Remember the Time

Chapter 1:

A Thought from the eight-year-old past


"What is your problem?" The fifteen year old raven haired beauty shouted. "I don't have a problem!" shouted back the fifteen year old dark blue hair super stud. Eriol and Tomoyo were fifteen and in love, if you can believe it. Eriol and Tomoyo have been dating for a long time. Everyone in there school thought they were the cutest thing since Hello Kitty, but at least the girls did. All the guys were jealous of Eriol Hiiragizawa, he had Tomoyo Daidoji for a girlfriend.

"You seem to forget I'm here all the damn time, you must have a problem!" Tomoyo shouted back. Eriol and Tomoyo were at a park in Tokyo. They planed a day together but it seemed to be going down hill. "I didn't do anything!" Eriol said annoyed. "Why the hell were you looking at that stupid bitch walking past us, huh?" Tomoyo said putting her hands on her hips. "Well, I have to look at something do you expect me to walk down the street with my eyes closed, it's bad enough I have to wear glasses." Eriol snapped back.

"Oh, so you don't want to look at me, but you'll look at the first asshole that walks down the street?" Tomoyo said pointing down the street. Tomoyo and Eriol were attracting a crowd and they all gossiped and looked at them arguing. "What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Eriol shot back perplexed. "Everything, you've been really an ass these past few weeks, checking out other girls, saying my feet were big-" Eriol protested right in the middle of what Tomoyo was saying. "Oh, so not true I said your foot print look kinda, I said kinda, looked big in the sand." He said. "Like I said you said my feet are big, and on top of that I saw you talking to that little-witch-snitching-little-hair-flippin' bitch Mel, what was that about!" Tomoyo shouted almost in one breath.

The women in the crowd were praising Tomoyo as she was standing up to Eriol. "I have asking to borrow her foot notes." Eriol said holding his arms. "What an excuse." Tomoyo scoffed. "It's not." Eriol said back. "What about you and that stupid asshole Tori, huh? What was so important about him that you had to break our dinner date?" Eriol asked.

"What? Oh, don't put that on me again, we were science partners and we had to get the damn thing done, do you know how long it take to make a digestive system?" Tomoyo shouted. "And you say that's not an excuses, I saw his friggin' number on your cell, explain that." Eriol shouted back. "That was only because we were English partners too." Tomoyo shouted back.

"Bullshit, we have English together I would have known!"

"No, you wouldn't your to busy downloading R&B music to care!"

"That's a lie."

"Hand me you Ipod and let me see if you don't have Puff Daddy on there!"

"I don't have to prove myself to you, you always say I lie and make excuses just because I'm a guy."

"Your so callous, you say the dumbest things and to my face!"

"You know what I think I think your too wrapped up in this little fantasy of yours you forget I'm a guy yourself!"

"I'm not in a fantasy!"

"Oh really, then how come every time I call you I'm supposed to say something mushy and stupid, I'm not those guys you read in those stupid teen romance novels Tomoyo, I'm real life, not fiction, If you can't get your head out the book for just one minute you might be surprised that I'm your boyfriend and not a fictional fantasy!"

"I don't think that your a fantasy, I know what you are!"

"Sure name one time we haven't argued about something. One!"

Tomoyo stopped and thought she was running out of things to say and it was annoying her she always had something to say especially to Eriol.

"Ha! You can't." Eriol scoffed.

"Because you make thing so hard to stand!" Tomoyo yelled once more.

"No, you do. Hence: Your little fantasy boyfriend." Eriol said walking past Tomoyo and all the guys clapped slightly feeling Eriol's pain. Tomoyo turned around as Eriol made his way up the hill. "Where are you going?" Tomoyo asked turning around looking to him. Eriol stopped. "I'm getting off this ride, I've got emotion-sickness." Eriol said shacking his head continuing walking. Tomoyo ran after him. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Tomoyo said nearly shouting. "It means, Daidoji, were over." Eriol said walking away still.

Tomoyo was shocked, had Eriol really said that? "What do you mean over?" Tomoyo said jogging up to him with her hair flying behind her. "It means, were breaking up." Eriol said annoyed. "Why are you breaking up with me?" Tomoyo asked anger. "Because, I can." Eriol said dully.

"Fine, then were finished." Tomoyo said back folding her arms as a bus stopped. Eriol climbed on and Tomoyo watched. "Good 'cause I should have did it long ago." Eriol said as the bus door closed. Tomoyo gasped feeling an aching pain in her chest. "FINE!" Tomoyo shouted. "I HATE YOU ERIOL HIIRAGIZAWA!" Tomoyo screamed when tears began spilling from her cheeks.


Tomoyo was now 23-years-old and happy. She hadn't thought, heard, seem, or spoken to Eriol since that day they had the meltdown and he was in the back of her mind. No guilt what so ever. She was now a tall slim tone and sexy single Voice Coach, she was teaching in America for most of her collage years to get by and she learned she really liked it and took the job full time. She was still heiress of the Daidoji inc. A large toy empire all around the Asia, it was about to do imports for America pretty soon. Tomoyo was looking at her dark purple digital day planner, she had a week off so she and get use to the time since she was going to be totally jet lagged anyway.

The second reason Tomoyo was coming back to Japan was that Syaoran and Sakura were getting married soon and Sakura wanted Tomoyo do help her plan. She was so excited. Tomoyo looked around to the other passenger's who were sleeping listening, to music, or just plan minding there business.

It was about three hours later Tomoyo was officially in Japan, she was tired and hungry, but mostly tired. Tomoyo walked off the plan as she grabbed her purse. All this things were shipping already to her little apartment near the studio where she would be coaching at. Which was in Tokyo. Tomoyo walked into the crowded airport and looked around for her Best friends.


Tomoyo turned around with her hair almost flipping over her should. She smiled seeing Sakura running toward her smiling that bright smile that would make anyone happy. Syaoran walked behind Sakura as she ran to Tomoyo and hugged her tightly. Tomoyo laughed and hugged her friend. It had been two years since she last saw her in person but they talking and emailed and everything. "I'm so happy your here." Sakura said letting go and looking at Tomoyo

"Your still so pretty, I hope the guys aren't chasing you down, I might have to get a bat." Sakura teased. Tomoyo smiled and blushed a little at her friends compliment. Syaoran smiled softly to Tomoyo and hugged her too. "You look great." He said. "Thanks, I'm so happy for your guys." Tomoyo said smiling even more looking at the huge diamond on Sakura finger.

"Thank you." Sakura said smiling. "I heard you got a voice coaching job at a studio in Tokyo." Syaoran said as they began to walk. Tomoyo nodded. "I'm looking forward to it." She said. Sakura smiled even more holding Syaoran's hand and looking up to him smiling. "Oh, I'd love to see you teach, you have such a great voice." Sakura said looking to Tomoyo. "So what have you guys been up to?" Tomoyo asked.

"Not much, were looking for a wedding planner." Syaoran said dully. Sakura gave Syaoran an evil glare. "What? we are." Syaoran said with a small shrug. "You say it likes it's a bad thing." Sakura said. "It is. For your Father's wallet and mine. Not to mention Touya, he's been looking to fry my ass for weeks." Syaoran said. Tomoyo laughed and looked at her small purple diamond studded watch. "Oh, Tomoyo you must be hungry, why don't we get you something to eat and then we can drop you off at your apartment, you much be totally jet lagged." Sakura said.

"Oh, thanks you guys." Tomoyo said smiling.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Eriol was about to teach a class. Eriol was 24-years old and was a heart throb. His shiny smooth midnight blue hair was in a short cut and it hung slightly in his face. He was tall with a strong body and a charming smile. Eriol was a dance teacher. He taught Waltz and hip-hop, but mostly hip-hop, since he could plug in his Ipod to his Apple lap top and the class can listen to whatever before class.

Eriol was a different story now, he was still very serious and firm but he was more down to earth down. He went to collage in England and was taking Waltz lesson's he went to a Black Pool tournament once and then decided to teach back in Japan. But he was still very rich and didn't really care much, most of his money was used to pay rent for his house and other things. But to the question about Tomoyo. He never really thought about it . . . much.

He had totally forgot what she looked like cause he was busy with his life. She was in the back of his mind. Eriol hadn't really felt guilty when for broke up with Tomoyo he thought it was but best thing to do since there relationship wasn't working and he wasn't all for the Drama-mama thing with Tomoyo anyway. But he had dated on and off. Two were serious but were broken off and his just a flirty guy now but he was more on his teaching then anything he was doing at the moment.

Eriol walked to the window and looked out the window seeing the traffic of Tokyo moving. He looked ahead seeing cherry blossom trees. Syaoran called him last week and finally told he that he was marry Sakura. Eriol was excited for them. Sakura Li. It had a ring to it. Eriol turned around seeing his female student walking in. One of them were crying and mumbling something.

"What happened?" Eriol asked walking over. He was wearing a black tee-shirt with some baggy jeans. "Limei's boyfriend broke up with her this morning, he said he wanted to see someone else." Eriol's favorite student Skyy said sadly handing her friend a tissue.

"What did you do?" Eriol asked looking to Limei. Limei was about fifteen and had short pink hair, her Mom was a teacher at a collage and never really cared with color her daughter hair. "I d-d-didn't do anything." She cried. Eriol smirked. "What did I tell you men are like cars; you get out one and another comes by. Don't worry Li-Li." Eriol said with a soft smile. Limei nodded and sniffed and chuckled. "I'm sorry, I'm so stupid." She laughed. Eriol shock his head.

"Get ready, class starts in twenty." Eriol said walking away to his laptop and putting on a club mix. Eriol sat down at his small desk and tittered away at the keyboard to his laptop. Eriol had about fifteen teenagers per class for both hip-hop and Waltz so he was just fine with the amount that he had to teach.

A week had passed and Tomoyo was totally on Japan time now and was ready to get out in the world. She had lists and lesson's already planned out. She was excited. Tomoyo walked into the studio building called Studio crew. It was a large building for after school programs and just learning stuff. It smelled like old wood and paper. Tomoyo walked up the long stone stairs hearing students laughing, talking and whatever before there classes started. Tomoyo was carrying her classic guitar and her bag of lessons and songs to be learned. Tomoyo walked onto the third floor heading a class for Tap dancing taking place, opera singing, Jazz dance, and hip-hop music was blaring.

Tomoyo walked down the hall seeing the hip-hop teacher (Eriol) teaching the class. His back was turned so Tomoyo just watched for a moment and walked into her class room. Everyone was chatting and playing around with the piano and the chalk board. "Shit, Teachers here!" A student called and everyone went silent and went to there seats.

"Um . . . Good morning everyone." Tomoyo said going to the small desk and putting her things down. Since it was the beginning of spring, Tomoyo was wearing a short black skirt with some lace up sandals and a black tank top with a small light Jean jacket. "Good morning!" Everyone greeted.

"Okay, um . . . my name is Tomoyo Daidoji and I'll be your teacher for now on, if you have any question they may be ask before we start." Tomoyo said trying to relax. One of the male student raised his hand. He had baggy skater clothes on and a black beanie cap. "Your name?" Tomoyo said looking to him. "Um, Fei. Dude your hot, man." He chuckled.

The guys in the class all nodded and agreered. Tomoyo giggled and blushed. "You dating anyone." Another guy student in the back called. Tomoyo shocked her hear. "Thank you and no. I'm not dating anyone. Are there any actual question that don't involve my sex appeal to males." Tomoyo asked.

The class was silent. "Okay, they well start on warming up are voices." Tomoyo said and everyone stood up straight as Tomoyo went to the piano.

Eriol was sweating slightly as he watched his class do the routine slowly. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8." Eriol counted slowly. "Okay, stop at four." He said and joined in the routine. "Okay this is a new one. Hop forward, turn, 2 step, then clap."Eriol said doing the move as he explained it. The class nodded.

"Okay, put that in after four. Okay Skyy count it out." Eriol said walking to the desk and playing the club mix. "Five, six, five, six, seven, eight." Skyy counted and they started with the routine. Eriol nodded and moved slightly with them so they wouldn't forget. "Keep it tight everyone, keep it tight!" Eriol called nodding his head to the music. "Hop, turn, 2 step, clap." Eriol called and the student's did it. Eriol paused the music and clapped himself.

"That was tight." Eriol said walking to his students. "Okay, next week I'm having a contest." Eriol announced and everyone was listening. "Why?" Skyy asked. Eriol shock his head. "Mmm, your dancing partner and yourself have to put together a hot routine and the one with the best steps is going to go to World-Wide with me on Friday night." Eriol shouted. The classed exploded with cheers and shouts.

"Okay, Okay. But only two, mind you. So there are some rules: No using a routine you saw in a video, you can pick you one music piece or mix, only boy-girl match up, and people I'm not extending the time, so thursday you should have enough time."

The student moaned. "So if you wanna go to World-Wide next Friday you better be ready." Eriol said and looked at his watch. "Okay, my Waltzing class is about to start so your dismissed." Eriol said and the students thanked Eriol for a great class.

Eriol picked up a hand towel and whipped the sweat from his face as his Waltzing students came wearing formal wear like dresses and what not. "Hello Mr. Eriol." They said as they walked into. Eriol nodded. "Okay, I hope everyone practiced there quick step." Eriol said as everyone walked into the middle of the floor. "Yes, sir." They all said. Eriol nodded. "Then lets hop to it, we bloody well have enough to cover." Eriol said walking back to his desk and switching his music to classic music.

Eriol typed something and clicked the play button. "Okay gentlemen, invite the ladies in." Eriol said walking slowly to the floor and then guys took there partners. Eriol's took his student assistant's hand. "Good Miss Lang. Your posture is improving." Eriol said to his student as they went into a Waltzing position.

Eriol's hand was below his student partners shoulder blade and her arm went over to his shoulders and he held her other hand. "Okay remember we start with the right, push everything into the right and float from there. The music swelled and everyone stepped to there right and began there Waltzing.

Eriol let go of his partner and her Waltz on her own as he check on the other students. Eriol walked around them and watched them. "Good, everyone. Good." Eriol commented and then heard a guitar. "Keep going class, I'll be just a minute." Eriol said leaving the small studio and went to the closed studio room for the voice coach (Tomoyo). Eriol looked though the small window seeing the long dark hair was the voice coach. Tomoyo's back was turned as she played the piano. 'Looks like a new vocal coach.' Eriol thought walking back to his class.

Eriol just finished up his Waltzing class he went to the teachers room he needed a coffee. Really bad. Eriol heard laughing from the room He thought it might have been Jae the tap dance teach was making more dirty jokes. Eriol opened the door and saw the black haired vocal singing giggled holding a cup of tea. "Hey guys." Eriol said shutting the door. Tomoyo turned her head and eyes widened. Eriol's mouth fall in shock seeing Tomoyo. Tomoyo stood up dropping her tea.

The room we silent as Eriol and Tomoyo looked at each other in shock. It had been eight-years since they last saw each other. Tomoyo felt her hands curling with anger but she walked pass Eriol not looked at him. "Tomoyo?" Eriol said. Tomoyo gave Eriol a nasty look and walked out the room and out the studio building.

"You know each other?" Jae asked. Eriol didn't hear what Jae said he was stuck on what he had just seen.


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