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Warnings: This is YAOI! That mean's it is boy/boy romance. Yes, homosexuality. If you flame me or leave a rude comment because of this I will hunt you down.

Pairing: Yuki/Kyo (My favorite pairing!)

Rating: Currently T

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Chapter title: Dream one: Fishing for you

Kyo Sohma had never been one to have normal dreams. It just didn't happen. Nothing would make sense in them whatsoever, and extremely strange things occurred that often made him question his subconscious mind's sanity. The most normal his dreams had ever been were when he little, but that was probably due to the fact he lived in less strange of an environment. He would have dreams of cats, mostly, talking to him about one thing or the other. Sometimes they would pick him up and carry him around, play with him, bury him behind the house…

You know, since he was the cat of the zodiac and all, they were pretty standard. Thankfully, none of them were ever really scary (because who knew what kind of terrors a mind like his could think up), but were mostly just confusing.

Life didn't help much with that part. All of his dreams seemed to, in one way or another, have something to do with how his day had been. For instance, back when he was a kid cats would swarm around him on a normal basis when he got angry (which happened to have been a lot), so on a normal basis he would have dreams about talking to cats. Which attributed to why, back then, he used to have somewhat normal dreams.

Unfortunately, when you're part of the Chinese Zodiac and live in a house where your Zodiac cousins like to jump in and beat you up (courtesy of Kagura) or annoy you to death (courtesy of Momiji and many others), things can get a little crazy.

So, naturally, Kyo felt blessed just to have a dreamless night.

Today, however, seemed to be one of the more unusual days of his already unusual life.

Somehow, Yuki, Shigure and Kyo had all managed to end up sick and Momiji and Haru had come to visit, despite the fact that they both knew they all were really in no condition for having company.

Scratch that. Yuki and Kyo were in no mood for company. Shigure, however, seemed to have no problem with using Momiji's constant hyperactive state to his advantage in means of fetching things for him around the house. Though, there really was no need because Tohru had already brought the all they really needed. At the moment, she was sitting on the ground next to Momiji, talking idly with him about favorite foods. Haru (who honestly wasn't any help at all) was also sitting on the ground, listening to the two talk while occasionally glancing at Yuki to make sure he wasn't having problems with his breathing.

Kyo was simmering quietly on the couch next to Yuki (Shigure having occupied the single chair before he had gotten a chance at it), trying to keep his temper in check. He wanted dearly to yell at the rabbit – who had an amazing ability to be loud even though he was only talking – and just kick him and the cow out of the house. He knew, though, that this would only result in Momiji pitching a fit, cause Tohru to worry and make himself look like the bad guy, the overall effect ending in an extremely bad migraine. Not that his headache was fairing well at that moment. He wondered why he was even down there in the first place. It wasn't as if he wanted to be around anyone right now, so…

"Kyo." Shigure said, snapping him out of his angry little trance.

"What?" Kyo snapped back, voice sounding hoarse as his headache increased due to his refocus back on the room. Was it supposed to be pulsing like that along with his heartbeat?

"Why don't you go take a shower? Get ready for bed early." Shigure had already taken one before Haru and Momiji had arrived, so he was all set. Otherwise, he would have taken it first.

"Ah, yes. If you sleep more your body should recover faster." Tohru agreed, smiling up at Kyo.

Kyo mumbled something under his breath in irritation, but complied anyway, getting up. A shower and bed sounded nice right then, especially if it meant getting away from all of the noise.

"When he's done, you should do the same Yuki." Shigure added.

"Yeah…" Yuki muttered, shifting under the blanket that sat on his lap. He closed his eyes briefly as Momiji agreed loudly and continued to ramble on about one thing or another. Quite frankly, he was sick of all the noise too.

"Is there anything I can get you Yuki-kun? I don't want you to be any more uncomfortable than you have to while you're sick!" Tohru said, another tizzy of worry coming over her as she glanced about Yuki for anything out of place.

Yuki shook his head, smiling gently at her. "Thank you Honda-San, but I'm fine." He said, his voice sounding scratchy and weak. He gave a light cough.

"I really am very sorry! To think that I'm the only one not sick!"

"Don't be sorry. It's our own fault for not having taken care of it while it was just a cold. I'm glad you didn't get sick yourself." Yuki assured her.

Their voices finally faded away as Kyo climbed the stairs, his weakened state making his body decide it needed to take it's time. He sighed and rolled his eyes, hearing Momiji yell excitedly again.

Honestly, Tohru was going to end up getting herself sick if she kept worrying so much about the three of them. It wasn't as if they all couldn't take care of themselves. Especially Yuki; he didn't need anyone fussing over him. Neither did Shigure, for that matter, since Kyo was pretty sure his 'sickness' was the mental kind in which he liked to torture his editor...

Though he could hardly expect Tohru to listen to that kind of logic.

Kyo stepped out of the shower, feeling thoroughly clean and warm, despite being sick. As he walked down the hall to his room, he saw Yuki coming up the stairs to head for the shower. Kyo entered his room and closed the door, not bothering to turn on a light. He slipped on a pair of boxers and crawled into his bed, settling against the comfortably cool covers in for much needed sleep.

There was a very large rabbit in front of him, sitting on it's haunches and still managing to be at least one body length higher than himself. A bright orange collar hung around it's neck, and it had a tuft of yellow hair at the top of it's head As it stared down at him, Kyo got the feeling that it wanted to eat him, which it could easily do. Kyo just stood there though, unsure of what to do.

"No, no! Don't eat him." A voice called from atop the rabbit, which turned to the side to reveal Tohru on it's back. "We have to go and get those dog bones!" She said worriedly, pulling on reins attached to the rabbit's collar, reeling it about before running off into the distance.

A sudden change of scenery found Kyo sitting on a dock in the middle of the ocean with a fishing pole in his hands. Looking around, he soon saw Haru in a canoe, a fishing pole in his hands as well. He jerked his pole and a large fish followed on the line.

"Hey!" Kyo yelled. "That's my fish!" How dare Haru steal his fish? He didn't even like fish!

Haru stuck out his tongue at Kyo, putting the fish in a large barrel filled with Kyo's fish.

"Give them back!" Kyo yelled, watching as his fish jumped up and down inside the barrel, calling to Kyo for help.

"Catch your own." Haru said calmly. "Or I will. I'm looking for the big one, and I'll catch it first!" Haru cast out his fishing line.

Kyo glared at the water, willing all of his fish to come up to him so he could eat. He was hungry since he hadn't eaten any dinner. He cast out his fishing line as Haru pulled in another fish. He growled irritably. In the water, all of the fish were dancing around his hook, laughing at it. None of them went for the worm…

Wait a second. That wasn't a worm! It was…cheese?"

Hands suddenly clasped around the hook, taking hold of the cheese. Kyo reeled in the line excitedly. Finally! Though what he lifted out was no fish, it was a body which he let down in front of him. It let go of the cheese to push grey hair out of it's face, and Kyo realized that it was Yuki! Not only that, but he wasn't wearing anything but a towel that hung around his hips.

"Hey, Kyo!" Haru yelled from his canoe. "I'll trade you all my fish for that one!" Haru pointed at Yuki, who grabbed Kyo's arm fearfully.

"Yeah, Kyo!" Shigure said, popping up out of Haru's barrel. "We want that one!"

"No way!" Kyo yelled back. "This one's mine!"

Shigure pouted. "I want that one! Momiji! Get if for me okay?" Shigure looked over his shoulder. "Momiji!"

A giant bunny swam up to them, making the dock and canoe rock a little. Tohru was still riding on it's back, reins in hand. The bunny jumped out of the water, shrinking back into a normal sized bunny in Tohru's arms as they landed. When she let it go, it turned into a fully clothed Momiji.

"Kyooooo! Give that fish to Shigure! He's sick!"

Kyo put a protective arm around Yuki. "No! I caught this one fair and square!"

Momiji took Haru's fishing pole.

"Kyo! Please!" Tohru pleaded from the canoe.

Momiji cast out the fishing line, which flew over and hooked onto Yuki's towel. Momiji pulled and Yuki slid to the end of the dock. Yuki fought it though and didn't get pulled off. Momiji gave one final yank and Yuki's towel flew off.

Kyo shot up out of his bed, head giving a very painful throb as a wave of dizziness came over him. He fell back onto the bed and stared incredulously at the ceiling.

"What the hell!?"

So yeah. It's basically the same thing, but to get back into the groove of things I'm redoing it all because of the mistakes I know I've made and the funky wording I did. For those of you who read this and care to know, I will not be updating the story Holding Back, however I will leave it up since I know I hate it when authors delete stories I love just because they gave up on it. So yeah… Two years… ahaha… And hey, does anyone know why TAB doesn't work on the document? Or is it just mine?