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Teaser: all the ways Jak and Keira loved (or didn't)

Author's Notes: now probably isn't a good time to remember I'm afraid of flying. And heights. Is it? See ya soon!

o01. Desert
there's an oasis in every vast stretch of desert, and Jak's found his in Keira

o02. Gun
because he's too worried about what will happen when he isn't around, Jak teaches Keira how to use a gun—and feels a little guilty about it later

o03. Innocence
whatever innocence is still left inside Jak, he prays he'll pass it on to the child Keira carries

o04. Time
more time, more time, Jak is always grappling for more time and Keira always grapples for the ability to give it to him

o05. Alone
Daxter had always done everything with Jak, so he didn't quite get it when Jak, looking in the general direction of their teal-haired mechanic said, "I can handle this… alone"

o06. Separation
being separated for two years did wonders for their sex life—not that they were willing to repeat it, mind you

notes: so many times I started to make this sentences super angsty… but then I didn't want to. I wanted to be playful! Playful!


Nefertari22: I am so subtly smutty that it surprises even me. Hehe.

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