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Teaser: all the ways Jak and Keira loved (or didn't)

Author: this was a challenge all the way over on Livejournal. Basically, they gave me fifty themes and I had to write one sentence for each. Believe it or not that's not as easy as it sounds, especially when you when get everything in there XD

despite what it looks I am working on Jak IV… but ah… sometimes I need to step back and go: 'damn that's a lot of work' and this little lj challenge has really helped. Just don't be put off by the sentences, eh?


o01. Ring
once upon a time, in a bright village near the sea, a mute boy gave the woman of his dreams a promise ring that was quickly forgotten in the darkness of the future

o02. Hero
he's well aware that they call him a hero—whisper it reverently behind his back—but the only time he feels like a hero is when Keira presses her lips against his

o03. Memory
she sees the little Mar boy Jak has fought to save and when she sends him to the past she smiles because she recognizes him

o04. Box
underneath Jak's bed in the slums is a box of pictures from times long past, and the one that is crinkled the worst has a smiling teal-haired teen in it

o05. Run
he runs back to her as fast as he can, but Jak always feels like he's two seconds too late

o06. Hurricane
the storm swamps Kras City, but it's nothing compared to the storm that Keira and Jak are cooking up inside their bedroom

o07. Wings
when Keira first sees Jak in all his holy light, she whispers her awe over to him but can't help but wonder where all the dark goes

o08. Cold
all he was was cold before Keira pulled the curtain back and cried out his name, now all he is is warm and he doesn't know which one he deserves

o09. Red
red, Keira thinks wildly as the kiss is replayed on the screen before her and her fingers tighten over her cup of tea, red and that is all she sees

o010. Drink
she raises her glass toward Jak and Ashelin's union and downs the liquor, well aware that his eyes are burning into her back

notes: there's fifty sentences. That means five chapters. And, trust me, updates on this will be a lot faster than anything else. Because, c'mon, I can write sentences, no problem. (I'm sure)