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Chapter Title: Check up; A Deeper Look

That night, Kyo had dreamed intermittently of fish as he randomly transformed twice during the night. The first time, he had woken up a cat and was actually chewing on his pillow. The second time, he merely curled back up under the covers and went back to sleep, stomach twisting uncomfortably. He hadn't had much at all to eat for dinner, what with trying to break down Shigure's door, so when he woke up early that morning he was rather hungry, but laid there trying to convince himself to get up until he fell asleep again. Sometime in the afternoon he woke up after dreaming of a happy fish talking to him as it cooked in a pot of boiling water, and decided to satisfy his craving.

He didn't really think much of it when his headache started up as he walked down the stairs, and he really didn't give much thought to that he was, in fact, sick with some sort of stomach bug. What he was thinking of was the few wraps of fish sushi he knew was in the fridge.

He only ate two. Only two! He figured he would save the rest since he liked them a lot, and he didn't want to make himself sick. Five minutes later, after sitting down on the chair ("Now the dog can't pull anymore stunts.") he sprang up, green in the face, and rushed into the bathroom to go empty his stomach.

Then he thought twice about it. He came to the conclusion that he wouldn't eat fish until he was better.

After that, he took a catnap on the chair for about an hour, waking up and feeling unusually listless. Even though he honestly felt like crap, it bothered him incessantly that he couldn't do anything while he was sick. He had sat on the couch, thinking for a while of what a sick person could do to entertain themselves when it struck him.

Shigure, with his usual skewed sleeping habits, was probably still sleeping. Meaning he wasn't in his office. MEANING that the door would be unlocked.

In his search, Kyo found transcripts. He found porno books. He found romance novels. He found pens. He found some odd stuffed animals. He found a bag of chips. He found paper, notebooks, books, a laptop, a box of forks, a spoon, an odd nurse outfit, some yarn, a sewing machine, and many other random objects. Kyo even found a small safe.

To say the least, Kyo did not find the pictures, or even any cameras.

Going back to the chair, all he managed to bring back was a throbbing headache and an upset stomach (courtesy of the wonderful perv books Shigure wrote), and it was where he had been ever since, grumpily watching TV to pass the time.

He spent a good amount of time wondering just what Shigure would do with pictures like that. The jerk would probably flaunt them around to Hatori and Ayame, gloating or something about how he was so fortunate as to catch them in such a rare situation. It made him grimace just thinking about that loud-mouthed snake traipsing into their house with Shigure on his heels.

He didn't even know what the pictures looked like, which made it worse. For all he knew, he could have been freaking on top of the damned rat. Or vice-versa. He definitely wasn't going to ask the rat though. No way. That was the last topic of discussion he wanted to get into with Yuki. He had already suffered enough humility at his hands, anyway. He hadn't been that intimately in contact with anyone since his days at Shishou's, and even then it hadn't been all awkward like that. Yuki was the rat and he was the cat. Even if it had been enjoyable (to a very slight degree), it wasn't as if it could work.

Wait a second. Work??

Kyo smacked his head, wondering if he was getting delirious.

"Didn't I tell you to keep your stress levels down?" Kyo looked around tiredly, spotting Hatori and Shigure entering the house. So that's where the dog had gone.

"Like it's my fault…" Kyo muttered. leaning back into the chair as Hatori came over and glanced quickly over his features.

"You look horrible…" Hatori muttered, pressing a hand to Kyo's forehead. "Worse than when I came here the first time… You're burning up."

"Well, I did throw up this morning…"

Hatori adopted his 'stern-ass doctor' look. "What else?"

Augh…Kyo could already taste the disgusting medicine Hatori would force feed him.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Yuki, surprisingly, was up and fully awake, though he was still feeling horrible. Last night he hadn't been able to fall asleep at all, since even that soup he had for dinner seemed to be in conflict with his stomach. On top of that, the headache he had thought left him yesterday came back full force as he was faced with trying to get out of bed, which only caused him to nauseous at the change in height.

It was said nausea that he blamed his retrieval of the picture on.

Yuki couldn't help but stare at the picture. Or, more specifically, Kyo's face. Hair mussed up from sleep, mouth open slightly to let a breath in and out, faced tinged with a light red flush due to his illness. What stood out to Yuki, though, was the completely relaxed features of his face.

He never saw Kyo without a glare or something akin to one on his face, much less a real smile. The few times Yuki had caught Kyo sleeping somewhere around the house was a rain induced sleep, which didn't seem to allow for much relaxation. His brow was always furrowed, eyes always narrowed, and body always tense as if expecting an attack on his person at any moment. That was Yuki's everyday view of Kyo.

It was strange. It made something coil in his stomach uncomfortably and caused him to flush at his own thoughts. He felt very weird to be looking at Kyo like this. He didn't know why he was fixated on such a trivial matter as what Kyo looked like without a glare. It was ridiculous. Besides, it felt almost wrong to be looking when Kyo didn't know it, giving him an odd guilty feeling.

It wasn't as if he was doing anything wrong, though. So Kyo didn't know he had the picture. So Kyo couldn't jump up and yell at him to stop staring. It was just a picture. Of Kyo. And him… sleeping on the couch… together…

Yuki flushed.

Suddenly, a pair of voices snapped Yuki out of his thoughts just outside the door, and he shoved the picture under his pillow quickly, reaching over to grab the cloth he had taken off his head to cool down and plopped it back on his forehead.

"I really don't want to know." It was Hatori and Shigure, Yuki saw as the doctor opened the door to his room without knocking. Shigure looked prepared to follow after him into the room, but Yuk tensed. This was Shigure; the ultimately perceptive and evil dog. The picture was directly under his head. If Shigure found it…. Yuki sent Shigure his coldest glare.

This was all his fault, wasn't it? If it wasn't for him meddling around in things and playing his stupid pranks Yuki wouldn't be stressing over such little things as the cat and how he looked sleeping, how comfy he was, how warm his skin was - Yuki cut off his thoughts there. It was the sickness talking, not him. Not him.

He was relieved when the dog left, whimpering something incoherent.

"You need to take it easy." Hatori told him quietly, motioning for Yuki to sit up. "Getting worked up like it appears you've been isn't good for your health right now. Take off your shirt."

Yuki paled slightly as he realized his – the picture could easily be discovered if he jostled too much. Hatori wouldn't be like Shigure and blab or anything like that, but the very thought of anyone finding out about it was… humiliating.

Praying he wasn't being noticeable, Yuki pressed the pillow over the picture down, holding it there as he pretended to keep his balance and removed his shirt.

Yuki stayed quiet while Hatori checked him over, prodding his rib cage and throat in various places. His hands were chilly, and he had to try desperately not to suddenly think about how it would feel if it were Kyo's warm hands touching him instead. When you make a conscious effort not to think about something, though, you inevitably end up thinking about it more than you would have in the first place. Yuki felt himself blushing again.

It was wrong to think like that. Completely wrong. Besides, it wasn't as if he could actually say anything about really liking Kyo, could he? He didn't know all that much about him… it was only that he was warm… Yuki was sick, Kyo was the cat, and their house was what it was. So what if he and the other boy were placed in odd places if those variables were all put together? It wasn't as if it was an abnormal occurrence.

He was just overreacting.

Hatori finally finished, placing his stethoscope back in his bag with a sigh. "Get plenty of rest, lay low, and try not to do anything that will make your stress rise. Make sure you eat, too. Only simple foods, though, so your stomach isn't upset." Yuki pulled his shirt back on, muttering an affirmation as Hatori left before slumping down onto his bed.

Feeling a little hungry with the mention of food, Yuki stood up slowly, waiting for a moment so he could get a level head before moving forward. If he stayed at least sitting up that feeling would stop being as strong when he stood. He didn't want to hang around downstairs, though. Or at least, he didn't think he wanted to.

But, Yuki thought as he walked down the hall, maybe he could hang around Kyo a little more. To remind himself of exactly why he disliked the hot-headed, arrogant, stupid fight-crazy cat. It sounded simple enough. He knew how badly Kyo could get on his nerves, and hanging around him more would certainly make him more aware of the fact, right? Just like that, he could dash away all those stupid thoughts of Kyo and he could rest at peace again. Hatori did say to keep his stress levels down, didn't he?

Feeling slightly more confident, Yuki made his way downstairs. He was just about to walk into the kitchen when he glanced over to where Hatori was examining Kyo and stopped.


Kyo's shirt was off, showing that lightly tanned skin, orange hair contrasting sharply with it. His body was lightly toned from his years of training at the dojo, still managing to look thin and lithe throughout the years. Yuki's eye's traveled over him, from his face to where his smooth waist dipped out of sight. He had seen Kyo without a shirt on plenty of times, though, right? This wasn't any different. Not at all.

He was just overreacting…

Yuki jumped when Kyo suddenly turned and spotted him staring. "What're you looking at?" He snapped at him before Hatori turned his head back again.

Yuki quickly went through to the kitchen. That definitely had not helped. Oh god - had he really just looked at Kyo like that?

Yuki closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. What on earth was he thinking? There wasn't anything odd about it, nothing at all. Kyo was good looking, he could admit that. It didn't mean that he wanted to look at him like that, or that he was going to obsess over every little thing like some fangirl.

Hadn't he just spent all that time starting at Kyo though?

Yuki desperately grabbed a box of townhouse crackers before retreating back upstairs quickly. He didn't need to think of this now. Not now.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Kyo was grumbling quietly, slipping his shirt on as he heard Hatori's car drive off. Where had Shigure pull out that camera from? He had ravaged his entire office! Did he keep the damn things in his safe or something? Maybe he slept with them under his pillow. Knowing him, he probably had a whole stash of disposable cameras hidden under his mattress or something.

He wondered it he could get away with possibly locking Shigure out of the house for a night. He didn't want to deal with the stupid dog and his tricks anymore. Plus, Kyo suspected that if he could have at least one night without the man bothering and teasing him, he would make some good progress in recovering. Those stupid tricks he was pulling with him and Yuki were really getting to him, whether he liked to admit it or not. Being forced into those kinds of situations with Yuki made him uneasy, especially when it came to being around the boy regularly.

Not to mention that Yuki seemed to be acting a little odd around him now. What was up with him staring earlier when Hatori was checking up on him? He couldn't help but notice that his eyes were trained on his exposed skin before flying up to look at Kyo when he shouted, looking like a little kid caught doing something naughty.

Not that that could be the case. Yuki hated him as much as Kyo hated him. Their feelings were mutual. There was no way that it could be anything weird like that…

Not that he had anything against people who were gay.

And it wasn't as if it disgusted him if Yuki was like that. 'Wouldn't surprise me either' Kyo thought with a snicker.

It was just that, well, if it was like that, and Yuki had been looking at him like that…

…Things would get a bit complicated.

Thoughts drifting away of their own accord, Kyo fell asleep, sinking low into the cushions of the chair.

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