A/N: Welcome to my new story, Everything She Ever Wanted! The rating is for safety, because there will be some touchy subjects in here later on.This takes place twenty years after Flickering Flames. I hope you enjoy this story, and now onto the prologue!

Summary: Lady Nara of Kudarung Falls is a newly-made bride and mother. She has everything she ever wanted. A proper court lady, she wanted to go to the Convent, wanted to be presented at court, wanted an arranged marriage. One day, Nara comes backfrom a neighboring fief to find her home gone and her family dead. Will she be able to survive, or will she crumble under the weight of her loss?

Everything She Ever Wanted: The Prologue

A man detached himself from the shadows of the wall. Making his way up the steps, he peered into the one-room schoolhouse. He smiled; they were all there waiting impatiently for him.

Strolling into the room, he was greeted by cries of "Where were you?" And "You're late!" Settling himself comfortably in a chair at the front of the room, he stared them into silence.

After they had quieted, one little boy at the front of the room demanded, "Weaver, are you going to tell us the special story today?"

The children held their breath as the man—Weaver—smiled indulgently. "Yes, Johnny," he said, green eyes gleaming, "I'm going to tell you that story."

"What is it about?" A girl called out.

Weaver smiled mysteriously, settling back in his chair. "Do you know the old stories, where women became knights, heroes, and legends?"

The children nodded wordlessly. "Well, this is the story of a woman who didn't want to be any of those things. She was an ordinary court lady but she was forced to become extraordinary." Silence fell over the room as the children sat spellbound.

Weaver smiled. "This is the story of Lady Ice."

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