Chapter 1

RIIIINGG! The school bell of Oaky Oaks ran throughout the school's campus. Animal children flocked to the most boring class of the day, Mutton. Abby, Runt and Fish stood outside the classroom door, patiently waiting for their friend, Chicken Little. Abby's foot tapped the ground in a looping beat, sighing here and there. Runt turned around and read the posters outside Mr. Woolensworth's door, and Fish just leaned against the wall, looking wicked awsome as always.

After waiting about five minutes or so, Fish and Runt headed in so Mr. W wouldn't flip at them. Abby waited a few minutes longer then shook her head. "Chicken Little..." She turned, glancing back, then walked into Mutton.

Mr. Woolensworth was glaring at Abby as she crossed the room and sat next to Foxy as normal. Foxy turned her hed and smiled deviously at Abby. However, the duckling just ignored it. Runt and Fish sat near the back, throwing little Flamewheel Cars at each other here and then, only to stop when Mr. W cleared his throat and turned around.

"Alright class." Said the old sheep, "Time to take role-call.. Foxy Loxy..?"

The young fox kit raised her hand and smiled as sweetly as possible. "Present, pretty and punctual!" Abby sighed. She said that every morning. It was very irritating..

"Goosey Loosey, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Runt of the Litter.. Indeed... Morkupine Porkupine.. Fish out of Water.." Fish smiled and clapped his fins together, then did a very good impression of Jean Simons from KISS. The class cracked up, while Mr. Woolensworth just sighed and rolled his eyes. "Ugl- I mean, Abby Mallard..?"

Foxy coughed and muttered "Uglyduckling" Abby growled and threw a piece of pencil eraser at her.

"Chicken Little...?" Mr. W called. Everyone fell silent. "Chicken Little..?" Mr. Woolensworth called again. Fish, Abby, and Runt looked at his empty seat once again. It was at that exact moment he ran in the door.

"Sorry Mr. Woolensworth...! My dad overslept and I had to walk to sch-" However, Mr W pointed at Chicken Little's seat and glared at him. Chicken Little sighed and sat down. Abby gave him a smile as he walked past her. Sitting at his desk, he stared up to the front of the classroom and sighed. Runt leaned over as much as his tiny desk would let him without tipping over and patted Chicken Little on his shoulder. He smiled a bit, and jumped when a paper airplane landed smoothly on his desk. He opened it and in Fish's hand-writing read, "At least you made it today."

The latebell sounded and Mutton began. Half an hour later, everyone was in a daze. "Fur." preeched Mr. Woolensworth. Everyone, with their eyes half opened, opened their mouths wide and muttered in a chorus (and an exeptional bored glubs of water) "Baa." Runt fell asleep, snoring quietly, while Fish propped his helmet and head up with his fins, a glazed look in his eyes. Chicken Little had his head down on his desk, and Abby was staring up at the clock as the minutes snailed by. "Baa." Replied everyone before they realized Mr. Woolensworth had said nothing. He was talking to the Principal Fetchit in a low voice. CL, Runt, Abby, and Fish concentraited on what they were saying, but before they could hear anything, Principal Fetchit nodded and went to the door.

"Class, we have a new student! Ms. Aorta Houdtooth!" Mr. Woolensworth announced. The Principal opened the door, and in walked in an unusual looking wolf pup. She was pitch black with a black t-shirt on and orange baggy pants. On her shirt was a scary looking Jack'o Lantern and a Halloweenish feel hung around her. Shiney silver claws were visable on her hands and paws. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with an orange scrunchie and her bangs stuck up and out at odd angles. The hair in her ponytail was neatly brushed and, just like her bangs, stuck at wierd angles. The tips of her paws, hands and hair was a light orange. Everyone seemed to recoil at her awkward appearance. She smiled, her bright purple eyes beaming along with her pearly whites.

Mr. Woolensworth made a wierd face her behind her back, which was a look of discust. "You may sit over there.." he said in a low voice. She walked down the isle, drifting the smell of pumpkins very slightly behind her. She took her seat next to Fish, who gave her a questioning look. Something about her made him feel warm inside. To say a somewhat of a hello, he blew some bubbles at her. Aorta's head turned and looked at him. She lifted her eyebrow and smiled. Fish waved and turned back to Mr. W. For some reason, Mutton Class was going to fly by for him.