Ok, this is my first attempt at a Four Brothers fanfic, so I apologise if some of the characters seem ooc or anything. I also know that Jack being left in the costody of Bobby is pretty unrealistic considering Bobby's criminal record and stuff, but this is ficton right? If you want a story that is 100 true to real life, this one probably isn't for you. Um so yeh, with that in mind, enjoy the story! Any comments will be greatly appreciated, so please leave a review (but no flames please)!

Bobby Mercer tugged at his shirt collar nervously as he tried to get comfortable in the hard chairs of Detroit Social Services Office. There were hoards of people hurrying around, cell phones clutched to their ears as they balanced brief cases and coffee cups. No one was playing any attention to Bobby despite him having given his name twice to reception, and he was beginning to wonder if the frantic phone call he'd received last night had been nothing more than a bad dream.

Just as he was debating whether or not to simply get up and leave, a woman appeared at the foot of the stairs. She looked stressed out and tired as her eyes quickly scanned the room before finally focusing on Bobby. He saw her draw a deep and calming breath as she strode purposefully towards him.

"Mr Mercer?" She inquired once with in reach, extending her hand with out waiting for a reply. Bobby hesitated slightly before shaking her hand, he wasn't used to such formal greetings. "I'm Susie Kingsly, I presume you've been told why you're here. I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your mother, Evelyn did so much work for us over the years…she will be sorely missed by everyone."

Bobby nodded to show he accepted her condolences, but in reality the news that Evelyn was gone had not yet fully registered in his mind. Susie cleared her throat, obviously eager to get back to business. "I have your youngest brother Jack in my office, understandably he's very shook up and unstable right now, so we felt a familiar face might help him settle slightly. Would you be willing to see him?"

"Yes of course." Bobby followed Susie up the stairs and along a corridor.

"Jack's very excited you're here, he asked us to specifically contact you." Bobby smiled at that, Mom had always said he and Jack had a special bond, despite Bobby being out of town for most of Jack's short time at the Mercer's.

Susie stopped outside a small-ish room with large windows. She glanced at Bobby as he stared through the glass at the small boy inside. Jack was sitting in Susie's office chair, spinning backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. He face was scrunched up in concentration, as if spinning was the most important thing in the world. He must have felt someone watching him, as he jerked the chair to a standstill and raised his eyes to meet Bobby's. The anger Bobby saw in them burned through the glass and almost made him step back.

"That's Jack?" He questioned, the child in the office not fitting Bobby's memory of Jack.

Susie nodded. "He hasn't said much, just that we should call you and that he likes Hockey." Bobby grinned, Jack had always wanted to join in the games with his brothers. Susie pushed open the door to the office and Bobby hesitated before following her over to Jack.

"Hey Jackie boy," Bobby bent down to the child's level and forced a smile. "How you doing huh?" Jack blinked at him with eyes not really seeing and hunched a shoulder in response.

"You remember your brother Bobby don't you Jack?" Bobby was glad Susie was there, yet her presence made him feel slightly uncomfortable and edgy.

"Yeah, you remember me don't you Cracker Jack!" Bobby smacked Jack playfully on the arm, hoping to see a spark of recognition in his eyes at the mention of his old nickname. Jack gave a short sharp nod but didn't raise his eyes from his lap.

Bobby glanced at the social worker, who nodded encouragingly at him. "So…where did you stay last night Jack?"

Jack licked his lips nervously, why was everyone staring at him all of a sudden? He just wanted to be left alone. "I stayed with Mrs McCauley." He mumbled into his t-shirt.

"What did you say?" Bobby lent forward to try and hear him better, then turned to the social worker when it became apparent Jack wouldn't to repeat it. "I can't understand what he's saying…"

"We have emergency foster carers Mr Mercer. When we failed to contact you last night we felt it was the best option."

Bobby frowned in confusion. "But what about my brother? Jerry…I mean Jeremiah Mercer lives right here in the neighbourhood."

Susie cleared her throat awkwardly before finally meeting Bobby's eyes. "There's been some concerns Mr Mercer, about the way your brother conducts his business. As you well know there have been…incidents in the past and we felt…" She ran her fingers through her hair tiredly, sighing deeply. "Before we place a child into the care of an individual, there are certain checks that need to be carried out to…to make sure that the child will be taken care of properly and…"

"Yeah yeah yeah, I understand all that shit. But Jerry's family. I mean, he's got kids of his own for Gods sake!"

"Mr Mercer," She spoke calmly but firmly, stopping Bobby mid-rant. "Jack is the main priority right now, you will have time to voice any concerns you may have at a later date, so please, could we just focus on Jack right now."

Bobby cleared his throat awkwardly and drew himself up. "Right, I mean yes, of course. Er…yes I mean, you know best right? Is he, well…" Bobby turned to look at Jack, hoping to find what he was trying to say written on his face.

Jack blinked up at him, wide eyes looking at Bobby properly for the first time that afternoon. He took a deep breath and said loudly and clearly, "When are we going home?"