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It's weird; we didn't speak the whole ride. Well, I did fall asleep not too long after. Past few days I hardly got any sleep with everything on my mind. I know this is wrong, but I don't really care right now.

"It's okay babe." He assured me as I woke up from him laying me down on the bed."We are just in the hotel for the night." He laid down beside me.

I smiled as my eyes closed. "Alrighty." I faded back asleep.

"Babe." I heard vaguely as I felt a stroke on my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly as I saw Jeff laying down on his side looking at me. He smiled as he kept stroking my cheek. "Wake up babe."

I smiled. "Good morning" I stretched and sat up.

"You sleep well?" He laid on his back.

"mmm, I did." I looked back at him. He had one hand behind his head and the other left and his finger motioned me to "come here". I threw the blanket off of me and climbed on top of him. Got myself comfortable as he put both hands on my back. He held me close as I placed my head on his chest. He started to rub my back with the one hand. "What's going to happen now Jeff?" I asked the obvious question.

"Well, we keep moving a bit, find a nice cozy place, settle down, find us jobs and we just live happily ever after. All we need is you and me. All I need is you." He rolled over and was soon on top of me. "That's all I want in life." He kissed me. "To take care of you." He kissed my neck, "to love you." He buried his face because he knows it tickles when he does that. I fought for awhile until he stopped and looked me deep in the eyes. "And make sure that you are the happiest person in the world." We started to kiss passionately as his hands started to wonder my body and our tongue fight got aggressive.

After our little distraction, we napped for awhile. I'll tell you this, that was the best so far. I wonder if it's because we didn't have to worry about somebody disrupting us, or if somebody will hear us. We just got to, for once; enjoy the pleasure for as long as we wanted.

After we woke up, we both had a shower. The shower itself took awhile. The only clothes we had were the ones we were wearing and a pair I left at his house that he had in the car all ready. Obviously he had this planned from the get go. To have some clothes ready, money, and well, he was prepared. "Love you." He said as he looked at me as we were about forty-five minutes out of town. It was like we were newlyweds. We just had that glowing face, starry eyes, butterfly in the stomach, the 'I can't believe this is it' feeling. I am so glad I took off. We never ever had the time like this. Nobody would allow it.

"I love you too." I said as he softly grabbed my hand. I leaned in and kissed him. You know, it felt good saying that.

About two days later we finally settled in a small town. He got a job right away at a mechanic shop. I got the typical waitress job at a dinner connected to the mechanic shop. The plan? Work for four pay checks and then jump town. What I was worried about was that our names would give it away, if they were too track us. If it were up to me, we would keep moving. But that small thing called money is what was needed. It's only two weeks in but I am scared. The first week was wild. We had endless wild passionate love. Then, all of a sudden it stopped. I mean it was only a week and a half. Was he already getting tired of me. I keep telling myself I am being paranoid and maybe he is just withdrawing because he missed his family. I know I miss Trish and Randy and as much as I hate to admit it, Amy. "See you at lunch babe." Jeff gave me a kiss as we stopped at the dinner door. He then headed to the mechanic shop for work.

"Hey sweetie." Greeted Mrs. Alexander as I refilled her coffee. "I've been waiting for you." She said. Been here for a week and I already know the regulars. Mrs. Alexander is my favourite. A sweet old lady.

"Yeah, why is that?" I said as I pulled the coffee pot away.

"I wanted to invite you and Jeff over for supper tonight."

"Really?" I replied sounding surprised.

"Yes, let you guys have a nice hot home cooked meal. I know it's been awhile since you have."

It sounded awesome. All we've had were junk food and food from the dinner. "That would be great." I replied with no hesitation.

I sat there eating my lunch waiting on Jeff. I figured maybe he was trying to finish up a car. When I was done I looked at the clock and sat back in the chair. Not too long after I got up and made my way to the shop. When I walked in, Jimmy greeted me loudly. "Hi Ashley." I frowned at him since it was lunch break and the shop was quiet.

"Hey." I walked towards the guys. "Where is Jeff?"

Their attention went to the office door as Jeff and none other then Mercedes Rodriguez walked out. It's a small town and you get to know everybody in the first few days. The dinner and shop are the popular places. Jeff and Mercedes walked towards me. "Hey babe." He said as he tried to kiss me. I pulled back. He looked at me kind of embarrassed but then looked at Mercedes. "You remember Ashley."

She smiled. "Yeah, nice to see you again." She tried to adjust her skirt without being noticed.

I was only looking at Jeff with a cold stare. "I was helping Mercedes close a deal."

I chuckled. "Really." I looked at Mercedes who nodded in agreement. At this moment I felt like crying. I am alone here and here Jeff is lying to me. "Don't you mean open a deal." You can here the guys laughing. I looked at Jeff. "You have a lil' something right here." I pointed to the bottom right of my lip. Jeff rubbed it. Then I looked at Mercedes. "You have some white stuff right here." And I pointed to her chin. "I wonder what that could be." I said as I started to walk away.

"Babe." Jeff said as he ran after me. I stopped and turned around.

"Next time Jeff, don't even bother trying to clean up. You suck at it." I looked at Mercedes who pulled out of the shop in her car. "Just fuck off." And I glared at Jeff as I walked into the dinner.