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Jack sent Dominique up first with the talisman before turning around to face the converging red eyed monsters. He was beaten, clawed, bitten, but after his first scream he gave them no other pleasure than grunts of pain as he bit into his tongue. Bleeding profusely with a good number of broken bones and trying to breath with what could quite possibly be a punctured lung; Jack was dragged back to his sewer cell until he was needed.

Time lost all meaning to the pained boy but after what seemed to be an eternity the door opened and Jack looked up, expecting to see the crimson eyes of one of the blood suckers. He was surprised to the core when his eyes locked with irises that were golden with flecks of silver throughout. The man in front of him didn't look a day over 19 and Jack was wondering how he'd managed to get past all of the vampires without being noticed. He would have asked but the moment he opened his mouth to breathe the pain in his chest became sharp.

"Do you wish to live little one?" Jack didn't know why but the man's voice sent calm to his core. All Jack could do was give a small nod of his head, he couldn't think of any reason not to. The young street rat watched silently as the man walked to Jack's curled form and heard the soul soothing voice whisper in to the boy's ear "Then forgive me for the consequences of life after, but know that you will never be like them. You have your mind and soul still." 'Relax' was whispered in his mind. And with that Jack relaxed and the man bit Jack's neck, however there was no piercing pain like the bites he had experienced before.

Suddenly something was pressed to the boy's lips he pressed his lips closed as tightly as he could. Still a tangy, but surprisingly sweet taste touched his tongue and he gasped in pleasure. Jack wanted more, but to soon the elixir was stolen from him. He could feel his mind widening—for there was truly no other way to explain his broadened comprehension—and all the lingering pain in his body disappearing before he fell into a blissful darkness.

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