess that's a good idea." She dropped the subject. "Bill and Fleur Flooed your mum to tell her that little Luc is holding his head up now. He's almost four months now." Ginny giggled.

"Our nephew is so smart and strong," she cooed. "And what beautiful hair he has." Ginny forgot her baby talk and glanced around at her house. "My friend Lynn wants me to go on a blind date, once the baby's born. I told her wait a year." Hermione smiled.

"A year, huh? In a year, I will no longer have morning sickness," And thus began another round of pregnancy talk.


"Ow, bloody hell. Bugger, that hurt," Ginny swore, clutching her stomach and walking to the bathroom one night on the last day of December. She moaned as another pain hit her. Moving her sweaty hair from her face, Ginny thought about what kind of pain this was. A thought hit her and she reeled back, stunned. Changing her course of path, she headed to the fireplace. With another groan, she reached for a hand of Floo powder before remembering she wasn't allowed to Floo.

"Bugger it," she told herself, before Flooing to St. Mungo's. Ginny stumbled, exhausted, through the fireplace. A Healer automatically assisted her, scolding her that Flooing was dangerous for the little wizard or witch she was growing inside of her. Ginny resisted the urge to roll her eyes as the pain shocked her once more. After a painful walk down the hall, Ginny insisted, through gasping breaths, that her family be Flooed. One Healer nodded to another as Ginny laid down on the bed.

With her mother and a shell shocked Hermione next to her, Ginny took potions to ease the pain and began pushing her child out to existence.

Twenty minutes later, she was holding a small baby boy with his eyes shut. He was crying softly, but she hushed him and he fell asleep, content.

The Healer next to her offered to take the baby to meet his uncles, aunts, and grandfather, who were all placed outside. Ginny reluctantly handed him over as a different Healer got a Dreamless Sleep potion ready for Ginny.

"Shame, " The Healer said, putting the potion in a small cup. "He was almost born at the New Year. He would've been the first wizard of the millennium." Ginny smiled at her but her stomach suddenly clenched painfully. She groaned as the Healer turned around, a little alarmed. Molly and Hermione looked at each other with equal expressions of fright. The Healer checked Ginny out and gave a bark of laughter. "There's still someone in here!" she exclaimed, calling another Healer to help her.

A baby girl was placed in Ginny's arms at five past the New Year. She was not crying or making any sound. The baby was only waving her arms around, happy in her mother's arms. A Healer brought the baby boy in as Ginny was taking pain potions. With babies in her arms, Ginny had to hold back tears. She felt the happiest she ever had in her life.

One Healer held up her wand to a sheet of parchment. "Any names picked out yet, mummy?" Ginny grinned at the word and nodded.

"James Arthur and Lily Molly," her mother smiled in delight as she grabbed Lily from Ginny's arms. Hermione had fresh tears on her face. "And the last name as we discussed?" Ginny had agreed to put the surname as Potter on the birth certificate, which only her Healer would see before it was filed, and say that the babies' last name was Weasley.

"What beautiful names," Molly told her, a little choked, as she rocked Lily to sleep. Ginny could only nod tiredly; her eyes were already drooping. Molly and Hermione each took a baby out to the waiting room, where the family was waiting to see the other latest addition.

Ginny took her potion and, with a smile on her face, fell into a peaceful sleep.

Harry Potter awoke from his sixth strange dream of December. In every one, Ginny Weasley seemed to play a part. In each dream, she left him. Every nightmare Harry had, Ginny was smiling happily as she walked out. Harry pounded his pillow and lay back on it, sighing. In the dream he had just had, Ginny was in a hospital bed, pale and sweating. Harry had been startled awake before anything else had happened and he shook himself for thinking that Ginny was in the hospital.

These strange dreams had flitted inside each of his usually dreamless nights. They made his head hurt and his concentration so messed up that he couldn't even think during the day. He felt like a huge prat for leaving Ginny, but vowed not to think about it too much; by the time he came back, she would have definitely moved on. With an ache in his heart, Harry thought of Ginny getting married to a faceless stranger, Ginny with her cheeks flushed healthily and her stomach round with pregnancy, Ginny chasing after small children with red hair. He tried to push these thoughts out but the more he tried to push, the more thoughts he received.

Harry looked up at the ceiling he had enchanted; the bright stars glittering and twinkling above him almost serenely. Harry glanced over at his clock and saw that the new year had already begun.

A year without Ginny had started.

Harry sighed once more, falling into another upsetting dream.

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