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Everything She Ever Wanted: Epilogue Two

The children stared, still spellbound as Weaver finished his story. The man got up, stretched, and smiled at their incredulous faces.

Brushing his black hair out of his green eyes, he made his way down the aisle, and his presence seemed to release his audience from their trance.

"Weaver," Johnny demanded, "how do we know that story is true?"

Weaver turned and fixed the boy with a piercing green stare. "You know," he murmured slowly, "you never can tell whether a story is true or not. You can't tell whether it is based on fact or if it's just that, a story."

"However," he continued, turning to finish his walk towards the door. "I have reason to believe this story was true."

"How do you know that?" Several young voices asked, and Weaver paused at the door, looking back.

"My grandmother was an extraordinary woman," he murmured, just loud enough for them to hear. "I have no doubt that she will always be remembered to the Rogue of Corus as Lady Ice." With that, he was gone, leaving the children to stare at each other in amazement.


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