"Ninja Love"
by MisterAnimeFan

Hey everybody, this is MisterAnimeFan here (formerly know as narutofreak14), here with another new fanfiction from yours truly! "Ninja Love" was one of my first fanfictions ever on fanfiction dot net. It told the story of Naruto and his friends going to Disneyland. It's amazing that this story is three years old! Looking back, I definitely improved on my writing skills.

So, I decided to go back and sort of redo the story. The main storyline is still there, but I'm just going back and filling in plotholes of the story, fix grammar and spelling mistakes and maybe add a few rides.

I already rewrote the first chapter, so I hope you guys enjoyed it! In the next chapters, I'll add some attractions that weren't around back in 2006 (such as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Toy Story Mania).

I don't know how often I'm going to add to this story, but it should be pretty often since I only have to change up a few things here and there!