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He was told that he would never be a strong warrior. That he should give up. Yes Wuya and Chase, they could really nail that message into a guy.

Try being a lackey suggested the immortal Chase Young.

Stick to your stupid machines said the ghostly witch Wuya.

You will never be a good warrior, as you shall never be truly evil.

But he pressed himself anyway. He built better Jackbots, one that didn't just let him win, but really pushed him to his fighting limit. He mastered his only Wu, the Monkey Staff. He trained with his former enemies, the monks. He pressed himself to prove those two wrong. Good and evil no longer mattered in his mind. He had become a warrior to the heart of his very soul.

You will never hold your own.

He began working harder, shoving himself to the brink over and over. Content with their alliance after a year, the monks permitted him to learn about other Wu, and use them against some foes. Soon the Jetbootsu, Shroud of Shadows, Shard of Lightning, and the Ruby of Ramses joined the Monkey Staff as his mastered Wu.

The monks noticed a change go through the young man, he hardly whined anymore, and his Jackbots rarely fought for him, they were just incases now. He had become stronger, he held his own.

You'll never truly succeed in a showdown.

He in fact won many. Most were for practice against the monks, but he did not care anymore. A in was a win was a win. In real showdowns, against the likes of Katnappe' usually, he still won. He still succeeded.

You will never have the true discipline to be a fighter.

Discipline was not his best point, he had lost a showdown or two due to lack of it. But he learned when to check himself, and often would control an urge to gloat, unless he really wanted to that is.

You will never win.

On the eve of the last fight between Heylin and Xiaolin, he was ready. Both sides had grown in the last three years, and this was to decide the fate of the world. Wuya had become human once more, and was doing quite well with her magic in the fight until an unseen object hit her. Se spun, as saw a face she once knew as a young man, no longer just a boy, threw off the Shroud of Shadows, Monkey Staff in hand.

"You!" she screeched, and tried to blast him, there was a flash, and he was behind her. She glowered as he slipped the Shard of Lightning into his belt, smirking like there was no tomorrow, Of course, if he failed, then there wouldn't be.

She again struck, only to find herself lifted by the Ruby of Ramses. He wasn't even tired, as he had been invisible the entire battle, she had already fought seven opponents. She was about to blast him again when she was flung to the dirt.

She smirked, reaching for another bit of magic, "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, how many times must I say it. You will never-" She stopped in mid sentence. In one hand was his staff, and the other held the shard. But the staff had given the young man a tail, and that held a puzzle box. "NO!"

Jack Spicer smiled as Wuya was sucked in, and turned to see the monks trap Chase in the YingYang world. "Never say never Wuya."