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The Comfort Pact, pt. 2.

Ross and Rachel's relationship worked very well. It seemed like they were just perfect. Phoebe didn't question Rachel about the fact that she wasn't home at night. She was just curious about the guy, but she did not want to disturb Rachel and him. They haven't told anyone about them. How do you begin to explain something like that? The guys wouldn't understand anyway. They would just say that they wouldn't work again. They wasn't supportive the last time either. They'd also just gotten a divorce, it was a little weird.

One day, Ross was hanging out with the guys, when Joey casually asked if Ross had gotten together with the woman he wanted.

"Yeah," Ross said, "The broken hand worked. She's comforting me all right."

"Cool." Chandler said, "Think about it, just a couple of weeks ago you were still drooling over Rachel, now you're moving on, it's great and healthy!"

"Thanks man!" Ross said.

Joey shook his head and drank his coffee.


Away from Central Perk where the guys were sitting, the girls were gathered in Monica's apartment, cooking dinner. They were all supposed to help, but Rachel was starring into space with her coffee cup half the way to her mouth.

Phoebe looked at Rachel and poked Monica's shoulder. Monica turned around and looked at Rachel. She had never in all her life, seen her like this. Not even back when she was in love with Ross!

"All right." Phoebe said, "What's his name, Rach?"

"What're you sayin'?" Rachel snapped out of it.

"We can see it on you from a long distance," Monica said, "You're in love!"

"What? No!?" Rachel laughed, "In love? I'm just in a good mood!"

"Hmm, let's say that." Phoebe smiled knowingly.

"And if I was in love, it wasn't something I would do anything about." Rachel said, "I don't wanna burn my fingers so fast again!"

"You wanna hear my opinion?" Phoebe asked, and Monica looked at her.

"Yeah, in fact I do?" Rachel said.

"Now, I don't know anything about that guy you've met, but if I had a guy like Ross in the baggage, not that I don't like Ross, 'cause I think he's such a great guy, but I'd just be sure to find the exact opposite."

Monica nodded in agreement.

"You would?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, I didn't want to make the same mistake twice you know?" Phoebe said,

"Me too." Monica said, "Don't wanna go to the same ditch twice."

"But if I have to go to a ditch, wouldn't it be good to go to a ditch.. I already knew?" Rachel tried.

"What do you mean?" Monica asked.

"Nothing." Rachel said, placed her cup in the sink, and hurried out the door.


A couple of days later, Rachel woke up next to Ross in his bed. It was 5:30 in the morning. She had to go home to take a shower and brush her teeth.

"No…" Ross said, "Why do you have to go now?"

"I have to take a shower, I can't go to work smelling like you, and my teeth taste like you too." Rachel mumbled.

Ross woke up, "Why don't you just let your toothbrush move in with me? I know it's fast, but it'll be easier."

"Ross…" Rachel sighed, "We haven't told anybody we're back together yet, okay? Can't you be happy the way things are?"

"Because I wanna be with you Rachel. I don't ever wanna let you go again, okay?" Ross said, "I wanna have kids with you, I wanna marry you, I wanna live with you and I want you to love me the way that I love you…" he paused, "Was that just a proposal?"

Rachel smiled. She had tears in her eyes when she whispered, "I think it was?"

"I was…." Ross whispered, "Well then?"

"Yes?" Rachel formed the answer as a question to freak him out.

"Yes?" Ross asked.

Rachel nodded, "Yes." she leaned in and kissed him, "But you owe me a ring, sweetie."

Ross stopped in the middle of a movement. He looked thoughtful...

"Ross honey, something wrong?" Rachel asked, concerned.

Ross looked at her. Her smile brightened up the room and every each of his days. Was it good idea? He finally made up his mind, and stood up from the bed. He walked across the room and opened his desk. He fumbled between old socks and underwear, until his fingers found the box he was looking for. He had been saving this from their anniversary. He had prayed to God, that one day he would get the chance to give it to Rachel. And that chance was now. He took it up and walked across the room and handed her the box. She took it, looking really confused.

"Open it." Ross said.

Rachel nodded and opened up the box. Inside it was a beautiful princess-cut diamond ring. The colour was light pink, and Rachel got tears in her eyes, "Oh my God. When did you buy this?"

"Two months before our one year anniversary." Ross said, "I was going to propose to you that night. I'd made the whole thing ready. I was going to take you to the planetarium, in the stars I would have written ´Will you marry me?´ and ´The way you look tonight´ would be coming out the sound system… Nobody knew about it. It was my little secret."

"I can't believe you were going to propose!" Rachel cried, "That's so sweet. But quick question though; why didn't you use this ring for Emily, I mean you had it, so…"

"She was nowhere near beautiful enough to be wearing a ring like this." Ross said, looking her in the eye, "Plus, she would find it weird that I hadn't exchanged the ring, right?!"

"Why didn't you exchange the ring?" Rachel asked. She was smiling at him and her tears made her whole face wet.

"Because I hoped that one day I would have a chance to give it to you." Ross whispered.

Rachel swallowed a big lump in her throat and handed him the ring. He took it, and placed it on her finger. After that she kissed him, and they fell on the bed.

"Don't you have to go to work?" Ross said between kisses.

"Don't want to go today.. just wanna spend time with you.. and hey.. my toothbrush will be happy to move in!"

Ross laughed, and began to take off the clothes she'd just put on.


Rachel had gotten a habit of turning around her engagement ring when she walked into a room with one of the guys, and turning it back again when she walked out. It worked fine. Nobody noticed, and she was glad. She had moved in with Joey after her and Phoebe's apartment burned down, and Phoebe had moved in with Monica and Chandler.

Everything was good.

One night, her and Ross were watching a romantic movie in his apartment, when Ross asked; "When do you wanna tell the guys?"

"Not now." Rachel said, "In a couple of months."

"Why that long?" Ross asked.

"All right.." Rachel said, "You can't tell anyone, but Chandler is planning on proposing to Monica soon, so I think we should let her get her night first."

"Chandler is planning on proposing?" Ross asked, "How do you know?"

"He asked me to come find an engagement ring with him. He said that I would know just what Monica wanted.. that and I walked in on him while he was looking in ring magazines in the bathroom."

Ross laughed, "That couldn't haven been pretty."

"It wasn't." Rachel smiled.

Ross paused for a moment, "But when after that? Until after the wedding? Or what, cause that's a long time, sweetie."

"No-no, right after they get engaged, we'll just make it seem like it was something we thought of that night, otherwise, she'll figure it out."

"You are too good to my sister." Ross said, "You know, she wouldn't do that for you."

"I know." Rachel sighed, "But she deserves this. She's been wanting this forever."

"I love you, Rach." Ross mumbled while he was kissing her neck.

"I know you do." Rachel said, "And I love you too."

This was a perfect moment for saying those kind things. Because right across the street, Chandler and Monica had just gotten engaged.

"Can we come in now?" Joey yelled from the other side of the door.

"Yeah come in!" Monica smiled.

The door burst open and in came Phoebe and Joey. Monica's smiled faded when she saw that her best friend and brother wasn't there.

"Where is Ross and Rach?" Chandler asked.

"Rach is with that guy we don't know the name of and I think Ross is home." Phoebe said.

"Let's call them, we all should be here on my engagement night!" Monica smiled, and grabbed the phone and dialled Ross number.

"This is Ross." the voice said.

"Ross come quick, Chandler and I are engaged!"

"Really, congratulations. I'll call Rach, and we'll come together." Ross said.

"How do you know Rach is not here?" Monica asked.

"She told me she would be with her boyfriend." Ross sighed, "See you."

He placed the phone on the table, "Ppph, that was close."

"Are they engaged?" Rachel asked.

Ross nodded, "We better get over there."

He grabbed her hand and they hurried out the door.


"Monica!?" Rachel screamed as she ran through the door to apartment 20. She found her best friend on the couch, and Monica stood up, she greeted Rachel with a hug.

"I'm so happy for you!" Rachel cried.

"I'm so happy for me too!" Monica shrieked.

Rachel had already seen the ring, but she knew that Monica was expecting her to ask to see it, so she did.

"Let me see it, let me see it!?" Rachel whined.

Monica held out her hand, and Rachel took it in hers.

"Wow, it's beautiful." she smiled.

Monica smiled too, she was to look down, when her eyes caught Rachel's finger, "What's that, Rach?"

Rachel looked down, "What's what?"

"That on your finger?"

Rachel looked down, and saw that she'd forgotten to turn her ring around. She pulled her arm back, and tried to hide her hand behind her back.

"That's.. that's nothing!" she muttered, looking desperately at Ross, who was looking worried – and busted.

"Let me see?" Monica said, she pulled at Rachel's arm, and as she was stronger than her, it didn't take long before she saw it, "Is that an engagement ring?"

Rachel looked thoughtful for a moment, "… no…"

"Rach, it is so an engagement ring!" Monica yelled, "Why are you wearing an engagement ring?"

"Just to cheer myself up." Rachel said, faking tears.

"Orgh, stop that!" Monica said, "I can't believe this! Who are you engaged to?"

"No-one!" Rachel said.

"Yes you are!" Monica argued, "Tell us!"

Rachel shook her head, "I don't want to!"

"I can't believe this!" Monica said, "You've managed to get an engagement to a guy before me! A guy we don't even know that you're seeing!?"

"Sorry." Rachel whispered, "It's not so new, it's been going on a long time. We just have to hide it."

"Why would you have to do that?!" Chandler asked.

"Because of a lot of stuff Chandler." Rachel answered.

"What stuff?" he argued.

"Nothing!" Rachel yelled, and with that, she stormed across the hall.

"Wow," Phoebe mumbled, "Her aura is so messed up!"


Rachel was sitting in her room, crying. She didn't know what to do. On one hand she wanted to share her news – share her happiness – with her best friend, her soon to be sister-in-law, and on the other hand, she wanted to keep it to herself, just to please the exact same best friend.

She was messed up all over the place. She thought a lot about what kind of a person she wanted to be. Should she be the old Rachel, and just think about herself? Go in there and steal Monica's thunder? Rachel had no doubt that both Phoebe and Joey would be more excited about her and Ross' engagement then Monica and Chandlers. She and Ross had always managed to be the people everyone was talking about, because of their screwed up relationship. Would she feel better with herself if she went in there and stole it? Stole the thunder?

Rachel shook her head; no. She would feel too bad about it. The Rachel she was now cared more about her friends than anything else, and she knew she couldn't get herself to ruin a day for one of them so bad. But then again; Monica had just yelled at her, accusing her for steeling her thunder, when Rachel had been doing nothing but trying to hide her engagement since the proposal, just so Monica could get her day first.

Rachel stood up and walked across the hall. The others were sitting in the sofa, and Monica turned and saw who it was.

"Oh, you're back?" she said, "Here to ruin more of my life?"

"Will you shut up!" Rachel said, "I'm sorry I stole your thunder, okay? I've really been trying the hardest to not let people know about my engagement because I wanted you to have your day first. I know Chandler was proposing soon, I help him choose the ring for God's sake!"

"How long have you been engaged, Rach?" Monica stood up and yelled, tears streaming down her face; "It's not all about you stealing my thunder!? But how do you think it makes me feel, that my best friend is engaged and she don't tell me about it? How do you think that makes me feel, huh?"

Rachel was taken aback in a second, was Monica not only angry because of the thunder? But because…? Rachel looked at Monica with tears in her eyes too. She walked across the room and hugged her; "Ooow Mon.. I love you so much-.. I'm sorry, okay? If you feel bad about it, I'm sorry…"

"It's just because I wanted to be there on your happy day, and you don't even tell me." Monica sobbed.

"Yeah Rach," Phoebe said, "When were you planning on telling us? After you got married? When you were gonna have your first child or what?"

Rachel let Monica go, "After Mon's engagement, and look Mon," she turned to her best friend, "If it makes you fell better, I haven't told anyone about this. It's me and my fiancés secret."

"It helps a little." Monica smiled, "Sorry I yelled at you."

"Sorry too."

Monica dried her eyes, "Then when are we gonna meet him?"

"Not now." Rachel said and sat down at the couch.

"When?" Phoebe asked.

"I'm gonna let Monica get married first." Rachel then decided, "Me and my guy could use some time anyway."

"Really?" Ross asked.

"Yeah," Rachel nodded, "It's also fun to sneak around for a bit."

"But it's a long time Rachel." Ross said, "It's a year, you know? You have to hide it for a year. A whole year!"

"Okay, so maybe not that long, but… I'll tell you guys when the time is right."

"Oh, please tell us?" Monica begged, taking her hand, "I love you?"

Rachel was inch by inch giving in..., "Okay" she whispered, "But you have to promise that you wont get mad!?"

"It's not Joey is it?" Phoebe exclaimed.

"No," Rachel laughed, "Even I'm not that twisted!"

"Hey!" Joey whined.

"Sorry, Joe." Rachel said, "No, it's not Joey... It's... Ross."

"Ross?" Monica exclaimed, and looked at him, "Do you mean that, you two...?"

"Yeah," Ross said, "We've been together for awhile, and then I proposed, and... We're actually really happy."

"Woow." Monica said, "That's great!"

"So you're not mad?" Rachel asked.

"No, how could I be mad?" Monica asked, "My best friend and my brother finally managed to work it out! You know what I think? I think we'll do with a double wedding!"

"Really?" Rachel asked.

"Yes." Monica said.

Rachel laughed and looked around at her 5 best friends - one of them her fiancé.

Her life was just getting better and better.

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