Okie dokie!new fanfic...i decided to do another Nightwalker fanfic...eheh...cause i dunno about you,but i can't get enough
of that yummy shido!...eheh,ok right so..enjoy the story...don't really expect much cause,let's face it...i can't write a story
too great!but who cares?...not me,so nyah!enjoy!

Shido yawned once again, leaning back in his chair as he stared into the darkness of his tophat that lay on his face. The office
was silent, a little too silent for his tastes. Even Guni wasn't here to chatter away endlessly. After a moment, he removed the hat
and decided to search around, hoping to find something intresting. The office was the same as always, with nothing intresting
in it at all.

So he decided to check out the kitchen, someplace he rarely went, if at all. He began to look into the unfamiliar
cabinets, till suddenly a brightly colored package with a clear spot that showed what looked almost like worms came into veiw.
He picked up the bag curiously, reading the words on it quizially."Gummy worms?Hm...must be something Riho-chan left here."
Shido began to set it down then paused.

After a moment, he shrugged before opening and sniffing the contents, blinking a bit
in surprise."These smell kind of good...hm...they must be some kind of human food..."He shrugged before picking up a cherry
and lemon worm, slurping it down, chewing slowly, then swollowed, grinning."Hey...these taste pretty good!" He walked back to
his desk, sitting down as he began to practically gulp down the sugary treats. Unfortunately, he was completely unaware of the evil
that was beginning to take an ever so slow hold on him.

-5 hours later-

Riho and Yayoi walked into the empty office, Guni riding in Riho's hair. Riho looked around, blinking in quiet surprise that her fellow vampire wasn't there,after
a moment, she called out."Shido-kun! We're back from shopping!"When she got no answer, she went to the room where their coffin
and closet was, beginning to put away her purchases, till a scream came from the office from Yayoi. Riho rushed out then froze at what
she saw.

Shido was there, in just a pair of boxers with hearts printed on it and a metal strainer on his head, trying to shove a pot onto her head."Block your
brain so the evil chipmunk aliens can't read it! Wear metal so that their evil machines won't scramble your brain like an egg! If your
brain gets scrambled, they'll be able to control you and use you to free all the kangaroos in all the zoos in all the world!" Shido raved
maniaclly."Shido-kun!what are you doing?"Riho asked in pure confusion,staring at him wide-eyed.

Shido stopped trying to force the metal kitchen item onto Yayoi's head then gasped, tackling Riho."Riho-chan! Your brains been scrambled by the evil chipmunk
aliens!Oh no, oh no, oh no!Not my precious Riho-chan!"Riho's eye twitched a bit as she watched him running up one wall,along the
ceiling,down the other wall,along the floor and around again."...Yayoi-san...I think Shido-kun's lost his mind..."Yayoi paused,looking up
from straightening her precious hair, then sighed, nodding."He's literally running up the walls now...what on earth got him like this?Is hepossesed by an insane nightbreed?"
Suddenly, Shido stopped, then gasped."I need more of the precious sugary!more sugary!" He raninto the kitchen,beginning to dig around the kitchen furiously,
continuing to rave about the 'precious sugary'. Riho, Yayoi and Guni looked at each other in confusion then followed Shido into the kitchen,
eyes widening as they looked at Shido.

He sat on the floor,practicly inhaling a half full bag of marshmallows. The girls looked at each other again a little oddly, then Riho
sighed, biting her finger to create a blood whip then swung it, wrapping it around Shido, locking his arms to his sides. He screamed and kicked like an angry child as Riho
dragged him out of the kitchen and managed to tie him down to his chair, then the girls sat down to wait for Shido to return to normal. After hours of waiting, and Shido falling
asleep, he woke up, looked around and blinked at them."Why am I tied to my chair? Riho-chan? Yayoi-san?" They looked up quickly and
Riho grinned happilly, jumping up and hugging him."Shido-kun! You're alright now! I'm so happy!" Shido blinked,looking even more confused
then suddenly asked,"Riho-chan?...What are gummy worms, and can I have some more?" Riho and Yayoi looked at each other and paled.

Mwahahahahahaha!well...that wasn't too bad...and so much fun to type!ok,for people who don't understand japanese name terms,
kun is addition to a guys name who you feel very affectionate is the same,but for is for a person you're friends
with,but not very close too...ok!so,reveiw please,tell me whatcha thought,and no flames!i know i'm not that great,i don't need reminding,
but i don't mind some creatize critisim.